Can You Make A Living Only Being An Artist?

Can you? Is it possible? How to make a living as an Artist? Well, in this video, I kinda go down the percentages and guidelines of the sale of one song, as well as an Album to give you a real look at it. Hope this video gets your mind up and in tune!

CORRECTION IN MY VIDEO! With the whole Drake made $33K, It was actually $330K Which is awesome, but perhaps his living wages are way different than ours ( Traveling costs, Rent or mortgage on a mansion with that big ass cave waterfall he owns lol etc. )

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Kiezly says:

how u get that 10k bruh? u flip that work

yung caine says:

my boy Justin flexin with them 10 bands let me move in with you big bro


intro lessen version of dashie

The SyndicateTV says:

what if you make all your shit, have all your music free, licenses and own your publishing rights, spend any money you got on pr and marketing and play shows couldn’t you make a ton of money doing that especially if you sell merch at the shows?

cam says:

many artists nowadays such as soundcloud rappers make majority of their money from shows and youtube. During 17 year old rapper lil boom’s instagram live stream, he told us that from youtube and shows alone, he made about $40,000 in one year. He said It wasn’t even counting how much he made from some monetization service (i forgot the name) linked to his soundcloud. he paid $40 dollars a month for the service that payed him for his soundcloud plays and he had millions of plays. many soundcloud artists also charge for soundcloud reposts, hooks, and features. like many soundcloud artists, he became popular from his “fuck steph curry” song being put on meme pages and has been pretty well off making funny/ comedic music since.

707Nicky DaProducer says:

My man Justin just plays around with my life savings nonchalantly.


DashieXP looking ass boy

David Menjivar says:

Another great useful video! Keep up the good work

Nathan Spectral says:

I’mma be a health teacher, and coach as a side job.

My Life and The Media says:

You can upload on youtube and set up a Bandcamp account and have a link in the description of the video, on Bandcamp you can set up a price for your music and have a PayPal linked to it, that’s a beginners choice and if you want can have a soundcloud set up just for the hell of it to give your track free plays in your start up of being an artist, there are people who will choose to have downloaded it due to the fact some people do and don’t stream music

Rishav Baruah says:

nice video….
it’s an eye opener…
would like to see a video of how to make a complete “non-hiphop”(pop,acoustic,softrock,etc) song in fl studio..

eliotness100 says:

You are a very intelligent guy hands-down you give a Lot of good information young man thanks you bro I’m a fan…

Damien Wolf says:

I’m also a producer… so.. I get that extra percent

Raw files says:

Deleted all my negative comments thank you bro I meant no disrespect I’m actually a fan of your videos I just thought you were scamming but I was wrong

iNaruhan says:

Good videos bro, good info.
Can you answer me some questions?…. I dont have music yet but how about put the songs in soundcloud and youtube, how many plays per song or subscribers do someone need to start selling his music in your opinion?, what is the ratio of ppl who buy music in general?, for example if you get 10000 plays, how many ppl buy it?, and if after someone gets in that level of +15000 plays or idk how many do you need, its bad uploud a songs in youtube and sell them?
Also, do you know that kind of things about beats?, for example how many views do you need to sell 1 lease in general?

* thx for the videos, they help me a lot and last thing, can you make a Safe vocal effect? xD, if you got time.

NARQUI$E says:

i needed that bro preciate it homie. i just followed you on IG

Serious Guy says:

Do you bathe?

Strange says:

right, but you’ll also get money from youtube, from people streaming your music, and performing. correct?

Sirius Polaris says:

Just invested $800 in my new microphone, sound barrier *that foam shit*, pop filter, and stand..
I feel like I’m gonna be the next Kygo lmao.
I wish music would be my living.

10M voices says:

i hate math

Made In Jordan says:

hi everybody please check out my new beat on my channel thx

Gdee says:

do u use soundcloud monetizetion

YourMother says:



Ale p says:

Drake makes like 500k net for a show , all the money is in the performance and not record sales

studio educare says:

Love you man…. :-0)

川口のやつ says:


Oneshot Movement says:

I’ll just have to prove it man ! anything is possible

Glitch King says:

Let’s not forget to factor in piracy. You could possibly have 10,000 downloads in total but only 5,000 actually paid.


if you are not famous its not worth it ..

Shaqkeem Enhaille Hernandez says:

Thanks a million for all the great information you have been sharing. All the best ✊

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