Is it possible for you to quit your day job and work from home full time? What does it take to be a work from home entrepreneur. Let’s discuss the personality type it takes to achieve success being your own boss and what are your options when it comes from making money from home?

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We were on the Dave Ramsey Show!

Mina Irfan is an author and life coach with a bachelor’s degree in Communication Studies from Northwestern University.
Fun Facts: 1. We are Dave Ramsey Millionaires
2. I eat a grain free diet and have controlled my Autoimmune disease medication free for 5 years!
3. We save 80% of our income.

Her passion is to teach others to become the star lead in their own life instead of playing the side role to someone else’s. Mina teaches personal accountability, positive thinking, self care, and the importance of intentional lifestyle plan.

Her husband, Irfan is an Engineer (Masters in Mechanical Engineering) and Process Improvement Expert. Although he is good at what he does, his passions lie elsewhere. Irfan plans to retire before his 49th birthday from his career to pursue his passion in Physics and Philosophy.

Together, Mina and Irfan have 3 beautiful kids who inspire them to live a more meaningful and intentional life. They are highly motivated to leave a legacy of good values and financial habits for their kids.

We are a family of 5 on our way to financial independence. Our goal retirement date is August 2020. Join us on our journey to living a happy, joyful, and intentional life.

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habibti320 says:

I work from home as well! Right now I work full-time as a teacher for an online school in my state and just started teaching Chinese kids part-time with a Chinese instructional company–there are several of these! I only do this very part time as a side hustle–the hours are early morning or late evening! If you are a teacher, there are plenty of opportunities to work online!

Erin Johnson says:

I clean houses! I currently have just one since we homeschool, but I generally pick up a couple more during the summer months! That’s $15 to $20 per hour…

Ninaria says:

I do some Mystery Shopping. The company sends me instructions, to go to a store as a customer, observe certain things like cleanliness of friendliness of the store staff, etc., and report afterwards. This company is Swedish but I think there are similar all over the world.

Stephanie Rodriguez says:

Hey Mina I loved this video. Can u do a video on getting clear on your vision ? This video gave me so many ideas but I’m having trouble figuring what is my life vision is and what I want in life love you Mina

Universal Journey says:

Mina can you list the 20 things list your sister texted you in the description please if possible it would mean a lot to me and the rest of us if possible 🙂

Dixielady says:

Just found you guys so binge watching!


I like what you say about “if it was really important, you would make the time” …YES! This is the truth! I will say, however, I have done that, but it is hard to take things to the next level when you still have a full-time job and other major commitments in the way. xoxo

Benny says:

Office work can be very toxic. The chatter that goes on is crazy sometimes. Especially among female co-workers.

Reselling seems to be very popular with people who work from home. eBay, Amazon, Craigslist, Etsy, Shopify and Let’s Go make it very easy to make a ton of cash in a very short period of time.

Teaching online is another. Social Media Marketing is another. There are so many paths now that you could literally go crazy.

Most people have time. Give up Netflix, playing video games and hanging out with friends. To be an entrepreneur I’ll work 80 hours a week so I don’t have to work 40.

Hashi R says:

was there a website provided for work from home cutomer service. I thought someone was going to share it on the live chat. can you please share the link? thx

Blissful Butters says:

You are soooo right. I am a professional researcher, LOL!!! I will research something way to much. I like what you said learn along side someone while you launch!!! Got it and I’m launching out!!!

Fun Cooking and More says:

I’m not sure if this is still live

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