OMG Tai and Mike Long How To Make Money On The Internet

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T A C O says:

knowledge is way more important though.

That Guy says:

Tai can you give some advice to high school students?

Raiden266 says:

I have $1500. I want to multiply it infinite fold… Any advice?

Adam Hope says:

sell nootropics tai

Video Dexterity says:

Don’t like the idea of Amazon being turned into a “flea market.”

Boca 1 says:

Dope vid Tai!

Heythe Aaron says:

Online money oh yeah

God Lag says:

Whats up Tai???

Abdallah Farooq says:

What does source the product mean?

Robert Tanguay says:

The issue with online sales is the inefficiency and waste from packaging, shipping, robot labor, job displacement centralization of capital, sever usage. Now add drones. ….

Set-Apart Marketing says:

I’m glad to see Mike Long on your channel, OMG is Awesome. The Real Deal

l says:

The join page doesn’t work to sign up. Tried it 9 hours ago and again just now.

Mia Burja says:

I recently came across a better way to make money.

End User says:

Amazon Idea works well in US and UK not the rest of the world!

Arinson Rosario says:

Hmm why is it always 3 lesson… wait a triangle has 3 sides…..ILLUMINATI CONFIRMED

ThatColombianGuy10 says:

probably why you’re not getting that many views.. consistency is good.. but it’s just a lot and too long… you’re posting like 3-4 videos a DAY

gavin fitzsimons says:

amazon have such a bad aftersales if a delivery goes missing. they simply dont give a fuck

Rashaw Leggs says:

Awesome video great content! I love the knowledge given here!

ThatColombianGuy10 says:

Especially when they’re 20 mins long. Hard for me to watch the entire thing. Gotta allocate my time somewhere else…. sell yourself better

Jamie Maher says:

Tai super clever

loadedsean17 says:

you can also make money on eBay. you have to pay seller fees and paypal gets their cut of the loot. I’m sure amazon will charge me more money if their shipping it for us.

Christo Hargreaves says:

Tai can you take me on I’m just turned 12 and want to be worth millions by 13 and I want you to help me make it happen

Sterling Lowery says:

Cyber Monday also broken another new record for online sales last year.

Richard Miller says:

Tai, I want to thank you so much for being so inspirational and positive, I needed the motivation and confidence.

Damion Monaghan says:

Tai, how do you effectively market substance?
I am aware that people are hopelessly obsessed with status. I am deeply inclined to philosophy and I would like to be able to communicate the complexity of my thought without adulterating it by dumbing it down. it feels condescending and it has no more use than the academia which is more like a cult than an education institution.

Lexes O'Hara says:

Love all of your information!

The Idea Effect says:

This video reminded of a quote by Earl Nightingale: “Luck is when preparedness meets opportunity… and opportunity is there all the time.”

Assassin OnlineTV says:


Mistic ART says:

Vote for bernie sanders

Dawson Boyer says:

What should a fifteen year old do to start a business or get wealthy?

Doroc the Great says:

Very educational 20/20 Obama’s will watch this

GamingWithFlash says:

Tai I followed your steps on the here in my garage video and I am off to a great start I have enough money to live off of thanks to you now I am wondering am I the only one

Erinn Pillow says:

I have personally used this before. But i loose my money on this. Now im satisfied with *1STMILLIONROAD*.

Stoic Simmers says:

You should make a video on how to determine what products are most marketable, and what type of products you should market.

IBDaddyO says:

Where can we find more about this app?


are u Mexican American

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