Passive Income: Does Affiliate Marketing Really Work?

The Truth about Passive Income and Affiliate Marketing:
Passive Income and Making Money Online is something most people are skeptical about. How do you make money online? Does Affiliate Marketing work or is it a scam? How does passive income really work? I have to answer these questions all the time. So I made a video to address how affiliate marketing works, how it can help you generate passive income, and why so many people don’t believe it does really work for making money online.

You can either actively work at selling products for a company to make a commission or you can build systems that do it for you. You can do this in the form of a website or blog, a podcast or a YouTube channel or an Ebook.

These things ARE passive because after the initial work is done, you are making money without any additional work your part. Some people will say, well you still have to market or promote those things…. those people aren’t actual marketers or they would know that most marketing can be automated at this point, or requires less effort than texting your spouse… You can put systems in place to handle that effort. A YouTube video I made 6 months ago, made me an extra $1000 in Nov. 2016. Work I did 6 months ago, made me another $1k in profit.

You don’t need a large audience to be successful at affiliate marketing if you know your audience and you are selling something they have a demand for.

If you had an audience of 100 but 10 people buy something and you make $100/each from them, its better than somone who has an audience of 10,000 that only got the same 10 people to buy, because if you maintain your conversion rate, as your audience grows, you’d make more money than them.









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SociFunnel says:

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Brenda Muhammad says:

hi am new at this and am trying to become familiar with how to

tim wright says:

great video

Kerry Stessel says:

Can you please share a video that you do for an example of affiliate marketing?

Make a Million in 1708 days says:

I am just embarking on a new journey to make a million in 1708 days with no real affiliate marketing experience apart from a small blog that my wife and I started years back, I need help to turn my life around so I can help others by showing others that it’s possible….

yomycapson says:

Thanks for this. I actually link to sales of music albums and dont even affiliate. I should set it up. Don’t know if it makes you much money tho

The Nielson Tribe says:

Great video. . . thanks for the awesome information!!

Shreyas Kekan says:

Mr Blake I want to know about
let suppose we have a website and if someone open this on mobile and clicks on That link and the app gets open then can we get the commission if he buys from that app
can you please tell me

Fighting Arts of England says:

Great advice, I’m going to do it

Sensible Mind says:

Good advice!

Cristian Petri says:

Very good info Roberto. Thanks

Mike Burford says:

I had very bad experience with affiliate marketing but it doesn’t stop my drive. I always ask for advice and watch a lot of YouTube video still no success. I still have a positive attitude no matter what. the mentor I see is on YouTube and are willing to charge 5,000 for advice that’s crazy I’ll find my way just fine by myself

Lex Aeternal says:

good video but it seems like common sense to me!

Super Affiliate Academie says:

Awesome video!

Misbah Chaudhry says:

hi, can i ask a question. can affiliate marketing be done by word of mouth ?

G.T. G 1 says:

Great!! Thank You. Now just have to find a good affiliate mentor…

Anže Rogelja says:

Can someone help me understand what is the name Roberto metioned?

Hillary Clinton says:

Does anyone have a real success story from doing this for around ~5- 10k a month.(just an average joe like me)???

TECH Solver says:

Roberto i like your speaking style. its so clear and so understandable. you are not running fast on your word which makes your sound so clear. keep it up bro

Antoine Royale says:

content creates conversions… you’re welcome!

meinpodcast says:

Gefällt mir sehr gut! Ich habe was dazu gelernt, dankeschön.

Charlie Ennis says:

This video just pumped me up to get back on track with my marketing. Good, practical advice in this video. Marketing is a job and needs to be treated as such with time and effort. Let’s go!!!

Quan Luu says:

Roberto how are you doing so far with affiliate marketing? I’m interested in working with you. I run a Web to Print e-commerce and we have over 1,000s of custom print products. $99 average order & Immediately, no delay payout! Let me know if you want to get on the phone to discuss the details, otherwise information can be found at >>

Home Gym Clothing Co. says:

Hi.. love your videos. quick question, should I keep researching free marketing or pay some one to teach me?

bengtig77 says:

I agree. concise and clear !

jinhi9005 says:

This is glorious, I been tryin to find out about “what are passive income streams” for a while now, and I think this has helped. You ever tried – Meyackarny Penny Blaster – (do a search on google ) ? Ive heard some decent things about it and my partner got cool results with it.

Chase says:

Priceless video on about affiliate marketing. I’ve been stumbling about this subject for months. Thanks for putting this up! Please keep producing videos.

Kalvin Kao says:

Finally someone with common sense!

Immanuel Maina says:

Bro, that relationship analogy ! Keep up the great work. You’re putting out a lot of great info.

Darrell Barnes says:

Roberto thank you for your advice. The 30$ a day model help me see this affiliate thing from a different point of view. Passive income is still passive income no matter if it’s 900/month or 10,000 /month

Lights Camera Hiliary says:

Yes!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂

SplashSoccer says:


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