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Snaxallday03 says:

Great info.. thanks man

HardGayMoose says:

You are an inspiration. I’m not feeling school is right for me right now, so I’m gonna dabble in this during my next semester, if I start doing well I’ll let you know : ).

Бурная Река says:

Hey,Hello!!!! You guys try it to share with this options,but no ones wants to answer any questions NEVER !!!!! Why????

theevergreengoddess says:

Well, I must say that you are a very good person to share all this information to the public without asking for any money, as 99 percent of everyone else will not share money making ideas without getting some payment out of people first.
Also, you have a very vibrant, enthusiastic voice that displays to the public that you definitely have been and are being successful at these businesses you are doing and are very happy at what you do.

Scott Martin says:

Why would you hire somebody to narrate your audio book/s? Why not do it yourself? Most people might want to hire a professional, but you have a voice most of your target audience would recognize anyway.

Casual-classics says:

A very good guide Raiken, covering all bases.  

I would avoid any affiliation routes, very difficult to have any success in. You would need a good sized mailing list, well established blog / website to have any income coming in from this. Plus now a days, people are much more wise and will simply search for said item to find best deal, rather than click any affiliate link.
The amazon kindle would be a much better road to go down for almost anyone. Lots of great guides on you tube.

Ebay and Amazon selling is probably the most simple to do and most likely the best one you can earn from in the beginning. I wish Amazon allowed people to sell used/vintage clothing. 

Etsy is the #1 place for anyone who sells homemade / craft type items for sure, just been floated on stock exchange, lots of attention on the site.

rybob7 says:

I know a lot about making money online. The list you made for the video is hands down the best. Great job Raiken!

Kelly Sheridan says:

Your information is so awesome !  Thanks for sharing your resources ! 

GiGi Vaughn says:

Thanks for giving it Straight no chaser,lol

Spek Frey says:

Amazon Associates is no longer available in Arkansas and one or two more states due to tax regulations within these states. I’m sad that I cant sign up with the program

The Elite Thrifter says:

Thank you for this video. ACX and Udemy were new to me.  Love all your videos.

Mike Howell says:

+Raiken Profit  Would love get really get into Kindle Publishing.  I’ve have done Ebay and Amazon but could really use some passive income.  Where do you recommend I get started on Kindle?  I thought you were supposed to have a course?  How did you learn?  Is there a step by step course?

scottybroker says:

Interesting and informative. T H A N K S !!!!!!!!!!!

Jean Nettles says:

When I was browsing the internet, I stumbled upon this new making cash online technique. Wonderful! It was the “sutu good plan” (Google it). It will help you learn to generate 152 usd a day online.

Urbandiggers says:

Well said!

A.D Smith says:


richardsracingmad says:

Whens yer book coming out Steve on selling e-commerce?

Justin K says:

Should I use acx for books that are a little bit more complicated such as photography?

Arup Saha says:

After using “Super Simple Bot”, I was completely sold. Do a quick Google search to see how you can use this program to make money too.

jtk50 says:

Thank you Steve for sharing the information.

Justin K says:

Hey Steve I put my lead magnet in my book thats on free promo and got over 100 downloads but I got 0 opt ins.  Can you please help.  This is the book.  You can click see inside to see the lead magnet  .  Do you have any advice?

The Green Room says:


Tina Salas says:

You can do eBay Partner networks is like Amazon. How do we know if one of our ideas would be good for a kindle book?

Pat Houlihan says:

You mention that you make decent money each month using youtube, but you don’t tell us what “decent” means in terms of actual dollars.  How much a month can I expect to make if I have a good youtube channel?

Andrew Kolodziej says:

Thanks again Steve!!!

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