will.i.am on How to Make Money with Music

In a clip from a longer interview, producer and Black Eyed Peas founded will.i.am discusses digital music and how musicians can make money in an era of free and cheap downloads and YouTube.

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Tyrone Buford says:

Working Hard (feat. U Got Mell) – Single by Ty Life

Alveezy says:

Its a reality as a musician. There is nothing better then getting paid to create man

Jimmy B says:

Is that KSI’s dad?! wtf

MattBlack Interstellar says:

been down with Will since “weekend”.

Young Bandz says:

is that comedyshortsgamers dad?

Mookie Jones says:


Sleeping Water says:

Interesting view,.

Close Comms says:


Davon Media says:

There’s also a way you can make money on YouTube as an artist

Nando N says:

Wow he knows his history.

BlackSketchyThing says:

For some reason,if you point out how stupid and mediocre a “star” is,you get the “fuck you,you live with your parents” or “you’re a hater” shit.God,some people are just immensely lame and there’s nothing you can do about it.

The Producer's Vlog says:

So I just created a ‘music producer’s vlog’ channel for all aspiring producers. The idea is to have a place for discussing production from a more realistic perspective, as opposed to strictly providing production advice. Please check it out and subscribe for more, thanks!

Marcelus Gunn says:

His ass is a cool ass troll

creative media says:

you have always the live show, you are payed for performing and there you can sell your cd, t-shirts, etc. downloads come second. if you sell good, noted for live show. BTW… Always look to make hits, every day. never stop. this us your job. No good music? go and have a regular job, before you are 50 and become homeless… good luck to all my brothers and sisters out there. ( look for inspiration, create) BTW…it’s only necessary to be right with one song. if ut goes on radios, top ten..
the writer gets around 2 to 3 millions. I hope this motivates you… 😀


The only problem here is, you’ve got to be famous first in order to get the contracts with technology companies..
Nobody really tells you how to make that step from an ambitious unkown artist to a famous artist.
But you know, check out the music video on my channel and when we get famous, i’ll tell you how it worked 😛 😉


seems like a idiot

Jaziel Alessandri says:

he is a rip off, all that he “makes” is either stolen or used without a shame… hope this guy goes out for good soon

Maria C says:

That is so freaking true! I just go to the artist channel and listen to their song.

teetrinity4153 says:

Great Advice… Horrible haircut!

Keera Ashton says:

Life in retrograde by Keera Ashton

Online Barnes & Noble & Amazon

O'Brien Gerald says:

Hmmm. Never looked at it that way.


what about royalties? you get paid for your song if its played on the satellite radio or regular radio if you have the publishing rights to ir

edin shealtiel says:

SHIT !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Roger Cook says:

Will i.am speaks the truth . The person who wrote the song is the one who gets paid every time it is played on the radio , TV, Movies etc. He also gets paid every time it is recorded by anyone . Prime example . David Porter, who lives in my city , (Memphis TN), wrote songs with the late Isaac Hayes. One of the songs they had written back in the 60 s , the blues brothers ( Dan Aykroyd and John Belushi) re-recorded again in the late 80s early 90s. There version sold over a million copies. Bottom line, Mr. Porter is a multi millionaire today because of songs he wrote back in the 60s. Now what year is this? lol

Neiman samuel says:

Amazing Video! Heres my professional opinion :]

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Cash Martin says:

good insight

beatrocka5 says:

This dude is so intelligent; he put out great information for aspiring artists.

Djthrowback Newyork says:


Dustin e says:

I dont get how people this dumb are so rich. like Hollywood just picks a hobo off the street and makes him rich and famous

up grade stevens says:


PrinceMaze says:

Um Will.i.am there’s a service called BMI they recollect royalties is you sound in the radio, tv & films you should check em out. Or SoundExchange that recollects youtube royalties is good too lol.

Miodrag Miodragovic says:

This is kind of off topic… Basic way to make money with music was always singing/playing in frot of audience, it was allways like that. And later the best way to make big cash was selling records… So we need to get back to the basics

Karim Bennett says:

What makes the recorded music industry so hard for many understand is there was a brief “golden period” in the 1980s and 1990s when a few high profile artists with relatively lucrative contracts (Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston, Madonna, etc.) actually did make millions purely from record sales. But they were golden, polka-dotted unicorns (too rare to mention). It was never like that for most.

Kataka Gara says:

Ingenious truth. Totally great perspective !

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