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-Requirement for starting this Business:

-Basic Computer Skills
-Work from anywhere with Internet Connection
-Have at minimum of a couple hundreds dollars to buy products for customers

-No Inventory to hold
-No Recruiting or Sponsoring required

Drop Shipping Business Model Explained:

Paypal Checks $758.25, $1,087.58, $760.23 and Statements Starting from November 2013

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Drop Shipping Home Business Selling On Ebay and Live Q/A

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yossi shindler says:

is it work from israel

Nanofamous says:

Wouldn’t the item show up to the buyer in Amazon packaging?

John Hall says:

What’s The link to The training?

Animal Wild says:

Hey When customer want to return product then where return products? Because Return policy is most important. Customer buy from ebay via you but should return to you ,I am not cleared. Please clear this return policy when customer will return.

Colin Kelly says:

will this system work in india

Maurice Anderson says:

funny how he skipped all the mouse products thayt were priced in the 30 and 40 dollar range

120paj says:

Can you sell things that say the word Prime from Amazon to ebay

jobe bryer says:

surely it will show the lower price in the amazon invoice in the packaging?

Birbahadur Pun says:

will this system work in the UK

Lauren Caplan says:

How do you keep track of your profits and sales if you have 100 + listings?

Yothin Imumpai says:

good video i’m from thailand.

Hasmik Gabrielyan says:

Thanks, really good video. 🙂

katie barrera says:

what about if some one want to return a item what u do

shakti shrestha says:

how will I know how much profit I have made. where will i find my profit or earning ,?where to go and find my earning ,I mean where to click on my eBay a/c or Amazon a/c?

Avas avatāriete says:

Im think – Just buy for your earned money in amazon , get stuff , pack it , and send – No problems ! ; ) .

Lauren Caplan says:

Do you take a % of what I sell?

Macleo Parro says:

I’m from Philippines, can I confirm if I can really do that from here?

I Did not have sexual relations with that woman says:

but you have to wait for the funds to become available with any payment you receive. How do you purchase from amazon if you do not have access to your fund right away?  Also you have to purchase postage from ebay so the order can be tracked.

The Highschool Entrepreneur says:

you guys probably wont notice this but im 14, 15 in a month and there are some potential things to point out before starting this i understand the system and everything but heres some problems i would like to point out. Since amazon does not accept paypal you will obviously have to transfer the money to your bank account which takes usually 3 days, now to start this you need a little bit of money saved up to start you off, say you have $500 in your bank account all you do is hook up a bank card to amazon to then buy the product, but the main concern i want to point out is that it takes time to transfer the money because paypal takes awhile to do so. so you will need an ammount of cash already to invest in this. I have been selling on ebay for half a year now and have made about $400. i put alot of hard work into it because i started literally with nothing. now my concept that i used was buy whole items from china and then resell them. now me being 14, it was a pain to take my items to the post office because i cant drive and i also have school so the time frame i would have to ship my items was between 4:00-5:00 which sometimes i missed it and would sometimes take days to ship the item and it became a big mess. i have learn alot about this method and will probably sign up once i get a steady income to pay for the monthly fee etc. but i see this idea as absolutely amazing. And i also did a report for school about this company and how the ebay product works. i have watched hours of videos on youtube about this and i honestly have been inspired and i want to thank all of you because this truly has become something i have been studying about in school which is online marketing and selling. if you guys could reply it would make my day (: once again great video and keep up the great work!

ER-Gaming says:

But what about the amazon receipt even if you send as gift you still get an amazon gift print out in the box. How do you deal with that problem?

William Steele says:

Every time that i drop ship amazon to ebay . I accept the gift wrapped option,but when right a message in the package slip whose is it from. Amazon always but the name thats on the credit or debit card. even i dont write  something they still do it anyway. and amazon always  puts the  order no# in the box.How do i get around, so the buyer dont see may real name. I guest found a good way to get over us.

Dipak Bala says:

is it legal? so customers buying product from ebay,but when they receive product from amazon what happens then?

Lauren Caplan says:

I want to sign up, but I have a few questions.  If you’re a brand new seller and have no sales or reviews, then why would someone buy anything from you?   Also, how do you know which products will sell for you?


hi anh e la nguoi viet nam a cho e hoi a cho email cua a duoc kg ?
day la email cua e : neu a khong tien bo email a tren nay …….
a chi e chach kiem tien nhe ….e cam on a nhiue…..

swordfish00007 says:

Minh Lu are you still doing this being it’s almost 2016? Not the networking side but the ebay/amazon side? Thanks

Shandon Bennett says:

does this system really works

Jennifer Clark says:

Amazon will close your Prime account when they see you gifting a lot of their items

Leo Rosales says:

Based on what was explained on the profit is not correct, There is a lot more fee than what you explained, There is an Insertion fee, Ebay’s Final percentage fee, then when they pay to paypal, paypal takes a percentage then you have to purchase the item which you also have to add Taxes,

S fees again are:
Insertion Fee
Ebays Final Percentage fee

So in reality no money is made in profit.

rokneddine ismail says:

im not sure thats work

Wheresthereciept says:

Do you ship it to them right from amazon? Because if you do won’t is say how much on the recite you acually got it for? How does shipping work??

Bogdan Robu says:

no comment?

Daisy Quintayo says:

can i do this in the philippines. how

ER-Gaming says:

What do you do about the gift receipt? Dont people complain about it?

jbaby007 says:

Right Minh?

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