Make Money Through Your Art with Erik Wahl

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In This Episode, You Will Learn:

-How to get through a major career loss and transition (8:30)
-Why street artists are so fascinating compared to other fine artists (9:26)
-Why starving artists are a self-fulfilling prophecy (10:47)
-The reason artists need to understand people to be successful (13:54)
-When darkness can be good for the soul (22:16)
-What it takes to make it as an artist (24:01)
-How structure creates freedom (28:32)
-The power of re-defining success (36:30)
-Erik’s advice to aspiring artists who are trying to make a full-time income from their art (46:36)

Some questions I ask:

-Did you go to school for art or did you teach yourself? (4:06)
-How does an artist build a successful business around their art? (12:34)
-What do you think about before you go on stage? (27:10)
-How do you continue to innovate after doing your thing so many times? (43:50)
-What is your advice for unlocking your creativity? (50:35)

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Lewis Howes is NY Times Bestselling author, entrepreneur, and former professional Arena League football player. He hosts The School of Greatness, a talk show distributed as a podcast. Learn and hear the stories from various successful people around the world, become inspired, motivated and educated with the SCHOOL OF GREATNESS.

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Marcus Rhem says:

Perfection inhibits starting to create

Erin Rose Dance says:

Erik and Lewis, great interview. As a dancer, what can I do if my full time job is stressing me out and draining me so much that I don’t have the energy to put towards my art?

Ivy Williams says:

“Fascination is greater than perfection.” Wow.

Jose Valencia says:

Excellent Interview.

The Foot Whisperer Reflexology Institute says:

47:01 Keep the day job. SO relevant in artistic professions. Love this interview, so powerful. This conversation reminds me a lot of Blue Ocean Theory meets Mastery meets Big Magic. Thanks Lewis and Erik! <3

Asghaab Job says:

Hi Lewis. Another awesome interview. Even as a coach and trainer I could take from this interview.

Van lee says:

I have an out of the topic question. The camera angles were better in 2015 (better looking room for Lewis and the guest, and set at eye sight level) than the angles your cameras are at right now. Better camera angles mean better tools co connect with audiences. Just noticed and wondering why…

Anna Bernfeld says:

Great Interview! I would also love to listen to an interview with Tory Burch or a successful fashion/interior designer who made it big.

Cecilia Elise Wallin says:

Great video as always! Welcome to my channel. I published a video yesterday where I talk about entrepreneur channels like your channel.

skismania says:

do a show on ADHD plz

Daniela Biagi says:

Wow… his view point is so applicable to so many life experiences. I got a lot out of this one! Thanks Lewis!

Angela & Kaylee says:

Great interview.

Ben Lerman says:

I had a phenomenal art teacher in High School. My favorite quote of his: “Art has two components, soul and technique. All technique and no soul is boring, all soul and no technique is incomprehensible. Great art has a balance of both.” Awesome Interview Lewis!!!!

Matt Talsma says:


Dax Miller says:

Wonderful message, amazing.

coolreem says:

Every artist, musician, creative person, no matter the age, needs to watch this or listen to this podcast. This was so amazing. Thanks Lewis


This is great thank you for sharing!

Liberty V Justice says:

Thank you so much, Lewis! Praying for you, your dad and Ray Lewis!

Gabrielle Angel Lilly says:

This resonates so perfectly with where I am today! Thank you!!!

ElefitTV says:

I just made my protein shake, and just seen this upload and it’s Sunday. #blessed Thanks Lew! #movietime


Thanks Lewis love your interviews, Erik Wahl is super inspiring, being disruptive is a challenge in itself. if there is a tip to being disruptive what would it be?

Paul Rusinko says:

another great podacast. watched the entire hour on the treadmill. been studying personal development/ spirituality for 5 years now. changed my life. all this stuff helps.

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