This is how your package will look when you sell items on ebay that you drop ship using Amazon. Check out my vids/Subscribe to find out step by step how to make money drop shipping using Amazon!

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Ahtisham Jameel says:

Suppose i sell item on ebay than customer wannna return the item and i am a reseller (dropshiper) also gotted it from amazon then amazon give me a label further how i can give this label to the customer or does amazon will accept without this label?
How i can manage it?

George Kirton says:

you can’t use prime to dropship anymore

Rant Entertainment says:

drop shipping gets your account suspended

swordfish00007 says:

So if you are doing the arbitrage if you are buying on Amazon do you have to have a Prime account to qualify for the $35 free shipping to send the item to the buyer for free? Also I have heard that Amazon is giving the boot to people they suspect are doing the Arbitrage on there site? Do you have training videos btw? Last question someone told me that sending the package 3-5 days using Amazon to the buyer would be a safer alternative. If I did this would I have to have a Prime to do this? Thanks

ShoryoTombo says:

I know this video is over a year old but there is a lot of truth to your statement. As a buyer, I’m already done with the package material because I am glad that I got the merchandise I had been looking for.

Akshay Jadhav says:

OMG what cam or mobile ru using 2160p (4K) res??

Andi Elliott says:

Good information. Thank you.

Amy Wemmer says:

how do you handle returns?

dbolt23 says:

great video thanks

Monsterlover says:

HI quick question: who handles the returns and customers concerns if you’re buying from ebay but using Amazon to dropship?

What a World says:

seriously what you are doing is not giving people enough credit for being intelligent… buyers will absolutely be aware that the product did come from Amazon… and if you don’t care about your customer service ratings or scores, then this is fine to do… but people will know that they’ve been duped and that you fooled them…. be real about what you’re saying…or maybe you are just into burning customers and onto the next…

All About That Money says:

Although Amazon has no problem dropshipping (sending purchased items to an address other than the buyers) they do not like it when you use Amazon Prime for this. They will close and ban your Amazon account if you are caught.

Hilda Springer says:
UnboxSurge says:

you have to us “this is a gift” option that hides that it’s from amazon

idealist4life says:

Hopefully cuatomers do not get angry, as people have asked you about.  I mean, this is what EVERY retailer does.  It is not being dishonest, it is doing the work to find items cheap enough so you can still make something reselling them.  This is what every store front does, including grocery stroes.  When they chose to buy from you without looking for that same product every other place in the world to see if they can get a better price, they are doing this because they are agreing that your price sounds fare to them.  Everyone knows you can keep shopping around to try to find a bargain, but in choosing not to do all this work, they are chosing to pay you for the convenience of not having to look further.  Make your site user friendly and offer good customer support, and your customers will love you, even if they later find they could have bought it a bit cheaper some place else.

How TO says:

when do i dropshipping on ebay form amazon so what can i do with amazon logo and package price?

K Zpodindustries says:

Great info, you are awesome for posting this video.

CHeEEEeeeEEe says:

did that amazon tape come even with gift package?

Dennis24081 says:

Gift option is good advice to a newbie in the business also answering buyers objections and inquires. .  . 

Jatuporn Sawat says:

thank you for your video this will helping me a lot because I just curious how can I  drop ship from Amazon to ebay.And what is a package look like for ebay customer.

Ed 007 says:

Another way to cheat the system. I have an idea why not follow the rules.

Chris Robinson says:

Would you as a buyer really be pissed because you ordered some thing and received the product in a timely manner just because you know the person who you bought it from made a profit?. If so do the buy anything anywhere because if soneone is not making a profit they would not be able to keep selling so get over it

Deanna Smith says:

It’s against Amazons terms to use Amazon Prime for commercial use. You risk losing your Amazon account. Please don’t follow what she is teaching. There are more knowledge people who can show you the correct way to run your business.

FEWS Fitness says:

Can you use Prime for drop shipping?

Rocky Rail Road says:

Can show us what a Walmart package looks like?

Captain Obvious says:

Hi Ravan. Great vids. I am finding them very informative and am especially liking the ones geared towards flipping items. I just wanted to say that if you ever decide to video on screen things again (like the how-to ebay/amazon dropship guide), check out “Hypercam”. Its a free download, it will have the logo “unregistered hypercam” at the top, but no one cares really and it basically records what your computer screen is doing, which you could then mix with videos of yourself, and/or add audio in and over the recordings. I just wanted to let you know, I figured it couldnt hurt, you said you didn’t know what a Snapchat was and such so i figured a hypercam might be new territory as well, and definitely should be in your tool bag :). Take care, keep up the great work. I will continue to watch the vids now. Thanks for your help!


Can’t use prime account to dropship will soon be shutdown Amazon Policy baby


hello everyone, i make ebay/amzon dropshipping tutorials. Please check em out on my channel and subscribe. Thanks

TheCJ123KID says:

So many videos I have seen and yours was the most helpful thanks for making this video

mohamed althaf says:

can please you give me the links for your other videos on dropshiiping

KJ Just Chillin says:

What if there’s no gift option available on Amazon?

Cortney Warren says:

Woman you’re fine as a mutha

Deepak Phalke says:

That is vey helpful information. Thanks a bunch for putting it through.

Darrell Hacker says:

Do you still use this method for making money. Very interested in this. would like to know more about it though.

Cometa Soulstar says:

I know with prime you can offer items below $34.99 with free shipping which is awesome for your pockets. But since I’ve heard that using Prime to Dropship is against Amazons policies I decided to sell products $35 and over instead. However, I would like to do both, under and over $35. So your input on the subject would be very helpful. What’s been your experience so far, and about how many items have you sold using Amazon prime? And also, have you had any issues with Amazon in particular?

April Presley says:

What about Amazon’s policy?  That is you ship to multiple addresses using Amazon Prime, that you’ll be banned?  Is there a way around this?

Best Vines, Videos And More says:

You are not Allowed to use prime anymore! You will get banned from Amazon! This method does not work anymore! And yes the eBayer does get mad when they receive an Amazon package and will leave negative feedback, I’ve seen it countless times!


i know this video its old but I have a question, whats the process when a customer wants to return the item? how you deal with that? can you teach us? please, thanks

frazer scully says:

amazon prime is for personal use it is against the rules to use it for commercial use like you are

George Kirton says:

anything over $35 is free delivery anyway

KatIsJustFine says:

The ad was about Dropshipping oh my

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