Selling On Ebay tutorial. Dropshipping Products Tutorial – how to earn money online

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Selling On Ebay tutorial. Dropshipping Products Tutorial –
how to earn money online

DS Domination is actually a platform that gives you the tools you need to produce cash by way of eBay and Amazon, by way of Drop shipping. The approach of Drop Shipping is to transfer orders to a manufacturer who then ships to the customer. This signifies it teaches you how to take merchandise from Amazon and Sell them on eBay for any profit. The approach is simple at its core

1. Discover a product on Amazon you want to sell
two. Take the facts for the product, like images, and place them in an eBay listing for any greater price.
3. When the product sells, go the the product in Amazon and ship it to your customer.
4. Preserve THE PROFIT

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Hayden Carty says:

Could someone explain how you are meant to automatically list it on eBay when purchased on amazon. For example I don’t understand how you buy the product off amazon and some how sell it on eBay without it coming to your house, it’s like you’re the wholesaler (you don’t physically store the item in your house etc) ?


Amazon have the amazon tape all over the box if you drop ship from amazon and sold on ebay would that be obvious it came from amazon and not your store or what not
So hoe do you drop ship from amazon without your customers know it came from there.

Michelle Brown says:

What if Amazon sold out the item by the time you get a sale on ebay? And if the customer on ebay have a question or problem with the product you have no way of taking care of your customer.

Aliandra Adelin says:

Mailing List Not Active
This mailing list is not currently active.
Please notify the website owner.
This is the message I am receiving after the welcome video. 
I can’t go further because I have no one to refer me.
What can I do in order to pay for the program and start using it? 

madeline vicioso says:

my question is: i have an ebay account and they dont allow me to post more than $5,000 a month? is that maximum per item or maximum per total of items listed?


hey guys i use this source for all my dropshipping , and the best thing about it is that they have all types of quality products for super cheap prices so your profits are bigger and they are amazon and ebay approved. Just want to pay it forward so here is the link,,,,,

Shridhar Murthy says:

Still I’m skeptical about this,If customer will not accept amazon named parcel for which he booked in e bay then seller will have to bear this amount like return charges ?

Albo Solidarietas says:

if this such a good way to make money why are you making a youtube video about it and letting the whole world know? why not just keep it to yourself?

Lulu says:

I’m a new eBay seller check out my store*s_closet_26

Zolboo Otgonbaatar says:

Hello Ebay experts ! I have 1 question about ebay first time seller. I did buy lot of items from ebay and still buying(using paypal) . A month ago i tried to sell one item for 60$. A customer has bought it with (using paypal buy now method) money has come to ebay but transaction couldn’t be done . Ebay considered it “sold” and made me pay 6$ for it. But truth is transaction could not be done at paypal for some reason i don’t know . So am i be able to do selling part now ? And what is reason behind transaction couldn’t complete ?

Gayle Lynch says:

What is the rule of thumb for how to set shipping option on Ebay? Or should I simply stay at $45 or above, which qualifies me for free shipping on Amazon?

john watkins says:

so you do need one?

Jobin John says:

am jus starting with the new account .. wil i able to sell ? i hav heard paypal holds ur money if u sellinh in new account? can u please explain how it works

Malik Rousseau-Francois says:

doesn’t amazon label their boxes? and include a receipt? customers on eBay are going to know that the product came from amazon, and their also going to know what the price is on amazon.

wouldn’t they just return it once they see what I paid for it?

I am skeptical about this method.

charlotte taelman says:

i want to try selling on but they say i cannot sell internationally before i have 10 good feedbacks of clients in my own country (from 90 days old). Is there a way to skip this or what do you recomment?

tylerjones45 says:

Can you please help me with this.  If i get started, what about how ebay/paypal will hold money for 7-21 days.  Wouldn’t I, for a couple of months, have to pay for the items on amazon until ebay/paypal gives me instant access to funds from the buyers on ebay?

john watkins says:

When the customer purchases it from you, and puts the money in your PayPal acct. when you go to amazon, and purchase the item, can you use PayPal in amazon or do you need to use a credit card?

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