Making Money Online w/ Johnny FD: Dropshipping vs Amazon, Making 10k/mo & Getting Us to Chiang Mai

Johnny FD is the host of Travel Like A Boss Podcast and Author of ’12 Weeks in Thailand: The Good Life on the Cheap’. We talk about how he got to making $10k per month, selling his first dropshipping store for $60k, the shopify dropshipping method vs the Amazon FBA importing method, his Travel Like a Boss Podcast, and his tips for getting started as a digital nomad.

Johnny’s the one who basically got us out to Chiang Mai to join the digital nomad community, therefore changing our lives forever, so this is a special one. Like many of us out here, we first heard about Chiang May by stumbing upon his youtube video ‘My $200 Apartment in Chiang Mai’, and from there discovered his blog about living cheap in Thailand and making a living online thru dropshipping ecommerce businesses.

Soon after following his blog, he and Anton Kraly of announced that they were putting on a Digtial Nomad conference in Chiang Mai in October 2014. This was crucial for us cuz it marked a deadline on our calendar to quit our jobs and make that jump out to Thailand, and the dream of extended world travel.

We met 100 other digital nomads there, some new, some experienced, and we just payed attention to what people were doing, and the rest is history.

I will thank Johnny & Anton forever for putting on the retreat cuz it was the perfect excuse to get out there and make things happen. Now I feel like I’m on vacation everyday: I wake up when I want, eat out 3 meals a day, choose my own working hours, and get to be constantly surrounded by palm trees, exotic cultures, and happy people. Thanks boys😊👍

Get His Book on Amazon: 12 Weeks in Thailand: The Good Life on the Cheap:

Johnny’s Latest Passive Income Report:

Parker and I on Travel Like A Boss Podcast, October 2014:
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📝About me: I quit my job in October ’14 and moved to Chiang Mai, Thailand (the Digital Nomad capital of the world) with my best friend on a mission to replace our 9-5 incomes online and travel the world.
Well, I’m still here folks and it’s amazing.

Read our full story on my blog:

[A Digital Nomad is someone who works from their laptop and chooses to travel for fun, and/or because the cost of living is much cheaper in other countries, in order to bootstrap more money into their online business, while having an exotic lifestyle.]

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Mads Siegenfeldt says:

See you soon guys 🙂

94110mission says:

Do you have to report income earned outside of the US to IRS for tax purposes? Does Thailand and/or Vietnam tax money earned by foreigners in their countries?

Johnny FD says:

Fun to be on the show Riley! It was super cool seeing you go from watching my videos to making it out to Chiang Mai and now having your own successful channel and business!

Big congrats buddy! Keep crushing it!

frank williams says:

Booze and babes waaay better too in Philippines…

iLoveEnglish US says:

Riley, can you please do a video just talking about the 10 top books and/or courses to do on our own to get going? Thank you. Peace from China.

Flash Tech says:

how do you do drop shipping?

kamma44 says:

This sounds like an MLM/Pyramid scheme to me?

Would still love to come out to CM and meet some digital nomads though.

Spliphi says:

how do i start? man i need a way out of this schedule/labor/slave work

Fernando Gomez says:

NO way! I’m planning to go to thailand too! Right now I have a $4000 passive income and I’m getting on to dropshiping I would like to know where can i stay? I want to surrender myself with you guys 😀


dude freakin a…keep posting these inspirational videos man…I promise we will have a reunion soon Riley haha!

bobby brown says:

So what is your amazon stores name?? and what product are you selling??

Bee Nicholls says:

hey this may be a dumb question but really confused. Say a product is illegal in ONE country (the country im setting up shopify from) but for all other countries its totally legal and ok to sell online. Can i still sell that product on my website within the country it is illegal? Thanks in advance 🙂

Ric Too says:

You guys mentioned a drop shipping retreat in Hawaii.  Where can I find it to sign up?

Andrew Vo says:

good stuff Riley!

Jose Santiago Casanova says:

What are some courses you recommend (besides dropship lifestyle)? Primarily focusing on Amazon FBA. Private Label Classroom?

Great channel, keep it up!

Sara Friedman says:


Eddie Gr. says:

You guys rock by the way 🙂

dada lala says:

i did door to door for 5 years lol

Agatha Szecki says:

Johnny FD = Johnny Fat Dick?

shades2 says:

Inspirational, hope other people realise that there is another freer way to live…

Notajobincome says:

Great podcast! I am coming to Chiangmai in early fall and late summer! I’ll see you guys there!

frank williams says:

Actually Philippines is waaay better than Thailand…click on my avatar and visit the last good place in Asia…Klub Safari!!

sam oh says:

Riley, you’re a rockstar! So cool how you’re connecting with these amazing people.

JJ JAY says:

Yo dude! is there an online community chat or facebook group that you have set up? I’d love to join.

xylikiticatacoltyx says:

Hello Riley,
I was just wondering.
After hearing of all the paypal horror stories out there that they can freeze your account for whatever reasons, including logging into your account from a different country, as well as spikes in sales…
Did you know that logging into paypal from a different gives a red flag to paypal?
I was wondering how do you digital nomads continue to use paypal while travelling around the world? Do you even use paypal as a payment service?
Paypal freezes accounts like crazy for 100s of reasons and they wont even tell to you why.
Makes me believe that relying on paypal as long term business solution is not viable.
Please let me know what your thoughts are.
Thanks in advance.

rtrr1 says:

I found your videos pretty interesting, but i wish you were a little more transparent. You are always trying to paint this perfect picture. You all bang on about the digital nomads thing and setting up a business you can operate anywhere. Yet you are all based in Chiang Mai full time.
 Yes am aware this is your choice and you could be moving about when working but you are stuck in Chiang Mai because its cheap as. Your stores are scrapping by just to fund you living in one of the cheapest places in the world. Why is this?

I have travelled round Asia and Chiang Mai is great but would I live there for over a year if I was making enough to move around ..
hell no. I know this sounds like a negative comment I just think you need to be a little more real some times.

FDJustin says:

Maybe in a year or two I’ll see you guys there. A coffee meetup would be great.

MrOmega says:

Do you guys only sell on Amazon or have you set up your own ecommerce websites?
If you have, what do you use?

madsquirrel45 says:

ill get there one day-thanks for the inspiration rileybennett!!

Mr. X says:

You Millennial idiots buying into this. Do you know how easy it is to put together and portray this bullshit ? I saw Johnny’s expense reports on his site. Looks impressive but it’s nothing but bullshit, brilliant digital bullshit mind you, but bullshit he himself drew up. I assure you an independent accountant would be laughing like I was because the famous Digital Nomad hero Johnny really doesn’t have a pot to piss in.
Yeah I guess being a digital success equals never having a video showing an equivalent luxury lifestyle but rather still wearing cheap ass shit and living in a $200 apartment in Chiang Mai and eating street noodles. LMFAO.
I take it the $25 Timex watch Johnny has on is because if he wore the $20,000 Rolex someone would cut his hand off for it.
Hey but you fools go ahead and spend your hard earned cash on the bullshit they’re selling so you can continue to finance their grungy $800 a month lifestyle in one of the cheapest places on the planet to live. LMFAO !!!!! Livin and selling to fools the Millennial digital nomad dream LMFAO. These guys are the modern day Millennial snake oil salesmen selling caviar dreams to you young morons. LMFAO.
Oh…..disclaimer: I’m retired in S.E. Asia in my 50’s, generating $5000 a month in retirement income. It includes about $750,000 banked as well. That’s guaranteed income mind you, for life. That’s from having a real job and working and earning and saving and investing. Now I live a fo real ultra luxury lifestyle in a gated luxury development in Chain Mai, I have a personal driver, manservant, butler, chef, gardener and maid. I don’t wear trashy tank tops or sweaty T-shirts, but rather light silk hand sewn clothing. I walk by people like these two bums with an air of distaste. When these two knuckleheads show you themselves living as I do, then you can believe what they’re saying. Otherwise, avoid them and their little bullshit scams.

Nomadic In The Philippines says:

great podcast guys!

iLoveEnglish US says:

Great stuff, thanks Riley! Peace from China.

Joydip Ghosh says:

hi, I found the most amazing full guide ebay dropshipping course on udemy.
After watching a lot of video on youtube and I do not get the ideas clearly.
Now I enrolled in this course and make $5000 sale & $1500 profit in the first month.

Dario Alexander says:

Riley no disrespect to all the other wonderful interviews other’s have done with Johnny but this by far was my favorite one because i felt i got more in depth info and some serious motivation. Unlike you guys i have a wife and 2 year old daughter but my goal is to live the 4 hour lifestyle and hopefully have a drink with you guys in Chiang Mai or Vietnam in the near future. I need to be around people that think like you guys do since back home when i talk about these ideas i seem like a nut lol. Cheers bro.

Versced says:

Do you register your brands as a company? I would love to start a product and am interested in how much goes into getting the brand name? Do you just come up with a name you like and slap it on the product or do I have to register it somewhere to avoid legal trouble?

Dmitry Twenty7 says:

i’ve opened this vid 2 days ago and paused it when Johnny said go read the 4HWW and come back. so i’m back. let’s roll!

Michael Lai says:

Another great episode, you da man!

Eddie Gr. says:

Do you pay income tax in the usa or thailand ?

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