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In todays video I am giving you guys 10 different ways to make money as an artist!

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Giorgi Cheshurashvili says:

7th comment

Ayush mishra says:

really helpful

artonhermind x says:

Hi 🙂 thanks for the video, very informative. Please do a more detailed video about ways to make money. Also please could you make a video about your art experience, how you built up your skills and if you think art school is necessary. Thanks so much:)

Aurelia Bankston says:

I love your videos! They’ve really helped me improve my drawings recently. I have a few video suggestions—I’d love to see a video on drawing armor and/or metals. Also, a video on drawing different types of scars if that’s okay, as many characters I’d love to draw have scars! Finally, one on “creating” faces. I often can’t find good reference photos for how I imagine a fictional character, and my drawings of characters end up looking not always bad but just uniform/the same as well as less detailed as a real face. Even if I can find a reference photo that’s similar to how I imagine the character, when I try tweaking the features to my liking, it just doesn’t work out. It’s fine if you don’t want to do any of these! Sorry that I have so many suggestions, lol you’re by far my favorite art channel! Regardless, all of your videos are helpful and you’re a very talented artist. Thanks 🙂

potatopancacke says:

*sees title*

Nostti The Nwokes says:

How would send it

Allwyn Rodrigues says:

never been so early

Kevin Littlewood says:

11. Send a begging letter to another successful artist and ask for money – family and kids to support 🙂

vaibhav gaur says:

and thanks for this video

Kirsty Partridge Art says:

Hello everyone! In this video I am talking through 10 ways your can make money from your art, in order to make being an artist a sustainable career! If you enjoyed the video please give it a like and any shares and subscribes are really appreciated! 😀 Have a great day everyone <3

Tiffany Brenard says:

Thank you for your videos and advice! I’d like to know more about conventions, competitions, or art fairs cause here in Belgium I don’t think there are a lot of conventions or neither competitions. Except through my instagram or facebook account, I can’t share my artwork.

Yukii tan says:

Omai, this is new

Kara Malone says:

hi! its just a weird request but can u make a drawing on BTS I really love ur drawings and I will really appreciate if u will accept my request

Ms. Zombangle says:

Gurl, that paper is thicccc… My paper always has stains and puddles when I do that ; – ;

Larisa Carli says:

But what if you do have an Etsy shop, website, offer commisions, sell prints on Society6 and even got into one gallery, but still sell absolutely nothing? 😀 I did promote my Etsy shop on Deviantart and Youtube but still got only 90 views in a few months so I suppose people aren’t interested in buying my art yet :/

Cherfan Cherfan says:

hey I want to ask you what is the mark of your watercolor????
plz reply me

Pearl Vs Art says:

I love your use of watercolours and the way you use the pencil over it

Meriem Mastouri says:

*without even watching the video*
i’ll tell you something: whatever money you make you will spend it all buying art supplies…

Irene M says:

I’m happy I found your channel, your dedication to the viewers is amazing and it really feels like you re doing it to help us learn how to improve our art skills and not just for money, like a lot of people unfortunately do nowadays (my respect for it). ALSO, it would be interesting if you told us in a video how did you become an artist, when you started drawing and how it slowly became your fulltime job, did you plan doing something else since I read that you re a self taught artist?
P.S sorry for the very long comment 🙂

marco zuaro says:

Hi! I have a question that has nothing to do with this video (lol, sorry). Since I’m not attending an art school I don’t really know what to study to improve my art, so, what are the very basic foundamentals? Also if you have any specific book to sudgest that would be awesome (sorry for my English).

Devon cecil says:

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Hanna and toys says:

17 th one I like the art you did

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