Master P Breaks Down How Independent Artists Can Make Money [92Q.COM EXCLUSIVE]

Master P knows a thing or two about how independent artists can become millionaires. Check out his interview with Baltimore’s iiKane of 92.3 FM as he breaks it down for independent artists. Take notes!


luigi jimenez says:

Master P is the real rapper with the brains. 50, jay and Diddy ain’t got nothing on him.

nomibe2911 says:

P discussed in the FEDS magazine why he didn’t work with Cash Money because he thought Baby’s half brother Terrence “Gangster” Williams killed his cousin Randall who had a mural on the Rose Tavern (liquor store) in the Calliope Projects.

stringer bell says:

master p dope but he turn his back on his own blood.. Free Corey Miller

stephen o'shea says:

great information here thanks for posting

Derrick Smith says:

@ 5:31……500 records sold (Gold) x 19 *.80 (his split on the distribution deal) = $7.6 million. He said he sold 75 million record so that’s $1.125 Billion (at him getting $15 per $19 a record) he made half going to Uncle same for taxes, so yeah he should be worth $350 hundred million easily. That’s not even counting the money made on tours & performances, movies he produced, merchandising.

Rachel Williams says:

This video is a complete waste of time

Harry McRae says:

He knows the business better than most CEO’s!

Delquin Jones says:

#L1C4 P fuck with Louisville

662chillin says:

These major record labels will NEVER give out a deal like that again thanks to P lol. He made that 400 million in only 4 years I believe with a number of artists outside of the stars (P, Snoop, Mystikal, Silkk, C-Murder, etc.) going gold and platinum (Fiend, Serv-On, Young Bleed, Kane & Abel, etc.) that helped him get that money so fast.

As the host said, Master P was the person who brought the business sense to the forefront of the game with clothing lines, movies, etc.

Ricky Simon says:

Everybody keeps talkin abot cube putting his kids in a position to make movies and music and to win in life, but as far as can recall P was first with lil romeo. Y don’t niggas from the south get da cred they truly deserve?

Christian Davis says:

Stop telling the secrets P lol

Derrick Smith says:

at the end 7:04..P was indirectly saying making music to wake these dumb broads up and awaken their conscious. But these broads don’t want to hear no truth or logic.

Melvin Williams says:

i tired of all you haten ass niggas hateing on p.Face the fact p is the muthafucken man.

LA FLAME says:

god damn his bank account is popping



Panda Gang says:

Am I only who thinks that it’s not helpful?

consiyer says:

Check out my EP on soundlcoud, you won’t regret it !

(I like all kinds of feedback so anything you give me I’ll appreciate)

warren duval says:

you aint got no time 2 talk about anybody if you out getting that money – master p

MayhemOnTheBeat says:

Needs the stations audio recording.

Cortni Jordan says:

He preachin! Preach P!

stunnaboycodotcom says:

3:53 – 5:47

Jus Josef says:

He kickin knowledge

Cleo Ivey says:

Im unsigned check me out MP

Haitian Wood says:

You ain’t got time to be talking about anybody when you gettin money. One of the realest shit I’ve ever heard, and I ain’t even a Master P fan, gotta give him props on that one though.

Xavier Monty says:

watch the new music

Believe Believe says:

If you could take 2 mins of your time to checkout my latest music video an comment what you think I would appreciate it


mad love for master p i grow up on his music and label!


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Todd Manning says:

dope money, period thank me later


new channel show love to the block show it back comment done when finish

Comli Phenomenon says:

Cole brown, I agree lol

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