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It can take a while to get to a place where you are comfortable and making money from being a makeup artist. But its worth while. Here are some of my struggles while becoming a makeup artist.

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DeeLovesMac says:

I’m so grateful that you spoke on this matter..I’m in my 40 ‘ s and finally decided to get serious about my career in makeup. I felt I was to old. Thanks for your encouragement. I struggle with feeling secure about my makeup skills. Everyone says I do great but I second guess myself everyday. Have you dealt with this and if so how did you handle it?

rosacatful says:

I’ve been accepted into “West Thames” college and if I get good grades then I should be studying makeup artistry in September!

Marco Menichini says:

I love this speech. 

Devine MUA Wright says:

mannnnnnnnnnn this is so me im trying not to cry it’s really a struggle but I will continue to stick in there this isn’t a hobby this is what I want to wake up and do I will continue to work hard my time will come thanks for this video!!!!

Sana Nurani says:

You have no idea how badly i needed to hear you say that…
literally brought tears to my eyes.
I live in Vancouver BC (Canada) and after losing my full time job a year and a half ago i decided to pursue a career in makeup because it was a passion of mine.
i enrolled in a well known makeup school here in the city and soon realized how difficult it actually was to build a career in this industry. all the work i did while in school was unpaid and i kept meeting people who had tried pursuing careers in makeup but had given up because it was just too competitive and there was no paid work. 
after hearing all these stories i decided to go back to university to try and further my post secondary education in the hopes i might find a career that paid better while doing makeup on the side. since i had spent so much on the tuition for makeup school i didn’t just want to give up.
after graduating from makeup school i was fortunate enough to land a job as a bridal assistant for a well known local bridal artist. i can’t complain, it has been great working with her but unfortunately its not consistent work.
i feel like i may never make it to that level because of all the competition out here and my lack of experience. 
all i have been seeing lately on Facebook and instagram is artists here who have made it big in the fashion scene and are moving to NY or LA to further their careers and i feel as though here i am plugging away at my 3 odd jobs just scraping by. 
its frustrating but at the same time reassuring to know i am not the only one holding on by the seat of my pants. 
thanks for sharing this video with us Wayne. and thanks for listening to my sob story 😉

Leila Wolfert says:

Love how you shared your story. rewatched today from original airdate. you are inspirational! xxx

Margie Graddicks says:

I was able to break in to fashion shows through Beauty School, I did my first backstage event in Harlem, NYC and it was great. I met so many people. I love doing Make Up on people. The struggle is truly real as well and some people don’t understand that with this type of career is, that you take your hard earned money to purchase products to build your kit(s) to suit each and every skin tone there is. They look at it as if you’ve walked in to the store without paying for what’s in your kit. Not an easy going career but, I definitely love what I do.

What It Takes Film says:

I LOVED this video. This is exactly what we talk about throughout my entire film, What It Takes: a film about makeup artists. Check it out, I know you will relate 100% with the message. Everyone needs to know about THIS part of the industry and I am making sure this side has some light shed !

Lacey Edrice says:

I needed to hear this! Thank you

keshia taylor says:

Hi, I need help on finding Foundation I’m just now becoming a makeup artist, but I don’t want to buy all the Foundation shade. Can you please help and give me a suggestion

Marshay Chianti says:

God this is my life nothing is more inspiring than this video.

Thaís de Andrade Teixeira says:

Thank you for being who you are and for sharing this with all of us! You inspire me and I really needed this…sometimes is so difficult and we often think about giving up, but I also think that I have to fight harder and believe even more that I’ll succeed. Many many many thanks!

alifbismi says:

This is just in the time i needed, plus all the stories of struggle and hardwork everyone has shared is heartwarming. I have been following you on almost all social platforms and love the explicit contents you post,but this one is exceptional and inspiring. Love you for sharing your story and for bringing hope and inspiration to all of us struggling. I am an expecting with my 7th month going on and i cant describe sometimes how difficult it gets when you wanna go out and do it but nothing really happens coz you body gives up. so long story short. It was really lovely to have you give us this food for thought at the time I or rather we needed it. Love you and be the same humble self.

cailin healy says:

I love this I needed to hear this! Whenever I’m feeling down in my career I’ll remember what you said


thank you for this video! i am in the same position now. Moved to new york to my husband and having hard times. I was successful interior designer and now after a while of not finding the perfect place to work in i finished makeup classes( as i have art background it appears to do very easy for me). but now i do not understand where to find a job/// so i just need to keep going and do not give up. Thx again for sharing your story

Jessica Villalobos says:

I’ve been watching your channels for a while now and just came across this video… You’ve really inspired me to go after what I want, which is to become a makeup artist. I’m already a licensed cosmetologist but my real passion is makeup. Life has really been full of struggles in the past few years but I always try to stay positive and I know this is my dream and passion. I’m just not sure where to start… Any advice or tips on getting started? 🙂

Rita Doyle says:

as usual.. you are a blessing! “Don’t think your ‘to old’ to start in make-up artistry!” nailed it! long story, I quit nursing school to learn to style wigs! then my instructor says if you add the stage make-up & costume classes you’ll get a certificate at the end of the semester. I quit and I’m so happy! AND moving to Los Angeles CA at the end of March! thanks! as usual you inspired me!

halo92010 says:

Im going to have my first day in makeup school this weekend with a very great artist… She asked me to come with her to a wedding to see what it’s like in the real world of being an artist, I’m so nervous!!

Lynn Docherty says:

I just want to say I’ve been watching your videos for a while and I absolutely love them. Your honesty and down to earth nature is very refreshing in this crazy Youtube world… I’ve been a struggling Makeup Artist for nearly 4 years.. and only now I’m at the point where I can make a living from it, not a huge living, but enough to get by… Like you, I’ve worked the most awful jobs sometimes 2 at a time just because they offered me flexibility to do some makeup jobs on the side whenever they came up…… It’s always worried me greatly that it was taking me far too long to get started… I went to Makeup School at 31… There’s been times when I was terribly disheartened when I heard stories of other Makeup Artists coming straight out of school, half my age and walking straight into professional jobs or finding lots of clients within a year at work.. I questioned where I went wrong… Anyway… I’m very happy that things are now moving forward now. Thanks Wayne!

ClaireShiner says:

Fantastic video thanks x

Andrea Ostiguy says:

thank you so much for this video-just what I needed today 😀

Kazi Hasin says:

You are simply great xxxx

RuthyTuttiFrutii says:

Woah, this is exactly what I needed to hear, Thank you for this video!

fff rff says:

How do you show proof if income when u r a freelance makeup artist

Joey Tran says:

great speech 

Aleksandra Naczynska says:

Not sure if you ever came a cross this issue but now a days a massive part of the industry is ~ exposure, tfp (time for print) etc and is all great if it really is just that – creatives gets together and help each other building their experience , portfolios etc but sadly as social media makes very easy for anybody to find muas etc a lot of big company’s use what one day was a colaboration between creative for their advantage – when we can do big company’s for free as then whats left for us to get paid for 😉 – do you have any experience in this area and any advice how to go about it?

Artchic6 says:

Thanks for being so encouraging and realistic about how you became successful. I need to hear this. I’ve been a graphic designer for many years and during that time I have sporadically done photo styling, doing make up and hair which I really truly do love though I’m not trained in at all. I’m at a point in life where I feel like a change is not just necessary but also very much needed. I’m nearly 50 so I think making a change to a career like this would be something that would be great for me and so on so many levels. I’m very creative I got a lot of artistic talent and all of that I think can translate into doing great work with make up and hair. I love working with people and I get great feedback from friends who’s special event and Halloween makeup I often do along with some weddings. Any feedback or suggestions would be very much appreciated.

Jen Byrne says:

I loved that you mentioned that you are never too old to start down this path. I am in my early forties and I am determined to start this journey. I’m scared but I know this is something I will love doing. You have given me the courage to start and I want to thank you from the depths of my heart. Thank you thank you thank you. All my love Jen

Linette Miles says:

Congratulations! You are awesome!

Orlando Prosper says:

Loved your testimony, your experience. I’m starting the professional makeup artist course, and after years of working with something I do not like, I decided to invest in something I love. It is expensive, thank God I have the full support of my partner to make my course and invest in something that I really feel passionate. It is awesome to know it’s okay to have more than 30 years old (I am 33) and your sincerity in the video really touched me. Congratulations, you look like an amazing person. Hugs from Lisbon, Portugal.

Priya Devi says:

This is so inspiring. I was concerned about my age, cause I want to get into the industry. This made me feel so much better. Thank you.

Alexis Basemore says:

Love this!

itssashaandi says:

this was encouraging.I am 31 and just now decided to try and make an income out of this. although this will be a part time job for me i was worried about age. i thought i was too old to start.

discoworm says:

im your biggest fan. you are a inspiration

Susie Duenas says:

You’re such an inspiration!

Heather Audrey Lapier says:

Great real talk, that’s what I always love about you!

Megan Butler says:

Thank you so much for being an inspiration! I have wanted this my whole life and instead, ignored my passion to go down the “sensible” path. Last year I paid cash for a makeup artistry course, it may mean nothing to so many, but so much to me! It is just a starting point but the I know I’m headed down the right road! To enjoy something a be able to make a living at it is my dream! I will do any job I can get and use my friends yo practice on just because I know the majority of knowledge and skill comes with time! Thank you for sharing this so much and if I can one day quit and normal hum drum job to pursue makeup artistry I will be living my dream come true!

froipieces says:

I love watching your videos. You teach with so much passion. Wow.

lornzylou says:

Thank you for this! It gives me hope that I’m heading in the right direction! I’m on the road to being a makeup artist, I work 2 jobs now, 7 days a week. One is a office job that pays the bills and my other is on a makeup counter to get experience. As of January I’m starting a night course in makeup too, so I’ll be working 7 days a week along with 2 evenings at college. I just feel tired all the time but hearing things like this assure me I’m doing the right thing. I’m young though so I’ve got plenty of time to work my way to where I want to be! I’ve known I wanted to do makeup from being little and I started working on a make up counter when I was 17 (I’m 18 now). I’ve started Instagraming makeup, I just don’t get a lot of time to do it. My Instagram is lornalogg, if anyone has been nice enough to read this all the way through then thank you! Love to all my fellow make up geeks and super love to Goss the king of makeup xoxox

Dinora Flores says:

Awe your so sweet and so encouraging! Thank u for sharing

andjela moldovan says:

I I want to become a makeup artist for a long time … but I’m afraid to start anything because I live in a very small town where people , if not the same as them they begin to abuse you because you’re trying somthing diferent ..

Crizzie Salazar says:

finishing my degree 🙂 im glad its over and i have this little piece of paper to show for it 🙂 LOVE YOU WAYNE X

Eshojay Slay says:

Yeah i struggle everyday, it seems no one wants to give me a chance ( mac,nars,macy’s) because i don’t have sales experience but they all seem to love my makeup, but how can i get the experience without someone taking a chance on me, it’s very frustrating, i honestly want to work in tv and film any advice???

Micaela Rachelle says:

This is a brilliant video

cheryl voss says:

This video is really great! Thank you for inspiring me !

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