Passive Income Ideas: How to Make Money Online using Evergreen Content

Learning how to make money online with passive income can be difficult if you have no experience or mentors to teach you how.

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So what is passive income? For this video, we are going to mean a cash flow that gets deposited into your bank account, paypal, or check that you get each month, or week, without you having to do much after setting up the system. Some online entrepreneurs consider this residual income, but the idea is the same. Rich Dad Poor Dad taught how to get rich by accumulating income generating assets, and we will be covering some great online methods in this video.

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Pat Flynn Interview:

Instagram interview $5000/month:

Now you must understand the major difference between two types of content. The first is called Skyscraper, and that is because the traffic, the interest, and the money graph look like a skyscraper. A bunch for a couple days, and then it dies down to pennies. The second type of content is called Evergreen, and just like the tree, it stays fresh and valuable all year long. My “how to get more Youtube subscribers video” will get views and add value to lives at least 5 years from now, while my friends video of him doing a rare bottle flip won’t. Evergreen content brings you money every day, every week, every year for the rest of your life.


Jay Wade says:

Jheeze $10k from one video is insane! My most popular video has so far given me a total $1100 – *INSPIRED!!*

Dictator In Perpetuity says:

didn’t watch video …but noticed it’s April 1sts

LeonaDiCaprio 12 says:

I tought my notification alert was broken since i havent seen new vids from u in a long time, glad to read u were ok and u were working for us! Support from italy

Carsten Kaschinski says:

Hey. Love your videos. They have been highly motivational. Including pushing me to write a book in my second language (English)
Would you be interested in me translating your e book or some of your videos into another language?
If so, get back to me 😉

Aurangzeb Rathore says:

Good to have you back!

HowToTop10 says:

Hi, nice vid once again! (you hadn’t posted in a while 😀 )
One quick question.. The pictures of people you have in the thumbnail sometimes, you just take them from google images and edit them? Thanks in advance 🙂

Sarita bhati says:

Hey, I missed you ♡

Primed says:

I was sure u were either dead or working on something big because you didn’t upload for a whole month. Glad you’re back mate, awesome vid!

Practical Psychology says:

Don’t worry guys, I’m not pulling a FightMediocrity <3 Working on some longer, HQ videos this month, so enable notifications incase Youtube "glitches". I missed uploading and replying to comments 😀

Here's the link for some who asked (US):

Aliex Folgueira says:

nice, I’ll tell you how much I made last month later on the video….you are good

Steamedbread says:

I don’t trust this video, April Fools?

Aliex Folgueira says:

I subscribed to improvement poll because of you

Innocent Binamungu says:

oh it’s good!
can you make for us
a video on getting your soul mate

Full Perception says:

Hey man great video! You’re truly inspirational! The content that you share is pretty awesome. I’ll take a look for sure at your Ebook! I’m starting an online brand and a YouTube Channel so I’m sure your experience will inspire and help me succeed. Thanks for everything!

Cj H says:

Glad to see you’re back! Love your videos. Look forward to seeing more content from you.

BoomEnjoyment says:

This is a video worth watching five times and I am looking to check out your Ebook.

Tyr says:

April fools

Femke Pointl says:

Finally a video again!! I’m happy now 🙂 I actually started an Instagram last month. Not for the money tho I just love sharing content. It’s called Poetry_and_travel if anyone want to follow.

Sabarish Biswal says:

I’m glad you’re back I thought channel was being closed

Shrinksdom says:

Such an informative video!
Thanks for featuring me as an example in the video about the Instagram strategy :), appreciate it!

Adam Reiland says:

I love your videos, but I don’t think I’m ready to grind like you do

Pepe says:

You’re really amazing, keep up the good work!

Roy Rahms says:

Hey I cant seem to find your ebook on amazon. Why don’t you include the link in your description?

Please Don't Read My profile Picture says:

*_This video is too good ,you guys have so much time ,in India they give so much study burden that sometimes you end up sleeping 5 hrs._*

Finn the human says:

THX i really feel like you want us to succeed, that’s rare, thank you!

Psy Logic Drawing says:

Awesome video!

Major Fitness TV says:

what’s your other channel called? The one from which you earn around $60 a month?

The Agnostic Christian says:

You said guy (or girl). But that is gender specific. What about those in between? There are 200 different gender identities and I am outraged you did not mention them all as possible gamers!

Felix Tra says:

I think it would be nice if you’d link the ebook in the description, so if somebody doesn’t want to search it on Amazon he could buy it although.

Sorry for the bad writing, I’m coming from Austria. Very inspiring video!

Swapnil Porwal says:

I purchased your Book and also write a review…… Amazing Book…..

SClearS says:

Missed you… and your videos XD But, more important: WHAT HAPPENED WITH THE BACKGROUND MUSIC?!!!

Jose Enriquez says:

You sound like a really smart and knowledgeable guy. I don’t know if this content would fit the theme of your channel, but i would really like to hear your opinions on the current education systems.

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