Today Im going to talk about how I make money from home, while being a stay at home mom!
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Hi friends, I wanted to share a video telling you all of my tips on how to get started selling on ebay, this video was highly requested and thought I would give my viewer what they have been asking for! If we can get this video to 500 likes I will do a more in depth ebay series!
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THANK YOU to every single one of you for being so supportive and watching my channel, it means more than you will ever know! I truly feel like you are part of my family and for this Im so grateful!

FTC Disclaimer: I feel so lucky to call Youtube my job. Today Im Teaming up with IBOTTA everything I said in this video is my honest own personal opinion. Thank you IBOTTA for sponsoring this video, its so awesome to team up with a brand you genuinely love and use!

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Raccoon Eyes says:

how are the ebay fees? i used to sell a long time ago.. i sold off my personal collectibles. but the fees from paypal and ebay combined made me feel like i was wasting my time and losing money.

MakingBabyTaylor says:

This inspired me to finally start using my iBotta and I already earned $13 fro a grocery trip I had already made the day before! Love that it includes the commissary because that’s where I get 90% of our groceries!

naturegirl2110 says:

Do wash the clothes you sell on every that get from thrift stores and goodwill?

Bloggin Brandi says:

I’ve heard a lot of positive things about the Ibotta app, maybe I need to get in on this trend. 🙂 I travel a lot stocking up and using this sounds like it will be a win win. Thanks for all the ideas.

Lenna Bowman says:

More like this one too!!

Let's Be Real Ministries says:

I AM SOOO LOOKING FORWARD TO THIS!!! My goal is to make 100,000 in 12 months!!!!!! I really need this! 🙂


Another way to make money online…thought I’d share. I no longer live pay check to pay check with this system

I HATE YOU says:

You should add a little music in the background..

Amanda Hiatt says:

You should do a video explaining how do start vlogs and give us some tips! I love your videos.

JACKY RA says:

very good video, you helping people make money in your honest experience.thank you so very much.

victoriatomson says:

I’ve been binge watching all your videos and love them so much! You’re so friendly and well spoken. I also came to the conclusion that your favorite word is lucrative 🙂 Have a great day you gained a new subscriber today!!

marg says:

Can you share why you don’t want to give/promote your actual ebay store name?

TheEstender says:

Great video! How often to you hit up Goodwill?

Kwon Kristin says:

Anyone can make money online form home,on this site “Mojo Make Money System” (Just Search Google).

Bobbi McJunkins says:

I was looking for your ebay store, do you have a link to your store?

Mayra Ramos says:

Do you have to pay taxes for your sales?

Lisa Hudson says:

Please do a step by step Ebay video.

Md sajjad says:

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Matthew Trala says:


I’m sure most people have heard of Ibotta by now, but for those who haven’t it is an app you download for your phone that gives you cash back on items you buy in stores. Once you have 25$ you can cash out. Most items on the app are things you buy everyday so why not get some of your money back? Milk, bread, diapers, wipes, cereal, veggies, meat etc are all on the list of rebates. You get an automatic 10$ when you claim your first rebate.

Stephanie Daulton says:

When you signed up on eBay to sell things, did you register under and personal account or a business account?

Stephanie Daulton says:

So I have a couple of other questions. Do you suggest working through paypal when you sell items on eBay? And also, I’m lost when I go to eBay and try to follow the instructions you gave on how to know what’s selling. You mentioned something about going all the way to the left and scrolling all the way down to see something but neither the app nor the classic site shows this. I need help!

Eileen the Crow says:

Apparently you can get paid to solve captchas online. Not a ton but it’s easy and all you need is your computer.

Fit Mom Life says:

Can you do a go with me to buy video, then how to sell it video in way more depth and with application

Djuana Okocha says:

You give excellent information for using ibotta and especially eBay. You rock!

Richelli Castellano says:

You are great! You have such a positive energy! I just followed you! Thanks for the tips! I just downloaded Ibotta. 🙂 Cant wait to give it a try! 🙂

Splenger41 the greatest says:

here is a legit means to making money,

Shanty Sumner says:

I participate in contests that help companies create a name for themselves. I work from my computer or cell-phone and get a pretty decent amount of money for winning and referring people. By the way, my name is Shanty and here’s a fun fact… I like eating pizza upside down. Lol see I’m a real person I promise. I don’t think a computer can do this (hahfjdnjfujdfhsdb#$@%) At least not like that. I’ll talk to you in the comments section if you have a question for me but here’s the link

Kirk Huston says:

Really helpful! Also you are extremelly beautiful, don’t waste your time and go for modelling. 😉

brian leonard says:

try this,adf. ly/1hW833

Gumardee says:

For coins, this is the worst time to sell, as people are buying other stuff. So it depends on what you sell for the best time to sell.

Austin games says:

This is real it’s not a scam sign up on my link for surveys and get $30

LA channel says: come on all swagbucks has cool survays and offers and u can change sb piont into monet easily…all

Dianne roy says:

A new subscriber here. For ebay do they take a percentage? I am retired and wanting to make some extra money.

Elisabeth Victoria says:

You can’t believe how thankful I am that I found those two videos of you how to make money on ebay. I love thrift shopping and fashion in general, and I really do have a talent in finding great stuff there. You gave me the courage to start something like that too this year!

Justin Mackenzie says:

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MrsJemsWorld says:

Can you explain what to charge for shipping when using eBay? The best way that saves you money:)

Saniya Sheikh says:

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Shasta Moon says:

Thank you so much for sharing such valuable information with us!

Maldito Alcaraz says:

lol there mostly girls watching this … hahaha lazy ! jk jk jk

Ravi Shahi says:

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Sherrie Olsen says:

Would love more ebay videos! Love your channel! <3

madeline vicioso says:

what’s your opinion on dropshipping from amazon to ebay? the problem is a lot of items on amazon don’t have the “send as gift” option so it’s not good for dropshipping. I know a person who has a very successful dropshipping independent (online) shop, with U.S. suppliers that take care of the shipping for him, he literally does nothing but answer customer service emails. living the dream lol. I would love to find a U.S supplier that offers dropshipping but I haven’t found any for baby clothes 🙁

Christina Panaporn May says:

This is real guys $200-$500 daily income check this out

Rantings Of A Hot Mess Mom says:

Downloaded the iBotta app. Thank you!!! I can’t believe I was missing out all this time!

Lydias Palace says:

I thought you have stopped selling on EBay? Didn’t you say that in your eBay seller video? Anyway, when do you have the time to do all the research, shopping, taking pictures, putting items online and post them? It sounds like a lot of work.

Rosa Garcia says:

are u a hiipie

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