Why You Can’t Make Money Online with Affiliate Marketing

http://www.johnchow.com I get many people who lost money with affiliate marketing, and then ask me why. The answer is actually quite simple and it’s a common mistake that many new affiliate marketers make. Watch the video find out why you’re not making money with affiliate marketing.

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MrHardCash says:

Man, you were a great inspiration to me, back in the days (during the mid 2000’s). Funny that I was viewing your blog as some sort of competition and tried to catch up with you. But then you blew up and grew much faster, so I gave up trying to go head on head. lol However, it was one of the reasons I never had to worry about getting a typical 9 to 5 day time job, ever since 2008. My online businesses succeeded in securing me substantial residual/recurring income. And one of these online properties, was the first blog I started, to compete with yours. LOL! Anyway, nice to finally see you here on youtube man! Great advices you’re giving. Take care!

Rocky Trolley says:

Thanks for this video
I’ve never been a fan of Affiliate marketing but it’s good to get an insight

pfunk heli says:

I’m pretty sure if someone uses your affiliate link and then buys more stuff you get commission of the up sell as well?

LaRoy Richardson says:

Money can be made both ways. The title of your video is misleading. There are people who do affiliate marketing full time and are very content.

toshtao1 says:

This is useless information. I have started over 12 email marketing campaigns over the last 7 years and I ALWAYS made 3 times less money doing that rather than sending them directly to the offer. This is because not everyone signs up to your list. This was done over the course of 2 months with up to 5,000 subscribers.

I have followed advice from people like Frank Kern, and yes, even John Chow and NOTHING works. I currently make a living spamming both YouTube comments and Google comments.

Gary Miceli says:

well john then how do you make it big on line sir

Ashley Lucas says:

that’s why i chose MOBE to start my online business with:)

kayz Saenghoyz says:

Brother John! How would someone go about joining/signing up with MOBE? Thank you very much tai lo.. keep inspiring.. happy for you and with you..

Kakashi Halpert says:

big fan love the down to earth vibe

Eric Perich says:

Thanks for the info John! What you said is very true!

The Green Harvest says:

i have joined link share two month ago.. earned a big and fat ZERO.. 6000 clicks but no sales.

Tskrillz Bigmoney says:

Me encanta sus videos

AnT Beatz says:

True.. but building a brand around a business is the best option

Mikki Mouse says:

Thank you for the great info , but I can’t seem to find your main product , are you selling a course for makeing money? please share the link

K. S. says:

Thank you…I just want to say…I’m halfway finished with your book and it’s amazing..Thank you for everything..

Peter Vlogs says:

Mr. Chow, that street is off of Diamond Jamboree in Irvine. By the way do you need an intern to join your team?

Colin Maximus says:

Thank you for your message, Mr. Chow. Getting the sale after the sale is very important.

Seezway says:

I feel like he held back on some information near the end of the video. Overall a good video on why things can go wrong.

Mike Yuen says:

That is what i call usefull information! Thanks John Chow 🙂

Mark says:

I am in an affiliate program with CJ.com ( Commission Junction). I am in the process of leaving them, doing business with one of the companies direct. Cutting out the middle man.

Alby star44 says:

John what are your thoughts on independent insurance business ownership? The company offers more than 75% on commission rate with potential bonus,in fact they guarantee bonus!!


Thanks john

Olajide Akintuyi says:

I have watched a few of your videos, I like your realness.
I would need you to tutor me on online business.
I just download your book yesterday, about to start reading it.
Thank you for everything, and if there other ideas i can use, kindly help me with this.

Sugar Pebbles says:

Lets say I have a website trying to promote something on Amazing and I want to also own the customer. What are a few different ways that I would be able to get that person’s contact and email information?

the modfather says:

You don’t have to lie in your videos..

Dylan Bell says:

I agree and disagree. The hit & run model is garbage. It’s extremely important to own the customer. However, you can definitely make money with affiliate marketing. I personally hate people’s model of making tons of affiliate sites and trying to rank them. I think focusing on one authority niche and building a brand is the right way to go. For me it was tech. Then if you can build a brand out of that and have a lot of followers and email subscribers is when the real money starts coming in with brand deals and sponsors. At that point the affiliate commissions are just sprinkles on the cake.

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