Millionaire Teen Says It’s Easy to Make Money (TYT Supreme Court)

“Got a tech idea and want to make a fortune before you’re out of your teens? Just do it, is the advice of the London schoolboy who’s just sold his smartphone news app to Yahoo for a reported $30 million.”*

Nick D’Aloisio is a 17-year old who made a fortune designing an app and getting rich investors to help him launch. His advice to others: just do it. Is he inspirational, or unbearable? Cenk Uygur, Ana Kasparian, and the TYT Supreme Court rule on the case.

*Read more from Reuters:

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Alexandra Mallory says:

… We have internet in WV. I don’t see why someone with the desire and skill couldn’t launch an app from Logan…?

Endymionesque says:

Awful English accent…

whiskey 4 says:

omg do you know how hard it is to create something like that, he made an algorithm that worked to summarize articles. sounds simple, isn’t really. this kid at 15 16 figured that out and found a market for that to sell at 30mil. you think thats no big feat or “hard” you are out your crack smoking mind smh

Coldasdhonkymotherfucker says:

Why are all the comments getting mad and saying they jealous when 3 of the 4 said not guilty

Lysander says:

jeez just let a kid be happy. dont be butthurt because you’re twice his age and not smart enough to make anything near as much

Corona Jonathan says:

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joseph a durkin says:

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Brianna Gordy says:

As an entrepreneur, I’ve been working my ass off since age 16 solely for the start up funds, for my business. Let alone actually starting the business.

Big Ten says:

cant watch thi just because of fat old hater

Leah Gordon says:

I’m proud of him. He now can use his profits to invest in greater ideas and gain greater profits. Simple, just have a booming idea for this day and time.

Dan Dan says:

Hey my cousin and I are 17 year old teenagers starting our own business with 170 dollars. We want to take anyone who wants to watch along the journey! It would be great if you guys could check us out!

Dalton Herriman says:


Djeroud Jared says:

jealous but they actually have a pointevery body say that they are

Joshua McLean says:

Dude he is not “guaranteeing success” for everyone. What he said is true! If you find some way, especially new creative ideas, to make money, go for it right away and work hard. He has the money to prove that it can happen. Not everyone will be successful, but work hard and make your ideas/dreams come true and the possibilities are endless. How did tyt start? So is he wrong? Should you say “oh i’m a kid from the bronx therefore I won’t be successful and must live off money from the government?!”
Yeah of course if you start with money you have an advantage, but that doesn’t mean you can’t do anything about it if you don’t have money.


its nit that hard tell your parents to give you a small loan of 8millions. its easy

Bob Bobby says:

Although they can be abit jealoud i understand why jake is bitter about it. Launching an app isnt as easy as it sounds you need developers, its 100$/per year to have it on the app store and a bunch of other things

Coldasdhonkymotherfucker says:

Sorry all 4

Scrabble Latado says:

I think their judgment and analysis is wrong. The kid didn’t have help from wealthy, smart, people for nothing. He first had to develop the awareness of “market gap”, then he had to work on his skills, then he had to concept an idea, ONLY THEN he said, ok this might work. After these processes, only after, he got help. They are judging his quote? How many confucious-level quotes did they thought-out themselves at 17 years of age?

Xander Jay says:

“it’s not like we are making a ruling on gay marriage” …. WOW, yeah cause that needs to be a long discussion aye. What a *****. Not watching a single video from these guys again.

Wr3kt says:

lol these guys should be embarrassed

James McDonald says:

She’s cute

Groen thomas says:

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Kim Howell says:

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poposisa says:

there is not enough money for everyone. this is fake. there has to be poor people and rich people. its a scam.

Dean Shaw says:

seriously hate google and how some things i don’t search end up on my suggested feed they fucked youtube i can’t stand that bitch she talks like she don’t breath through her nose and the other dude is just trying to impersonate mark cuban (shark tank)

Videoorbiter says:

You need to fire your Bitch! She is very obnoxious …

DCNC Project says:

Fatty Hatin on the Kid lol

Bari Martin says:

This kid isn’t shit

Chaplin Co says:

You need like 2 grand to start up an app… maybe 3 grand at the most. These people make it sound impossible. It’s not. He came up with a great idea and sold it that’s all. He got investors after.. if the idea sucked it doesn’t matter how much opportunity or money you have access to. (Well it does I guess but it won’t last) Look at jayz.. yeah what he did was illegal but he started up with like $100. I could understand if it was to cost 100 grand or something but not at all.. 2 or 3 grand… (just make sure you copyright/trademark the idea before putting it out there, or getting it built.) TYT sucks anyway I don’t know why I still get them in my recommends I’m not subbed but whatever lol.

Jarrod Ocampo says:

I have an I dea but who and where to talk? its a website actually

thronecode says:

It’s easy to make money if you’re a genius and work really freaking hard.

Oligg says:

Cenk is so toxic

Scott English says:

I absolutely hate this show.

Dhruv Khurana says:

This video is so sad it’s unbelievable… These guys need to be introduced to capitalism

bebo7002 says:

This guy is such a loser

Brotherhood Outdoors says:

Sounds like some Adults that can’t keep at a 17year olds level so they just make up excuses as to why no one else can do something for themselves like he did. Maybe because he grew up in a more “wealthy family” they reflected some of these great characteristics onto his life enabling him to do something for himself. Vs. it’s seems “most” not all… but “most” lower income families seem to be pretty discouraging whether you realize it or not to their kids, basically telling them everyday, unless you have money now you will never, Being successful isn’t reality, ect. Cutting down their dreams while growing up just enough so when they are ready to go out into the world on their own they are no longer able to clearly think for themselves. I don’t think it’s fair what that guy was saying about that kid and mocking him…. so much jealousy…

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