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– Niche SelectionView Lesson
The Exact Formula to pick out a niche to build your store for your market in.
– Niche Validation The process to evaluate if this niche is worth it when it comes to ROI

– Shopify Store SET UP
You will get the full break down on how to set up your own e-commerce store to start selling your products online, either physical or digital products.
The BREAKDOWN of .Pricing . Theme . Payment processor . Custom Domain . Adding Products and Collections

Run your Store On AUTOMATION
. You will learn all the Tricks and tips to run your store on automation
. Set it and count the sales
. Dropshipping
. Wholesale Product

– FACEBOOK Ads Mastering
. You will be learning the most effective cutting edge strategies to get massive ROI from facebook advertising
. Understanding Tracking and pixel to the core but made simple
. The Crushing wave of facebook fan pages

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Shopify Drop Shipping for Newbies
Shopify Drop Shipping for Newbies
Shopify Drop Shipping for Newbies
Shopify Drop Shipping for Newbies
Shopify Drop Shipping for Newbies
Shopify Drop Shipping for Newbies
Shopify Drop Shipping for Newbies
Shopify Drop Shipping for Newbies
Shopify Drop Shipping for Newbies
Shopify Drop Shipping for Newbies
Shopify Drop Shipping for Newbies
Shopify Drop Shipping for Newbies
Shopify Drop Shipping for Newbies
Shopify Drop Shipping for Newbies
Shopify Drop Shipping for Newbies
Shopify Drop Shipping for Newbies

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Jamie Gates says:

Hey Tanisha, in your experience are customers happy to wait maybe 2 to 3 weeks for the item to be shipped to them? And are they aware that you personally do not stock the product and its in fact being shipped from china? Do you state this on your listings or not bother?

Best Regards.



Lucas Rutten says:

do i really need shopify? I can just list it on amazon right?

Leopold Douglas says:

Great information…one question I am just getting started, do you have a dedicated business account you use to purchase the items from aliexpress? Also can you do a video I you havent on dropshipping from ebay. Thanks again

Kolektibles Shop says:

Should I register my business locally when dropshipping?

Roman Stanislawski says:

When you ship the product from AliExpress to the customer, do you choose the cheapest shipping which can take up to a month to arrive? I want to start selling some cheap products but can’t think how to get around the really long delivery time or incredibly high price for fast shipping.

Hassan khan says:

Great info .Thanks for upload i am launching my first new general shopify store with my proven niches and personal brand name i have one question if i will say to supplier add my brand name on package then they will add? i will use Ali E and Ebay for drop shipping .

SkStyles06 says:


Lisette Olds says:

Hi, thanks for the tips Q. Why do you tell them YOU would “like to buy them” as apposed to just saying you would like to dropship the item? are some sellers not keen on drop shipping?

Oscar Aldaz says:

I am looking to autotomize this process where Ppl order from my website (shopify ) and each order goes directly to aliexpres using (oberlo) to import from aliexpress . do you know this?

Sandy Rivera says:

I would like to learn can you help

Kan Kan says:

Is there a way to fulfil drop-ship orders using my own affiliate link automatically through Oberlo??


HIV Aladeen says:


Futbol Clothes says:

Could I use Amazon and drop ship items (e.g. soccer jerseys)
grab that image pic and send it to the customer??

Jeff Chen says:

We are the seller on Aliexpress,
We have full experience in Drop Shipping with Professional team,
supply service to people are making money online, such as the products, the shipping, the carton

Ida W says:

I want to truly thank you, for this bit of education. I don’t care about gum smacking. What I care about is, what I have learned by this one powerful video. I just started my store last month. I didn’t open it during the trial time. After I watched this video? I went and deleted all my products from my store. I hadn’t made a sale, so all was good on that. Now when I look, I look for diamonds and working on blog. I plan to keep up with you. Thanks once again for the awesome video. I checked out others you have also.

Aben Roy says:

Hi Tanisha,
I have been running a store for over 2 weeks now and unable to make a single sale ,do you have some advice or a course I can take ?

Maureen Ruiz says:

Great info…. You’re awesome!! Tks

sana Adam says:

what shipping Method will you chose because on Ali Express free shipping takes more than 15 days sometimes and tracking number will be from China Post. So what you think should we still have to do Dropshipping through AliExpress?

Scarlet Greene says:

awesome and focused and helpful… you’re great! thank you


what is in your mouth ? what are you sucking? let me know if you need more thing to suck, i can manage one for you.

Trucking With Jboogie On The MIC says:

Great video!

Leo Alborzi says:

Great video thanks. But I wonder how you can have the products sent to a costumer in one
package when you are buying from Aliexpress and are buying from different sellers? So what I mean is say a costumer orders a bracelet / a dress/ and a bag and they are all from different sellers how would it be possible to send this order in one package from china??
I have heard about 3pl but haven’t found a good one yet. I appropriate a feedback.

AWetNugget says:

of course her name is tanisha xD

sirrralex says:

so many americans complain about china taking over there country but have no problem advertiing there business just to make a few affiliate commision. hypocrits

Austin Empire says:

Great video! Only question I have is how are returns/exchanges on drop shipped stuff handled? What’s that process look like

Johnny S says:

Tanisha ? What an imagination your parents must’ve had fml

Chubcakes Mcgee says:

probably a great video. couldn’t get past the lip-smacking followed up by the “ok”

jordans123 says:

Thanks for the video. Great info. One quick question – how do you make sure you’re not violating any copyrights, patents or trademark infringement laws? I see you used the “Nightmare Before Christmas” product as an example – wouldn’t you need a license to sell those from the rights holder?

yoshi163 says:

Thank you for this epic shit :). Did I hear you say Facebook traffic is not enough?

Tati Silva says:

Do I have to make a paypal account ?
thank you for all the information…

Buesso Ebrahim says:

Whytelling the supplier to not sending a receipt to me when I bought the goods.?

jose martinez says:

thank you very much good info on this video Tanisha. I now finally found a supplier for my store.. Tanisha the only problem with eBay is that there are to many drop shippers from amazon, don’t you think?


thanks for this video x

Breonna Walker says:

I need help 🙁 please help me tanisha

Ahmed El Attar says:

After i create my store with shopify, how can i link it with Ali Express?

Ervin Alcordo says:

Thank you for this information, Tanisha.

Olivia Alice says:

Great video.
Recommend you a site for you to save a lot of money when shopping on aliexpress.
learn from my channel.

Chen Lim says:

Hello, Tanisha. Very interesting video. I learned a lot. I wanted to ask something about the shipping tracking number. If you’re using ePacket for your shipping courier, how should you inform your customers? would you tell them that it is USPS? or ePacket?
Thank you 😀

Jon Coppock says:

Thanks for explaining things in an approachable manner. I appreciate your grasp of the big picture, building a blog, and thinking long term. Let the loosers loose and move on, while you stick to your guns and make that money. You are an inspiration. Big thanks.

Anna Kantor says:

Very useful information! Thank you, Tanisha!

Jece Bensi says:

Do you make a blog separately or blog within your shopify platform?Thanks

Mr. Thinker says:

Thank you for this information, Tanisha

hassan bhatti says:

Ur vdo is excelent and informative,There is a lot of non sense talk on the youtube ,but ur vdo is really informative.good work.

HRand says:

Do you only have to message the supplier once? not every time you buy? what if they forget?

OzahB says:

Cool Video!
Here is one thing new sellers must know too. A successful drop-shipping business is all about doing a good market research and choosing the right niche with the right keywords. You need to choose a keyword, niche or product that a lot of people want but very few people are selling or advertising. Trust me, you don’t want to go sell a product that every marketer out there is selling or advertising. You want to stand out from the crowd. That is how you earn money online…

Here are the drawbacks of choosing the wrong niche for your drop-shipping business.
1. You might end up with a good niche that is very competitive= you will drown in the sea of competitors.
2. You might choose a less competitive niche that has no market. Choosing a less competitive niche that has no market is like selling something that no one wants to buy. That one is the worst.
3. If you fall victim to the two drawbacks above, you will end up wasting your money in a futile drop-shipping bi, and
4. You will make no money at all.
I will help you get a niche for your dropshipping business. Just go to to get one from me now.

Sandy Rivera says:

How do you advertise?

tatulla newcastle says:

you make things so easy. to understand.

The Petista says:

is it possible to drop ship from ali express without having to contact the seller, just take a product but they still ship it?

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