Making Money with Affiliate Links | How They Work

Did you know that most of the time you’re paying a blogger every time you make a purchase off of a link they provide? I didn’t either! I recently became an influencer with a program called RewardStyle and I thought it would be a good time to educate my viewers on affiliate links and codes!

If you have questions on anything I did or didn’t mention list them down below and I’ll do my best to respond!

**Use code “Courtney” for $$ off purchases made at Morphe. She’ll get commission when you use her link!

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Article on affiliate codes:


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Sarah Farrugia says:

I’ve honestly looked everywhere for the answer for this and can’t find it so I thought I’d ask you! Do you get sent products for you to talk about or do you have to buy them?

Random Disney says:

Good to know cuz i am growing channel i will always want to be honest and make sure that i giving my subscribers a true link of anything i want to share

Chelsea Rose says:

Keeenziiiiie you are my favourite person at the moment, I really enjoy watching your videos, you talk well and sound so positive throughout the whole video. I just said to my boyfriend “oh you can tell she worked at Disney somehow” haha <3
Thank you for this vidoe, it was really insightful.
Have a lovely day <3

Shelbi Craig says:

So glad you gave Courtney a shout out! I love her and she is such an inspiration! ❤️

Clare says:

Wow! This was so helpful and informational, thank you so much! I’ll be much more aware when I just absentmindedly click that link. I love your videos! 🙂

Suzanne Light says:

I think you forgot the link.
Thank you for sharing this information. I am a growing YouTube channel and this is great information 🙂

glossbones says:

Great video! You have a beautiful smile!

Karine Krogh says:

Hi!!! How to make the links?

Developer Shafiul says:

Concept was good.
I have another idea. Earn by being affiliate from here.

zoë dodson says:

you are so good at speaking like that sounds so weird but i never get bored watching your videos because everything you say is so interesting

Lauren Lep says:

I love how real and down to earth you are! You are so inspiring for someone like me and i love watching all of your videos! This video definitely gave me some needed insight on affiliate codes and links! Love you!

Miss Bell says:

I really love how you chose to educate us on this! I, for one, found this very interesting and I am glad to know more about this topic. Thanks for another great video!

Kida says:

I swear that with every new video you post I love you a little bit more. I have a hard time smiling in life but honestly every time I watch one of your videos I find myself feeling better.
I’m glad you made this video too, not a lot of youtubers post videos that go out of their way to explain many things, and I have mad respect for you doing so (and highlighting that people should support Courtney!).
You’re such a sweet and gentle soul❤

Just Call Me Annie says:

Very informative! Thx!

Fashionbabe06 says:

I think it’s nice to have affiliate links are good to make some extra money, I feel like that’s fine. My problem with it when youtubers sneak it in their description without even saying anything or lying that they don’t make money is where i see the problem. I’ve brought something because this youtubers made it seem like it was the best thing ever i use her code thing it was the most crappy thing. Can you do sponsored videos how you contact with company and how it works?

Sarah Head says:

Very informative!! Thank you for posting this! I am working for a blogger and I am trying to learn the affiliate marketing… do you do walk through tutorials for beginners?

Katie Matirne says:

Thank you for all the info on affiliate links and codes! I always wondered how those worked. I agree bloggers and YouTubers should be able to get credit/commission for the work they do! Great video!

miss-megative says:

This is very helpful and transparent of you! Much respect. 🙂

Lindsey Williams says:

Hope you are having a wonderful day. This is a very informational video and it was interesting. You are my all time favorite YouTuber! That lipstick looks awesome on you. Love every video you make and can’t wait to see what your next video is! Love you <3!!!

Melina Yasmin says:

Very well put and thought out. Regarding the controversy for me it is not so much the links but the ads. It bugs me when a youtuber or blogger is being paid for an ad or video and is not upfront on that or honest with their opinions on the producto just so you buy it (and then it ends up being bad). But if they say upfront “this is an ad” then it fíen, it’s transparent.

Arillana Garcia says:

Your personality is so radiant! I’m so glad I discovered your channel! You’re easily one of my favorites now! ☺️

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