Making money with art – is it easy and how do you do it? | Artist Insider Vlog 04

Making a living from your art is possibly one of the biggest challenges you’ll face as an artist.

I’ll talk you through a big mistake that a lot of beginner artists make, we well as go through the different ways I make a full time living off my artwork. At the end of the vid I share 9 different ways you could make money off your own art.

Financial success isn’t the only measure of artistic success and for some people it might not even enter into the equation. For me though, I was 28 when I started out painting and being able to support myself with my art was really important.

I’ve been painting for 5 years now, and it’s only been in the past year and a half that I’ve actually been able to live off what I make as an artist. I’ve learned a lot over that time which I’d love to share with you.

Initially I had no idea how to make a career out of being an artist and I assumed I’d create art and people would just buy it… simple right? Well, the past few years have been a steep learning curve and I’ve learned more about what won’t make money than what will!

A couple of years ago someone told me that you need 9 streams of revenue to make a living off creative pursuits – so if some failed or the market changed your eggs wouldn’t be all in one basket and you’d still manage to pay your rent and put food on the table. I’m not sure if 9 is the ‘magic’ number here, but I do know that having a few revenue streams has worked out really well for me.

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Shawn Noel says:

Thank you for the info Fieldey!

ArtByNaNa305 says:

great channel! Thank you for the info <3 Subscribed 🙂

JamesOsani says:

Very insightful, thank you.

Kassy Abriola says:

once again so amazing with all ur info…i one day inspire to be in ur place with a stable income and create the life i want 🙂 thanks again

HowHardIsGaming says:

This video couldnt have been uploaded at a better time, Im considering looking into buying Skate Decks and hand painting and selling them myself for a bit of cash. I can get the decks for roughly £20 and sell the decks for about £50 and make a £30 profit, and if the demand is high i can raise the prices. I didn’t even think of commissions though.

kenka hasan says:

love your face #

Josh H says:

I use social media to promote my artwork. I have over 70k on instagram, which is my main platform for promotion

Ludwin V says:

Making it big on fine museum art is either all or nothing. One you stay poor or you get rich.

Just like Picasso. He was poor for so much time

sintetsu2 says:

Murphey makes some valid points

The Artful Rogers says:

How did you go about getting sponsored by Montana or Molotow? (going by the paint in the background) or how did this happen? I use these brands to paint a lot of canvases and murals, being sponsored would be so good!

Christophe Pieruccetti says:

what about leaving some of your artwork in a localshop for exposition and making contacts like in a tatoo shop or a surf shop {‘due to the fact that your painting skateboard ans surfboards) and may be selling it ?

slippinggnome says:

pretty eyes…

Jazmin Lopez says:

how do you also work for companies and brands? where do you look?

MikeManuka says:

tattoo artist could be another option if your art style crosses over well, and your interested in that area 🙂

Shayna Butler says:

Magazines! You can write articles for magazines (I occasionally submit article ideas to mixed media magazines) and the pay is pretty good. Also, some companies offer pay for publication or artist compensation to use their products in a published article. Sculptures and Plaid products are examples of the ones I have had experience with.

Ramon Garcia says:

Great ideas Fieldey, very helpful! Thanks!

Boredle says:

I want to sell commissions , but I’m too scared that I wont be able to draw what someone is asking for. I need money(well, I really, REALLY want money) and I’m too young to get a job. I”ve only sold 3 pieces of art to my friend(with a discount, because she’s one of my best friends) for a total of $9. I think that’s bad XD Should I even do commissions? If I should, how do you price them??? How much time you spent on it? How much effort? I NEED HELP ;-;

Dominic Wijayasooriya says:

very helpful tips thank you so much

Lynn Terrace says:

love it thanks sooo much !!

MrJayzilla101 says:

Great advice, thanks

Erick Xerda says:

you’re really hot can I be your boyfriend?

chris4020011 says:

this channel is awesome. thanks for all the info on here. lots of useful advise 🙂

Renan Camargo says:

Thank you very much for this video. Is really nice to see content of how to make living as an Artist!

Flash Man says:

How to be a successful artist :
1) be an artist
2) be super hot
4) profit!

Tricia Campbell says:

Awesome tips ! I’m working on selling my artwork and this was good information.

mike degrazia says:

hey Fieldy!, just thought of a way to make some money….selling to tattoo flash companies, also vector art and royalty free designs…

AlexCardoza says:

good video keep it up. just started my videos again getting some motivation. hope you like, if you do hit up a sub 🙂

Jack's Tutorials says:

how do i actually get good though:( i haven’t got the funds to endlessly practice, and then i see other peoples work and it disheartens me

Arnold's Artistry says:

Thank you so much for these tips 🙂 they are really helpful. Could you please tell me more in detail about how you price your work, tips on taking commissions, how to go about holding workshops, and getting sponsored?

Jazmin Lopez says:

how do you look for a client?

Infernal Cookie says:

if only parents knew there are ways to make a living through art…

Ramon Garcia says:

This video is really helpful because I’ve been trying to figure out how to make my art into a business . So thank you for your insight on this topic ! Can’t wait to see your next video on commission Fieldey!

Shayna Butler says:

Oh, and Patreon. Several of the more successful YouTubers I follow have a Patreon account with several patrons and make steady income off it. Maybe you should try it?!?! They offer different rewards for different levels of backing. So a $1 sponsor would get updates and PDFs, a $5 backer gets the same and access to a special video, a $10 backer gets the same and a personal post card every month, and a $30 sponsor gets the same and a print every month, etc. What a great gig, and you have enough viewers to set up a pretty successful Patreon if you offer the right goodies.

SKADZ says:

hey, i have a question to “sponsorship”.
do they choose you, or do you simply just ask them to sponsor you?
and do you have to be really good/do they have to like your paintings or do you just have to paint, i dont know, like 5 paintings in a week for example?

Ashley Lucas says:

Great approach and helpful tips. Thank you so much! I’ve been a full time artist for the last five years, and hands down private art lessons are the biggest money maker for me. Print on demand sites and have made almost zero revenue for me, as well as licensing. Just wanted to share with your audience! Thank you again, xo Lady Lucas

Bee Pee says:

I love you!!! you are the best!!!

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