Making Money as a 3D Artist, my Secret revealed by MHTUTORIALS

In this video we will talk about making money as a 3D artist and I will reveal my secret.



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Thank you for discussing few insight about the business.

Heriberto Calderon says:

do you suggest I have multiple portfolios for different jobs? Because I am studying Video Game Art and Interactive Media, and I want to do freelance work on the side, aswell as work for a company at some point, so my main question is.. is WIX sufficent? Just have multiple tabs for multiple jobs I am qualified to do.. (this includes animations, 2D art, and other advertisment jobs) or should I have seperate websites for seperate jobs I am looking for?? Thanks again Mike, you are the best.

Paputsza says:

I have taken one class but I think I can do better graphics than mass affect andromeda.

bn hassni says:

this was helpful topic. thanks Mike

AVTPro says:

This is one of the most important parts of being a 3D artist that nobody likes to talk about or ever quote a number. Thanks.

Dosh Doctor says:

Great message here and very informative, thanks for sharing. BTW, is it possible to do a video on working with cluster deformers, if you haven’t already? I still don’t understand the concept behind them, thanks.

Ryan MacDonald says:

great advice Mike! Who would you say should be contacted at a local business? Or rather, what’s your approach on getting your foot in the door?

lovelu acharjee says:

so much informative and functional.

Rexywilly says:

this video is very nice. now all i need to do is stop getting nervous when I talk to people..

Austin Labarbera says:

Thank you so much for taking the time to make this video. Really helps me out, and confirms what I should be doing now that I am done with school. Also, would you recommended a Master’s degree in 3D Modeling, or would I be in the same boat but with debt if I do that? Thanks Mike. Great videos!

HeavyWhiteMan says:

I think your camera is drunk.

Nakita Kruger says:

Very interesting I was thinking about this earlier on. Thank you for answering questions.

Mr Grandgrind says:

The only jobs I’ve ever had were from people who never knew they wanted it. The second I introduced the idea of having a render instead of practical and how cheap and fast it was, their eyes lit up

Tejarocks Teja says:

Sir im learning correspondence … in this field is certificates necessary? or portifolios is enough to get a job?

Sticky says:

Very motivating, its hard to find any information like this. Thanks!

SkateStyleVFX says:

I’m currently 15 years old, do you think I can go to a company and ask them to do 3d work for them? It would be really awsome to earn some money next to school :;D What be very helpful if you can say what you think about it.

~Flo 😀

mx472000 says:

Gonna show this video to my students.

Andre Spence says:

Thank you for the video, I found it very informative.

Daly Zee says:

Very informative video. Great stuff. Thank you very much for posting this haha.
I wish I could just listen to this video every morning on my way to school.

Ken Dumnodi says:

Never thought about this angle of making money as a 3D artist. Thanks Mike. BTW, the autofocus issue was of no consequence. Totally loved all the advice you gave.

Apart says:

thank you for sharing, very valuable 🙂

i just graduated 3d school with a Bachelors and got myself an unpaid internship for 3 months at a 3d agency. now while i do learn new things, the company doesnt seem very promising. co-workers complain about the owner alot, he wants them to work more all the time and the pay isnt great either. also there arent any long term employees which also speaks against the firm, because why would so many people leave if the workplace was awesome.

my plan would be to see if he offers me a job after my internship is done (i’m 80% sure that they’re going to ask me), and if they do learn as much as possible from them while im there. i cant imagine myself working there for more than a year.

what kind of advice do you have for someone like me? endure a shitty workplace for a bit to learn and have that first (for me atleast) professional reference on my resume?

excuse my rambling, i’m just not too sure about whats the best way to go here.

thanks again for providing value!

Meng Hi says:

That’s great that you said: building your reputation. Great!


Mike…you are the man. Thumbs up for this sage advice and insight. Well done. Thank you …Thank you…Thank you

HelionDark says:

Good video, especially about prices part.

Shreyash Uttekar says:

Thank you for the video.

Markus Hilbert says:

good video i found many ways to make money as 3d artist bud this local think i never thought about it thx man

Kanishk Dhanker says:

As a Beginner Is that Okay for me to work in small Production house for a long time or should i explore Other Options ?

Black Faia says:

Aren’t those the job of Graphic Desginers?

Jim Newton says:

Great advice!

Ricis Butauskas says:

Thank you Mike, very good video!

Netraraj Pun says:

Lovely, as a beginner your video helps me to look at the real world and thanks a lot for your advice, sir.

Sean Homar says:

great video, very informative and exactly the kind of pep talk i needed, was starting to loose faith in the dream.

obscure741 says:

dude you are a beacon of hope for all starting artists

Steve Torres says:

Thanks a lot Mike! just the motivation I needed to hear


Thanks for your helpful advice

Paul Stewart says:

Is it possible to study 3d fully at home and get the knowledge required to be in a sense self employed.

kbmiscstuff says:

This is great information. Personally, I think a job at Pixar or one of those big companies is way overrated. I want to create my own company which drives my own vision and where I have complete control. Yeah I might not reach Pixar heights (who knows right?) but at least I would derive true satisfaction from my work.

luz martinez says:

Thanks Mike!!! This came when I needed it the most.

Entertainment Update says:

live long MH (Y)

omid asady says:

Thank you for the video
so much informative and functional.

trence5 says:

THanks alot for advice!

Sid Xyz0 says:

Thanx for sharing this.I was very much worried about my future steps,i am a bit relieved now.Also i have a request if u can do a video on it.I modelled a car and set the tire rotation using expressions,its workin fine after i attached it to a motion path but theres one thing which i would like my tires to do,i.e. auto rotate when the car changes direction like the real cars do.I tried searching for a tutorial on it but couldnt find any.
Anyways,ty very much for sharing such valuable stuffs 🙂



vamshi krishna says:

can u please make a video on portfolio

Nuchinuchi TekTon says:

very informative

Mike Hermes says:

In this video we will go beyond the always present topics of game and or animated movie discussion….

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