Make Money with 3D Printing!

3D Printing can be a fantastic hobby so why not earn some cash while you’re at it?

In this video I discuss some easy methods to sell digital and 3D Printed objects online, as well as using 3D Printing as the basis of potentially lucrative crowd-funded projects. Enjoy!
Places to sell 3D Printable Files:

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alzathoth says:

why is this video not working?

JELLY FISH143 says:

I sell a lot of things at my school for $5 to $10 dollars

Circular Build says:

Am I stupid because up till now I thought werewolf’s and coyotes are the same?

zXCement Xz says:

Thanks in trying to sell my iron man hand it’s pretty good and a little to good to sell but it doesn’t matter !!!

Marek Konarski says:

You can print and sell your own version of 3D printer also. Just like I started making first 3D-money 🙂

Rats Sraw says:


Happily Insane says:

I think I’ll take over the mini me industry and call it..
Voodoo dolls.

Doug Randolpg says:

i am trying to find some one who can make a very simple design for a protective case for a small camera and print it out. i could give the dimensions of it. i do paintball and i need something to protect a camera that i want to mount on my paintball gun. if you are able to it would be great or if you know of any one. thank you

energyalt56 says:

Hi Maker’s Muse, i wish to print my head, if possible use my photo ? how to go about it ? Thanks

Raybo sflorida says:

who can make a 4 inch full color 3d copy of my head,,or what machine can i buy,,,561-929-2170,,thx for your videos

Trolling4TheWin says:

He looks like Neo from the Matrix

papo papo says:

can I dowload the shapeway design onto the 3D printer?

jason west says:

was a graphic designer got da vinci aio what do you think is it worth the scanner printer?

Jessie Gomez says:

Hello Mr. Muse, kind of curious as to what your job is or what education you have? I’m interested in this but don’t really know much about it and what kind of schooling is needed. I think it would be awesome for some information! Thanks!

Paul Cumber says:

i love to make money from 3d printer how you do that

Take a Chance says:

Very impressive video! I see we have some of the same content. Would really appreciate your opinion on my content if you have some time!
Thank You

baz Watson says:

haw can i mack a mini me i wont to do 1 of my keds thanks

Nicholas Fox says:

What do you regard as a professional grade printer and how much are you looking at for somebody (not me) interested in getting into the model production business.?
Could you do something on Stereolithography at some stage? The models from these printers look incredibly smooth and it would be interesting to see and read an unbiased view of them.

Higashi Hokori 東 誇り says:

good tips (Y)

Jesus Ambriz says:

Hi Makers Muse, I have a quick question . How does it work if you create lets say an Iron Man helmet or a star wars ship and sell that. Do you need permission from the company ? dumb question maybe but wanted to hear your answer. or if anyone else can help that be cool.


Yugi Hoe says:

Step 1 : 3D print dildos
Step 2 : sell the dildos
Step 3 :???
Step 4 : Profit!!1!!!one!!

metallical87 says:

would people buy pla or abs models unpainted? (example printed in only all blue or white filament)

Colten Mallow says:

What percent of the money made on shape ways would the designer receive.

Brian Boni says:

@2:31 you say “…and the original designer gets a cut.” In truth Hasbro gets a cut, what they do with that cut is up to them. In many cases the original artist gets paid once for his time, it’s called “work for hire” and it’s now how all but the very top name designers get paid. Disney has lobbied hard to extend their contracts and protections while at the same time reduce what the artist is getting paid. Corporations create nothing but they get the lion’s share of the money.

Thedurp123 says:

3d hubs is also a good one

K Danagger says:

There is no money to be made printing 3D objects. There is way too much competition – just look at 3DHubs for example – there are over 30,000 people with 3D Printers competing against you. Never mind that most of them are incompetent and no real desire or even idea of how to optimize their print quality. They think they can just advertise their service, push the print button for crappy/poorly designed STL files and get rich. It ain’t gonna happen – and in fact it isn’t happening.
One problem is that potential customers don’t know what to expect. Their first experience with a goober-nerd with a 3D printer is likely to turn them off to the whole idea of 3D printing. They assume that kind of crappy quality and unprofessional treatment is pretty much what they’ll get no matter where they go.
The rare person who is truly competent – the person with a very high level of mechanical aptitude and thousands of hours of experience – is going to have a very difficult time standing out from the rest of the cut-rate idiots who are on every city block.

Quite frankly, I think the only place to make money in the 3D printing industry is in designing and selling new and innovative 3D printer hardware. It’s much like the Gold Rush days. Virtually nobody got rich panning for gold – all of the money was made by the people who were selling the TOOLS to the fools who were planning to strike the mother-lode.

There are an increasing number of small companies selling Prusa clones for hobbyist use. There is not much money there either. These machines are useful only to hobbyists and that market is already saturated.

In my opinion, the market that remains mainly untapped is the small to medium sized business market. Many of them don’t have 30K + in their budget for an obnoxiously priced StrataSys or 3D-Systems machine. They want a cost effective solution that can yield high quality results with a fast production rate. The high end machines are not filing that demand.

kenan hasan says:

thx bro

Stanman121 says:

This is a great video. Before I started watching I was thinking, another how to make money video lol. This video give ideas about starting out, maybe not to make a lot of money but for someone like me, to have a chance to share creative items that people support or want. Sure, get the right thing out there on the right platform and it could be lucrative. Thanks a lot for this 🙂 1+ sub

Michael Whitney says:

I’m thinking of getting a 3D printer and creating some kinda product to sell seeing as I can 3D model in AutoDesk Maya. Just wondering though how much electricity does it cost to use a 3D printer and would printing times not effect sales if say I was to try selling a batch of a product?

Also are home 3D printers only capable of printing in plastic (ABS and PLA)?

Yadher Bustamante says:

i got my printer last week from kickstarter the n2 i waited months but it is amazing printer got a successful marvin print at 10microns today 🙂

skillzz says:

Make Money with 3D Printing! A video where I talk about how you can’t!

Joe Mckirdy says:

3d printing hundreds of finished products is a waste of time and money. It’s better to 3d print one perfect prototype, make a mold, and then use resin to cast in the mold. This way your production goes up and you free up your 3d printers for other projects.

RossHildick3D says:

nice video! subbed…

Is there a way to see what is the most popular/requested 3d prints from sites like shape ways? or maybe with your experience you have noticed trends? (kinda like the pony stuff)

Colton Sullivan says:

Are there any programs better than solidworks for designing??

Mc Donald's Protien Powder says:

How much does a good 3D printer and materials cost?

Mareks Stumbris says:

i printed 3d money omg

Andreu Martinez says:

I’ve used shapeways already to sell designs. It’s not worth most of the times (you wo’nt recover the cost of your time and testing prints) . And I’m not satified with the print quality at all. Tho Shapeways is cheaper than others printservices like Sculpteo. Now I’m trying to sell design files itself aiming to print them on 3D-Hubs. This way I cant test the print and photo with my own printer at much less cost.

Hassan Shahid says:

What do you think is the best (in terms of User friendliness) software to make 3D designs?

Arek R. says:

Lol that doge xD

Paul Cumber says:

l like to get a 3d printer what is the good 3d printer to buy

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