Hey friends! In todays video Sarah from SensationalFinds shares ideas on how you can earn extra income, if your a stay at home mom or thinking about becoming one. She also shares why she decided to become a sahm.

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grisel Rojas says:

I like you keep it real

mega trust says:

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Living Even Keeled says:

I’m a former public school teacher and current stay at home mom, and the best way I can recommend anyone with a BA to make money is to substitute teach.  You can accept as many or a few jobs that come your way.  If you are a mom then you have some idea of what to expect if you do elementary.  Many school districts need good quality subs (they aren’t that easy to come by).

Gurbaksheesh Tripathi says:

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Creating Home Base says:

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Stella Wilson says:

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Sensational Finds says:

See why I decided to become a stay at home mom and how to make extra money!!

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A Melvin says:

You are very smart! You would be surprised to know how many people do not sit down and do a simple math to see if it worth for both parents to go to work! At one of the jobs I was working I calculated for one of my coworkers who had 3 small kids how much money she was losing in fact (she was paying a little bit over what she was making) and that was years ago when the gas was around $1! She was making around $6 or $7/hr! But she did not listen to me and continued working so, what can I tell you? I just said what I had to say and at least she made an informed decision. The point is, when you have or are offered a job with a low hourly pay you should sit down and do the math and see if it worth it! You might find something with a similar pay from home.

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Rantings Of A Hot Mess Mom says:

Thank you this is very helpful and I love your energy!

Jessica West says:

Thanks for sharing

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Faith's Persona says:

Thanks for the tips

Bestowing the Blessing says:

I’m a stay at home mom and it’s draining ! No one ever talks about how lonely it can be . It’s a blessing but definitely comes with work:) I wouldn’t change it for anything!

Jessica Pimentel says:

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