Business Advice for EVERY Animator and Artist!

Business Advice for Animators and Artists
If you ever wondered how to make money as an artist or how to grow on YouTube as an animator, you’ll want to watch this video with advice on building your brand and making money with your art. As a Creative Entrepreneur, this is the thing I wish they’d taught in school.


Don’t rely on growing as animator on YouTube or having a popular website with ads, sell your artwork as merchandise and products and use your social media and YouTube content more as a marketing platform just like you would television.

Use Patreon, Affiliate Marketing, Offer Commissions, Sell Merch, and Leverage Ad Revenue.

You need to upload 3-5 times a week. Yes its hard to do purely on animation, so create help content as tutorials…. create hub content as behind the scenes and world building videos (think wonderful world of Disney). Optimize your videos using Tubebuddy. Use your social media to elevator your brand. Make compilation videos of your animated shorts.

Use Facebook and Instagram to grow your brand by uploading videos directly, don’t focus on YouTube traffic. Build a facebook group for your fans. Get your fans to share your artwork in social media and Reddit! Consider creating a webcomic even if it is once a week. Keep an online sketchbook showing what you are working on from time to time or put this behind a pay wall like Patreon.







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Exist N Nature says:

I’m an artist and entertainer. Currently I do voices for different characters and animation. I will be seeking an animation illustrator soon

Lucas says:

That was great! Really helpful advice! For some reason, I was getting so caught up in making money off YouTube, it didn’t really occur to me that YouTube could be just a piece in the brand and business from the beginning, instead of adding some products and stuff later on if things go well. I have to build the brand from the start. But I honestly don’t know where to begin with this. How do I get people to even know I exist? Thank you.

Waji2o says:

thank you!! really, freaking thank you !!!!!

Sacha Slone says:

Thank you for sharing your knowledge! I appreciate your sound advice! 🙂

ashay kholkar says:

Awsome advice .. This is better than skillshare tutorial ..

Andrew GTB says:

I think this applies to other types of creators too. Focus on merchandise to get extra sales, and have bts content.

Don4k Film LLC says:

How do you make tutorials? Is it a app that shows the screen while you talking in the background?

Panas Dalam says:

nice tips and nice lesson

Stayf Draws says:

Great advice Roberto! I am already doing it for my channel. I was too focused on the add revenue of YouTube and that is not really sustainable. I now think in products and make my videos around those products.

beatsdddx says:

A+ advice gr8 job! You really drove it home
”Marketing and brand awareness is KEY”! Thanks Roberto.

TonyOnekaNobY says:

It’s been a while since I’ve commented in your channel but, I see myself coming back more and more since I’ve learned more about proper etiquette via the Twitch platform. I’m currently jobless for the first time in 14 years and, for the first time ever looking seriously into practicing harder at online services, entertainment, and marketing. Thank you again for all of the great advice, commentary, and vlogs you’ve made over the years.

Eisen Adorador says:

COLLAB with Sean Wes Please!

Anjana says:

Roberto if you copy a video and add new titles and animations is it illegal

Vfx Star says:

I’m not a animator, but I think this can help me to, thank you Roberto! Also would it be ok if I sold films? Because of the film will suck those people would be angry and they would want their money back. Or do you mean, selling T-Shirts, books, or mugs for example.

MrEm says:

thanks for the incredible advice! What kind of tech would you recommend (computer wise) for animation? What parts should I invest in the most when building a computer with making animations in mind. thanks for everything

Saber Rose says:

Thank you for being willing to talk business and not just talent.

The Dream Syndicate Arts says:

Yup-yup, I’ve been saying this for a couple of years- cartoons were the 22 minute commercials for all of the related merch! And you can look at Star Wars as another example- what’s *your* version of all the action figures, shampoo, and Halloween costumes? Artists can make prints, crowd fund books, art toys, etc.!

Donna Osborn says:

Thank you so much! This was like a feast for me, everything delicious and good. I had read a blog about ad revenue being dead for comic creators and didn’t like the suggested approach of putting most of the story behind a paywall. I just need to find out how to do the nuts and bolts of selling themed products.

James Joseph Sewell says:

thanks man

Ben Thompson says:

Great video, Roberto. As creatives we have the ability to design our own careers, you’re right. A problem I see often, however, is realizing the scope of building your own brand. Being in webcomics for a long time I’ve seen cartoonists struggle to update regularly, crunching an hour or two before it’s supposed to go live. Plenty launch a site with no understanding of SEO or promotion only to get frustrated when the traffic doesn’t simply come to them. When I see professionals explain all the work that goes on behind the scenes newcomers lament, “I just wanna draw! I don’t wanna have to do all that stuff!” Your article laying out a strategy for 1000+ pieces of content is a good example of seeing one’s brand as a whole outside of the platform they’re used to working in. It’s a lot easier to think in the confines of “what do I need to do to finish this project?” than “how do I position myself to build the career I want?” It takes knowing what you really want to achieve and avoiding artistic impulses to do something because it’s creatively fulfilling. Maybe you could do a screencast on how you write/schedule your ideas and goals? Keep being awesome!

Sasuworld says:

Love this video! Thank you Roberto. 🙂

Micah Buzan says:

Golden advice, as usual. The hardest part is executing these principles. Still struggling with consistency since big projects suck away all the time. But like any good habit the hardest part is getting started, then the momentum builds naturally.

The Endeavoring Family says:

I’m binge watching your videos Roberto. I’m determined to watch them all!

Nettles Tea says:

Such great, solid advice, thank you!

bigrickmachine says:

Thanks for the video Roberto! You have helped me reach my 4000+ subscribers! Also I took your advice and made an instagram 🙂

Jesse Waugh says:

Roberto can you please do a video like this specifically for fine artists – painters? It’s a similar topic but different enough to warrant another video.

GetMadz says:

Awesome video Roberto, SUPER useful!

Edge209 says:

I’m so excited to implement these thoughts. My haunch was RIGHT! I knew that this was what I was supposed to do. Look out world!

kaicastle says:

It took me atleast 3 rebrands before getting satisfied on the brand I have right now. But still, I’m struggling with growing a following. Sometimes, you can’t help but think, if the creative industry is for you or not – because things are not working. Thank you for your tips and positivity.

Serkworks Art Labs says:

Fantastic video Roberto! It’s reassuring to know that I have already implemented most of these tactics and that I’m on the right track.

Elijah Uchiha says:

I never knew business could be so self explanatory.

Sasuworld says:

Great video! I’m still busy trying to figure things out, gathering information and forming a concrete plan. I’m also looking into launching my own website,getting a domain and how to link that to an existing site(wordpress,tumblr etc). Or making one from scratch. Or how to start up your own webshop, how to claim your own brand name, tax etc. I’m missing a little guidance. But i’m happy with your channel because you cover subjects a little deeper. You are correct though there is so much more now than 15 years ago. But i still feel a little lost with so much info. I don’t know where to start.

Crystal Joy says:

Loved all these tips! Super helpful and gave me a few good ideas, though since I personally dont have a typical animation direction (I dont have original characters/world that I’m trying to promote) that makes things a bit difficult. I’m also extremely limited on time since I have a day job. I’ve thought about making a web comic and other things a few times but it always goes back to the fact that I can barely push out the content I’m already working on. I’d love to quit and pour everything into really marketing my content and producing things for multiple platforms, but I still need to pay the bills. If you have any suggestions for either issue, I’d love to hear them. ^-^

The ToonTwinz Show says:

This is great advice, can’t believe we didn’t think about this. Thanks again Roberto.

Luis NgchongJrArt says:

thanks for info I am already doing that but I know its takes time to grow thanks any way

Fred Gartner says:

Thank you so much

Driven to Draw says:

this was terrific. just what i needed and confirms the approach i have been taking recently Robert. I have some long tutorials that i have cut up into mini segments to use as multiple videos and working on batching. If you work full time you have to be organized. i would also like to add that if many of you have full time jobs that take up all your free time….look to make a change. get a job that enables you to spend your free time doing what you love and reduce netflix and cabke tv consumption.

heroic animations says:

thank you for this video Roberto I was looking for a video like this

Comics With Chris says:

Interesting. I got a comic art channel and have been pushing people from IG to youtube. About to really push myself to upload more consistently by batching a bunch of tutorials for next month and have been trying to figure out a way to monetize the traffic. This video is perfect timing for my video creating strategy. Thank you sir! Im going to test out putting a link to my gumroad store on IG, FB, and Twitter so I can direct them where I got all my products and prints for sale.

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