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Yes, affiliate marketing is as simple as promoting a product, but if you want to create more money, follow what I share with you in this video

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hindi fun says:

u r grt sir….u r best

What Is Weight Loss About says:

A really great video FI, you make complete and utter sense. Building the brand is crucial. Although, building one is not as easy as it seems lol. And as for paying for cheap ads, I am targeting the USA and because I am UK, I pay a lot 🙁

TheLordWillis says:

‘Multiple six fig-yers’ getting fucking tired of hearing that 20 times per video

Hugh Zazzara says:

Nathan I left my email on the ebook link and I haven’t received anything. I checked spam folders. Help. Ty

Cyber Gypsy says:

how much budget should i have to start paying for ads..for fb ads specifically…and how the ads can be profitable. i mean how can i run those ads to get maximum benefit…once i get profit i will reinvest in the ads….but what is the decent amount i need to start profitable ads…thank you

Real Newsforever says:

Great video. I will do this again..

John Bragg says:

Great content keep up ” the
how to Videos.”

Igor Kudryashov says:

Hi mate. Opted in but haven’t received ebook. Checked all folders, nothing. Would appreciate your help on that

hanoona says:

very helpful video

Naveed Vayani says:

can you please make video about that strategy in practical

Koli Bandyopadhyay says:

Good info but we are looking for seeing practical examples

LaMont Tonge says:

What’s up Nathan, I love this video. This is my goal is to start at making $1000 per day with affiliate marketing. This video gets me motivated to want to spend more time with my family. Good job my friend.

clicquóe says:

I’m new to this and I still haven’t seen any progress but your right I need to build a brand but which social media should I start on?

Steven Kopca says:

Hi I was wondering if you do promotions or referrals for startup businesses. Thank you

Angel Madrigal says:

I’m 16, I’m trying to get a start in affiliate marketing, how old do you have to be to use CB I searched it everywhere but it doesn’t say anything about age.

XspeedXracerX says:

Thanks man! I realized from your video WHY I am failing. The problem has been NOT having any valuable content (VC) of my own all along. It’s a simple formula: No VC = No Traffic! VC = Traffic! Not being very creative is why I haven’t had any VC. Corporate America has sort of “sucked” away all of my God given creativity! So, my next approach will be to try leveraging someone else’s creative VC — Yours! LOL! So here’s my affiliate website for your viewers pleasure: it promotes two affiliate links — eBay Daily Deals and AliExpress Flash Deals!

Mar Wolfking says:


widmaer Cleffton Dorcé says:

I wake up with a good vibe as always, but this video take me to another level of optimism, eager to try something new, entrepreneurship, self development and progress. Thank you for your time and advise! #TheProgressGuide

WhatsApp videos funny says:

I want to tell you something

Mkhululi Mpofu says:

Spot on. Thank you for the valuable content

What Is Weight Loss About says:

I’ve just taken a good look at your description mate and ur definitely missing out bigtime lol.

Rachel Lynn says:

GREAT video !

April Rose Delfin says:

How can I promote clickbank I don’t know how start and I don’t have an experience

D-Alpha Muszic says:

Great content has always. Your really providing value you deserve every dollar you earned.

Killa Sambo says:

Same old shit online marketing aint hard it all comes down to one thing TRAFFIC***

Ibrahim Musleh says:


Reuben Wong says:

I live in a country where the internet speed to upload is slow, no way I can do that easily

From America says:

All your videos are awesome

Aaron Butler says:

How do you build the brand? Just making the videos, how do you get the traffic to your videos without the money for ads? I have a lot of the things in place needed to get started, just want to know how to get traffic.

Zenzar 876 says:

Your great

Vivienne Bailey says:

I really enjoy your videos! You break everything down, nothing is hidden, and you don’t lie about the work it takes, and as I implement the things you say, I know it’s a marathon and not a sprint, but I really look forward to seeing the results. Anyway, your videos are very much appreciated by the little guy. 🙂

Adewale Sanusi says:

This really makes sense. thank you for releasing this. Splendid!

What Is Weight Loss About says:

my email is I only have 79 page 1’s. However, they are all on 26-200 searches p/month. Anything competitive I am nowhere near the top lol.

B Wil says:

I can’t create an account on clickbank. Have an idea of how i can create one?

Best in Self Developement says:

Yes that’s nice and makes sense and everything. Here’s a scenario I’d like to put to you. So there is this beginer who doesn’t believe it is possible to make money from affiliate marketing and he/she would just like to know a simple fast and effective way to make some sales… what would you suggest? Thanks…

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