Top 7 Ways to Make Money Online WITHOUT A JOB

Easy ways to make money from the internet. Once set up, these all are simple to build passive income strategies.

You will learn how to make money online in the best ways possible.

The links to videos:
List Building –
Blogging –
Niche sites –
YouTube –
Kindle Publishing –

Which way to make money online is the best?

That depends on what you’re interested in. Do you like book publishing with Kindle? For me, I would rather be involved in delegation than actually writing books. Which means that kindle would be about outsourcing more than anything.

I am a huge fan of the Four Hour Work Week. The idea that you can start an online business and make money without much time involved is amazing.

When people think of such online businesses, they usually think that outsourcing is a crucial part. My followers are usually surprised when I tell them that I’m currently not outsourcing anything. All of it is completely created by me.

This is not because I’m against outsourcing or that I enjoy work. It just so happens that the businesses that I focus on do not require any outsourcing. And in many cases, would suffer consequences from poorly created output.

The best way to make passive income on the internet (for me) is through list building. But I also make money with niche sites, blogging and YouTube marketing. In fact, the video on this page makes Adsense income on autopilot.

It’s not a ton of money but it all contributes. If you want to make money with Adsense, niche websites can also accomplish this. Or even blogging for online income can be a great Adsense strategy.

The blog traffic that I get is mostly used to build an email list fast. If you want to become a blogger, make sure you understand the importance of list building.

Whether that’s Kindle Publishing, niche websites, blogging or YouTube publishing, you will benefit greatly from email marketing.

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Umesh Bx says:

you should start a mastermind

Scott Ferguson says:

You need to do some Livestreams (Facebook or Periscope) on your travels bro!…PEEPS Brendans systems work! (I’m biased as I hired him for coaching) 🙂

Edward Harris says:

excellent video, great intel

IHadNoIdeaThatGoogleAllowedYouToChangeYourNameIntoSomethingSoRidiculouslyLongAndStupidLikeIDidHere says:

hi Brendan, did you build backlinks to that or you just published and forget it? It has 50k visits per month!

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David Stig Hansen says:

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B Collinz says:

If there is no backlinks. Then did you just rely on keyword research for traffic?

beata zuk says:

Go to Poland. It has a beautiful Tatry Mountains.

Eric Perich says:

Great Video! Good Info and thanks for sharing where you are traveling now! Very Exciting! Enjoy your time and keep those videos coming!!!

The Real Yoshao says:

Would you mind creating a list that places methods in an order of difficulty from beginners to expert? I really want to start breaking into IM and would like to know where I should start and which direction to head in afterwards.

Nigel Lampe says:

Good stuff as always Mr Mace. Keep ’em coming! 🙂

Melody Smith says:

Another great video Brendan! Keep them coming…. I always look forward to your video’s……Have fun traveling the world!

Hettie Silletto says:

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LaTonya Shaw says:

where did you find writers for 3.50 per article. 🙂

Zaffron says:

Thanks !! This is very helpful.

David Stig Hansen says:

thank you

Rhimo Lamrani says:

Hi my friend can you tell us how you made your first dollar online 🙂

Emily Henderson says:

I’ve been making around $80 per day from this system..

Steelwool Man says:

hi Brendan. could you please do a video on how to generate organic Facebook traffic?

crazy boy says:

what i liked more in this video is that you have left a link to each way you have explained in this great video…you live a wonderful life and you deserve this so enjoy…thank you for making these videos

Mochadrone says:

How many words per article do use for your Niche Site?

Hilda Graham says:

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Phat vo thuan says:

how to set up the email schedule without moving to spam box?

MaHakesher says:

You should head over to Israel too. It’s awesome here! 😉

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