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In this video I show you how to find a supplier on Salehoo & how to source items through your supplier to see if there is any profit to be made dropshipping on Amazon.

The item in this video you could expect to sell 1 of these items every 3 or 4 days at a profit of $18 with a seller ranking of 200k. I personally would do a little better with keyword optimization and a title. But keep in mind if you decided to dropship on amazon you would have multiple items selling at a profit of at least 25%. You could expect to make good money for an example check out my video on selling on amazon.

A good rule of thumb starting out is to only list what you can afford to purchase. Reason being Amazon only deposit profits into your checking account every 14 days so yes you will have to front the money however get your money back plus profits.

Dropshipping is a great way to earn money online. So I suggest you don’t take it lightly and treat it like a business. As a side note have a credit card or an account set aside only for purchasing items for you dropshipping business it make thing easier.

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Free eBook how to make 10k on Amazon free Guide & lessons:

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Valerie Hypolite says:

Question: I am registered as a individual seller on Amazon, I am signing up on Ocean tailed supplier. do I sign up as a ” I have a physical store” Excellent Video, Thanks much.

Naomi Carr says:

Just joined your team on DS Domination. I’d like to talk to you more about this business. If you can, reach out to me.

Carol Wilson says:

Otto thanks you are very helpful.

Mohammed Bashir says:

thanks i hope it will work for me 2

Alana Weaver says:

What’s the name of the software that helps you write a better product description?

abadi senki says:

*>> Salehoo Discount Offer 2016 <<*

Its all about LIFE HACKS says:

how i copy paste item on amazon

Jetkoka 1013 says:

Bro!! You are The BEST!!!!

stilgottheblues says:

Can anyone help?

I came to know that it takes 10 min more or less to fulfill an order (using dropping from SaleHoo to Amazon model). Just for example, If one seller has over all 40 orders to fulfill then how he will he/she manage? He has to sit all the day fulfill customers orders. Can this process be automated?

robertloera01 says:

for how much that dam thing cost eh …

Gayle Bailey says:

Do you have to have a Legal Business (E-Commerce Name) to use these drop-shippers from Salehoo?

Martial Law says:

It says i need a Tax ID

EMon Mitchell says:

thanks so much, great video

Pedram Ashtarirad says:

I was wondering you said you use a software to do descriptions .. What softwares do u refer! Thanks so much!

Dorothy Woods says:

Thank you for your information.

ashley35211x says:

Very helpful video. Thanks for the tip about the sales calculator site.

Mirage Tactical Furniture, Inc says:

Thank you for the info!! Where do you find the make use of?

seangworld says:

Good video, Otto. I am a member of sale hobo just hadn’t used it ever. Wasn’t sure how to Dropship to my customers on eBay. Personal nelly I don’t like selling on Amazon because you have to wait for your money and they take a big chunk of it. I do however love Dropshipping from Amazon, just looking for cheaper sources. Been an eBay drop shipper going on 2 years now. Learned new things from dos domination then moved on to do it myself.

Tiffany Smith says:

Hello @Otto Thompson. Thank you fro this video it was very informative. However I have a question if you don’t mind answering. After you pay for the first item that you are going to sell up front. In order to sell additional items do you have to pay for them up front as well?

Gayle Bailey says:

Thanks Donna, I have applied for my DBA already. Thanks for your comment.

Martin Clarke says:

My concern when you list on amazon you are not paid the same day from amazon are you so how do you buy the product to ship using the customers money when they buy a product you have listed.

Siham Zerbane says:


Joshua Guerrero says:

how do you pay the supplier with the money the buyer pays you with does the buyers money show up on your account ?

Milton Jose says:

Just started looking into drop-shipping and you seem to be the most genuine dude out there. Everyone else on youtube come off sounding like con-artists. Question, have you looked at the mercari app and do you think it possible to drop-ship with them?

mohamed althaf says:

what are the other sites similar to salehoo

Sheena Heyward says:

Hello Otto, thank you for all your help. What is the monthly charge to use Salehoo?

Alice Muller says:

do you copy the link for the item from the supplier website in order to post it on ebay or amazon? 

Charles C. says:

*Very Nice & Informative Video Thanks*

Cesar G says:

I wanted to thank you for posting informative videos, I have learned a lot from you. I have a question. How do I copy and paste the necessary information from one store to another (pics, description, etc)? I do thank you for your time Otto.

ceeloc says:

Can you also use junglescout to see how much the competitors are selling?

Andres Calderon says:

I am doing exactly the same thing you are doing, including the same warehouse ocean tailer to find cheap products, then I compare them with competitors, and competitors are selling way chiper than the warehouse, wtf? im talking about all of the products shown on the website of oceantailer what can I do ? +Otto Thompson

Sean Lewis says:

is the 14 day time frame a one time thing or that on every purchase you have to wait 14 days to get your money? Also if you list the products on a Shopify website using the same method do you get your money right away to then go purchase it from the sales who drop shippers

Ben BamBoo says:

Which would you recommend if we could only do one : salehoo or wholesale 2b? What are the differences?

bob hosie says:

How much money do you need to get started in this business?

Karen Morison says:

Great video, man. I learned a lot. I notice you didn’t care about the fact that there are 23 other sellers of that white space heater. Is it because you just focus on the lowest priced seller?

TheLadymarmar2 says:

Hi Otto, one other question on listing on amazon. are you piggy backing on existing listings or creating your own?

big white guru says:

heard Salehoo wasn’t good is it true?

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