Making Money Making Films – Dont Be A Struggling Artist

Color graded using the Cine LUTs Pack –

We all want to make a living from our passion and its completely possible! Making films can be very profitable if your smart with your money and create multiple revenue streams including passive income like stock footage. Earn money while doing what you love!

Music From Art List –

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Spectrum The Originator says:

I loved this one. The only problem is, people will like the work that I do but then don’t want to pay the price that I set (which is usually far too reasonable lol)

Riccardo Fiaccadori's GoPro POV says:

Love your videos! You are inspiring me so much! THANKS

World Wide Wallace says:

Thanks for the great video- very useful. I have been working with a few clients that I consider ‘low hanging fruit’- taking whatever projects come my way like you suggest. But since they are non profits, schools, etc I have to chase them to send me checks and they seem confused with my contract. Any advice on negotiating pay and contracts?

Awkward Aesthetic says:

very inspiring brother.

Elmer Cuaton says:

Nice info. bro. thanks.

Scandal Production says:

Any recommendation for websites finding small corporate jobs and good website to sell stock footage?

FinkleVids says:

Yeah I’m about to go to film school (I’m a senior in high school) and I’m thinking about minoring in business to get more familiar with that side of things


Really appreciate this kind of stuff…
I am just starting out and there is so much more to learn

Sam Wilder says:

Wow the intro is so inspiring!! Did you make it!!

Christian Lungay says:

You are such a great inspiration bro 🙂

Pixel Ranger Studio says:

I am a business owner, and all your advice’s here are great, and working. I built my business this way and we are making nice money. You got a new subscriber :). Keep it up! Great work.

Austin Sabado says:

Wow Matt this really helped alot. Thank you so much! Very inspiring and encouraging! Looking forward to more.

Antti Heikkilä says:

These are such useful tips! I’m nowhere near ready to make money with videos but I’ll keep this in mind for the future 🙂 Keep making these great tutorials!

Rachel Swinden says:

Definitely keen to hear more about passive income thought! 🙂 Looking forward to your courses on business and finance!

Daniel Anger says:

Your color grading course is amazing! I learned so much from it! And… As a 13 year old, or just a young filmmaker, money can seem like a miracle, but if you work hard, follow God’s lead, God can bless your work. It’d be awesome if I could email you sometime! Thank you so much for this helpful channel, I also watch Peter Mkcinnon. Thank you Mr. Matti, sorry if I spelled that wrong. GOOD LUCK TO EVERYONE!

Russel Balugo says:

Awesome vid. Great topic that most artist almost never talk about.

Rachel Swinden says:

Dude, this is exactly the type of advice people like me need when we’re starting out! 🙂
Thanks so much!

Lorena Espiga says:

Great and informative video! Thank you Matti!

Suvendu kumar says:

Hello Matt, it was a very inspiring and learning video. I want to start as a travel vlogger/film maker, any advice from your side to help me out? 🙂

Michael Rowlandson says:

I would advise staying away from the micro stock photography. Cant get much from the photography side of things.

Rafał Prokopiak says:

I’m about to start the website and video makeing company. As you mantioned about the passive income, I also want to automize the business. I don’t really know how it can be done not only employ people/ freelancers but shorten whole process of creation (besides using templates etc.)
Do you have some ideas?
I would be happy to contact you personally in my learning process.
Best regards

Tal Leron says:

How can I learn of making money through youtube? As long as I make the content myself, how do I learn about the youtube system best?

SuperDordelly says:

Thanks for sharing…

Tucker Tangeman says:

Matti, thanks so much for this channel bro! Love your work, I’ve admired it for a while, well done!! Thanks for this and keep up the good work!

Active Brothers says:


Jan-anne Kloosterboer says:

Hé, great video. I am a starting filmmaker as I am very bored at school. I have made some small movies for family and friends, but other companies don’t really take me seriously. I am however driven on the fact that I am a better filmmaker that the average freelance cameraman around. What should I do?

Turtle Time TV says:

$5k to $12k per wedding?! That’s nuts! I can’t find anyone willing to pay more than $500 for a wedding video. It’s honestly not even worth it, but I’m going to do a few this year just because it is fun. People will pay anything for a photographer, but nothing for a videographer. Where do you find wedding clients that care about video?

Aram K says:

Good video man !!

The GoodTime Chronicles says:

Peter McKinnon sent me here and I have to say in the first two minutes of watching your video I was so impressed with your Channel. I am a filmmaker who dreams of making films and videos full time one day. This video really connected with me and I appreciate you for making it. Looking forward to seeing more of your awesome videos.

Bryan Garces says:

what type of stock footage website do you recommend?! thank you for your informative videos!

Josh Peters says:

awesome video, just watched 6 of your videos in a row. You’ve gained a subscriber!

David L.I.V.E says:

Thank you so much for this video! Truly appreciate the honesty and experiences you’ve shared friend! Subbed and looking forward to future content =D

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