Art can be an expensive hobby, but it can also be very profitable. I’m going to walk you through 12 different methods in which you can earn a little (or a lot) extra income through some of these side hustles. Some of these can even become a full time job!

None of this is sponsored. I am speaking from my own experience (and the experience of a close friend for two points). I feel like ways to earn money as an artist is not discussed often. My goal is to hopefully provide people with some information to get started!

This video doesn’t go SUPER in depth, but I can’t spoon feed you every little bit. You have to put in the work to see the results. And although these are great side hustle ideas for some extra money, they do take a lot of genuine work like any other job. Anyway, best of luck to you. If you have further questions, feel free to ask in the comments. I’ll try to reply to as many as I can. 🙂

Online Shop options:
Etsy, Shopify, TicTail, Storenvy, Wix, Squarespace

Outsourcing shop options:
Redbubble, Society6, Casetify, Spoonflower, etc.

Passive Income Sources:
Adobe Stock, iStockPhoto, Shutterstock, Graphic River, Creative Market, Fontbundles, Designbundles, Graphicstock, etc

Online Commissions:
Fiver, Freelancer, PeoplePerHour, DesignCrowd, Guru

Patreon, Skillshare, Kofi, Indiegogo, Kickstarter

Scroll to the bottom to find all the art supplies I normally use, clothes I wear, etc!

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mike jones says:

Hey Mira. Your hair looks beautiful. Your face looks beautiful. Your eyebrows look beautiful. You rock.

Amy Sue West says:

Thank you for putting these ideas out there. You know it will help many artists.

Bitofnonsense Creations says:

What kind of printer do you use.

Bernice De gooijer says:

This is a very helpful video. Going to get prints for my next craft fair! Thanks!

Victoria Mallon says:

This was very helpful!

Honeycomb1011 says:

Do you have any tips when you are doing some of these things with no fan base? or marketing and getting no sales?

mjpete27 says:

You are a true treasure! MOST of these avenues did not even exist when I got started as an Artist. I am going back to watercolor after doing digital for over 10 years. I even did Computer support to make ends meet when there were not enough “Art Jobs” available. I found your channel through Hullo Alice and I am so appreciative of the tips and encouragement gained from your presence here online. Thank you for your continued presence and positive attitude!

One Mean Madlad says:

You did in fact help me out on these things, I was thinking of doing some of the things mentioned in this video. You cleared all of my questions and reassured me, so thanks:)

EverythingIsNAND says:

Thank you so much for all the tips! This is very helpful!

Monika Ramgopal says:

Great video Mira and you are looking very beautiful

Katie Grace says:

Your hair looks so cute! (P.S. the sweater is cute too)

Bitofnonsense Creations says:

Pretty informative thankyou

AtomicXSquad says:

Question, if yu know.. if I setup a website for my art, and sell it, do I have to include my business in my taxes???

HaleyBrooke'sArt says:

Mira, do you have any tips for a graphic designer that wants to work at home??

Carol Benavidez says:

Thank you so much for sharing such useful information!

Cynthia Emerick says:

tfs this good info. Please link the companies you referenced for our access. TY.

BJ'S ART says:

Great video very helpful thanks

Rachel says:

First things first, thank you so much for this amazing video. Second things second, what was up with the zooming ? I don’t know if I’m the only one who noticed, but it would slowly zoom on your face for no reason and then go straight back to the way it was before.

momohoskin says:

thank you so much for this information! I got some new ideas and motivation how to find my way of getting my passion for art in line with the necessity of making money for a living. I’m glad I have a part time job to rely on while getting started with art.

It is super intimidating but just as you said we just need to find the courage and
Start – now. right now.
ok bye got to do the art ❤

Liz V. Art says:

yes for affiliate links! I try to use ppl’s affiliate links whenever I can! It doesn’t cost me anything and it means I get to support an artist, love it! This was an awesome video Mira 🙂 Like you said, not many people talk about what options there are for artists. Especially the passive income stuff. People forget that that is an option!

Gini Stewart says:

Yes, I would love to hear more in depth information on these! So interesting!

paranoiaprincess says:

This video has inspired me to make another push into my artistic career next year. I have to wait for my new health stuff (the TTP diagnosis and getting it under control) but I, at the least want to push myself into getting a print shop.

I’m not sure anyone will want prints of my work, with Inktober, and my dive into succulent paintings before hand, my Instagram followers have climbed significantly, and I’m hoping it’s telling.

I have thought of making prints in the past (and I have, but no one bought them back then) but I really think that outsourcing that, despite the fact that I always want to do everything myself, and because of my health, would be what’s best for me. Besides, I really like the idea of “passive income” lol.

Edit: another art avenue I’m personally curious about, is how to get into selling things like colouring pages and the like.

shibbycarro says:

LOVED this video! So many great tips. Thank you so much for sharing this information!

AndraMarie says:

I started doing craft shows to pay for my supplies. I only did one or two locally. I would sell watercolor bookmarks and that alone would pay for my cheap watercolor paper. I always did art and then crafts. And this year I added prints of my artwork to my booth so we’ll see how it goes!

cetriya's Art n Comics Channel says:

Would have liked to hear more Bout your experiences with these. On my end, I’m trying out Amazon merch which is getting crowded, so checking out their printed note books. Skillshare has been good to me too. Patreon has been improving a lot. They have a great blog and YouTube channel.

Just Another Doodle says:

Your timing could NOT be better my dear!

Pelangi N says:

I finally got the chance to comment here lol. I have watched this video days ago, and I want to say Wow, Thank you Myra! You’ve given us the courage 😀
I love your works, for me they are so calming. Please keep it up!

Griffly Art and Gaming says:

My family and friends don’t want to pay for my art. They expect it as gifts

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