Make Money Online With FREE Wix Websites (Easy $100/Day Method)

In this video, I show you how to make money online with free websites. They aren’t meant to be your main income stream, but they are great supporting websites you can use to get even better results to the tune of $100 a day or more. I teach 3 ways to make money with Wix.


norbert szakacs says:

Where else we can find affiliate products like you promote in this site ? Where the cut is so big like 30 dollars ?

Soldado De Dios says:

Dan you are still da man!! I’m following you since your Amazon course.
Thanks bro for your help!

Patrick Tagudar says:

did you find that product on the market health affiliate program that you recommend?

bryan norfleet says:

Hello How do you put a paypal option on the website?

Steven Jipanin says:

welcome back Dan!

Luxa Lassooy says:

you really should prove that this works because it isnt that easy to rank on google

spriggs1665 says:

thanks for all you do . I really appreciate it. you give alot of value.

Shadnic Verin says:

It’s always a good day when Dan posts

Tom Billard says:

I want a deadbeat robe baby

Jason Laigo says:

great stuff as usual sir. does this also work on the other free sites like weebly and squarespace?

maste king says:

Hi can i use eBay affiliate program with this wix site method ?

Min Young Kim says:

You’re Back!!!
What do you think about my website? I created this based on your system.

stopneckpainpillow .com

Unfortunately I”m only getting traffic from direct links not search engine..

Benjamin Fairbourne says:

can you do a video about cost per call strategies? Maybe use offervault to demonstrate… thx

Total Loser's Guidance says:

Great free information on this video Dan. Revealing the website Pixabay alone was worth it’s weight in gold. Thank you for that tip. I am challenging myself to see if I can make money from a completely free website using affiliate links. Good luck with your business, and thanks for the very helpful free content that you create on YouTube.

Movie Maniac says:

can i connect website to google adsense?

WEiner NEiner says:

i mean
how do get the commision
like do u contact the supplier for them to pay you
or do u just copy/paste the product’s website and get paid
and if it is,how to you get paid,like from a check or something
sorry for the dumb question

faraiIV machingura says:

I use PPC for traffic source and that makes it even easier to earn commissions. No Joke.

Victor says:

12:35 Fart!


What about the new video?


great video

2ndSentinel says:

Thanks Dan.
Are there any disadvantages of using wix in terms of SEO?

Jerrod Bulgin says:

I love you man!  Single Dad living off the welfare system with almost unlimited time to learn.  Just made my first website and submitted to search engines!  Life is good.  Thanks for all your help my friend!

Andi Busen says:

How to make 100$/day by telling people how to make 100$/day with wix and earn comission for every new wix customer…


Justin Gross says:

Having that free book sends us to his squeeze page and helps him get more emails. That’s a big part of affiliate marketing.

Movie Maniac says:

can i do seo nd backlinks bro to rank these websites?

John Marshall says:

Oh thank baby Jesus! I thought you had died.

Yoav Malinovsky says:

hey man how you do 40$ on every sale if the product itself cost 40$

Maya Hope says:

I am so grateful for your content.

Chiedu Nwani says:

Great Video, keep em coming bro!

useless importance says:

hey dan, so how does this differ from your deadbeat super affiliate system?

James L. James Lowry says:

do you got to register a yahoo account or use gmail

Callum Reeves says:

Interesting. Is flatulence a requisite?

El Minimo says:

Haha did he really fart in this video?

Relic Rescue Crew says:

Great video Dan! I’ve never had a website before and following your instructions now have one up and running! But I don’t know how to enter the Google webmaster html code in the SEO section. Can you help? Cheers Kev.

El Minimo says:

Can I connect this website to my Facebook page?

Marc Bergeret says:

This can work too with other free web 2.0 platforms (, blogger…) .
One thing that I hear everywhere: money is in the list. Everyone seems to agree that building your email list is paramount. Yeah, but what to do with that list of emails once I got them? Especially when I’m lazy and don’t want to send a newsletter. How to outsource the email marketing bit in a way that brings more traffic and commissions ? Any advise would be welcome.

Lamji Makvana says:

I want that money on the table. 😀

Bobby Guions says:

I don’t use Wix. I use Weebly to rank websites on first page of Google. You still need to know how to implement proper SEO to see any good results. When trying to make any money sites online.

Deadbeat Super Affiliate says:

Sorry for the lag in videos, Deadbeats! The channel is growing faster than I can keep up with. I wanted to make sure all Deadbeats are taken care of before expanding again. Will start releasing new videos again! Keep an eye out!

Byron Boyd says:

Cool Beans Dan. Thanks for all the videos..all are well done and information dense. You th’ Man!

Michael Bailey says:

Great vid Dan! Thanks. See you in class at DBU!

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