Hi! 🙂 Today’s video will be discussing the different types of art career you can have. There are many ways to make money as an artist, and I’m just going to go over a few that I’ve observed over the years. I’ll also be working on this golden empress oil painting 🙂 Enjoy!

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Materials I used in this video:
♥ Oil Paint from Gamblin Artist Colors
♥ Brushes from Royal & Langnickel
♥ Gessobord


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Jachandara Jackson says:

What brand of paint brushes do you use?

shuvarthee gain says:

u r really adorable. ur videos r so helpful and informative.thank u

Derpy Doggo says:

Question: is there a way for an artist to make an art career with digital art?

Viet Anh Cao says:

As a fellow artist i found this quite enlightening and a good listen 🙂

Stretchkitty Unplugged says:

I wish i found my “best” art type, because i REALLY love crafts, drawing, animation, coloring, photography, and sculpting, when i was younger, i thought art meant to be able to hold a paint brush, and paint a really good painting. But now that i am older, i think art is one of the most broad skill. Please give me info. how to chose which art is best for me :). And i ALWAYS get artist block, i am stuck, please help!

Halle Goldberg says:

I am a twelve year old artist who is hoping to have some sort of art career when I am older and the way I improve is by experimenting with different styles and materials

Imke Maree says:

Does anyone know what flower that is on the model’s head? I am doing a bunch of flowers for my art folio and its a beautiful flower that would suit it.

luv muffin says:

Do you mentor?

Zarzi says:

I was planning to save this for my painting session tomorrow but I just couldn’t wait! Thank you for this, it’s really opened my eyes as to what I’d like to do in the future. Keep up the great work, Happy! Xx

Sad Pepe Pepe says:

I have no skills only for art♡

VenusTemple says:

I would love to buy every single one of your art pieces, but I’m too poor. T-T

But seriously, your art is so amazing.

Abis Art says:

What type of paint did you use? Oil? 🙂

Animal Gamer says:

Not sure if this is mentioned in the video because I haven’t seen it yet but I’m guessing that animation is one, which is the one that I wanna do because I originally wanted to be an author then realized I like drawing so now I’m just improving art until I can take high school and collage things to become an animator. (Jeez that run on sentence right there)

Sofi Sprague says:

You inspire me. 🙂

Lee's got all the jams。 says:

I’ve wanted to become a fanartist and a web comic artist, but I’m just starting out. I’m 21 and I see people, more sucessful that I am and even younger, but I’m tying to learn from them, trying to become as strong as them. It will take me time, but I still know become good enough for myself.

Destani LPS says:

What job would you have if you wanted to draw cartoony (and make like short skits and films) humans and animals on paper?

JetDraw says:

I enjoyed listening to your videos every time. You’re so helpful! 🙂 Thank you for inspiring people!

Aurtisynn says:

I’ve been in oil painting class twice but my professor didn’t really teach us all that much. I was wondering If anyone had any advice for how to improve oil painting?? I find it frustrating when I paint as it’s just awful when I can’t do details or proper blending. it’s just a mess and I’m afraid to even paint​ on a canvas as I feel I’m just wasting it.

Karla San Lucas says:

Wow, I really love art, but my entire family said that if I study artist career I am gonna to be a poor girl in the streets

Ruben WolfThorn says:

Good advice here. Most definitely keep working on my art skills and the whole social media thing.

Kaela Cottle says:

I know you aren’t really a makeup channel but I think it would be funny to see a video of you trying to turn yourself into a girl in one of your paintings 🙂

PrettyKittyCommissions says:

I adore your videos, Happy. I almost always drop what I’m doing every time you upload, or at the very least throw each upload into my “watch later” playlist. Thanks for sharing what you know! <3

Taylor Allison says:

Would you ever consider teaching a skillshare class on mixing/painting skin tones? I really struggle with that and would love to hear your process!

Lemon Sweet says:

it would be really cool if you made a really dark skinned girl because of all the many different things you could do, like make the coulors really pop on her. if i could draw that good, i would’ve done it but i’ll give the idea to you instead <3

Audra Auclair says:

It’s super weird how we all kind of have an idea in our head of what path we are supposed to take. I thought I needed to do a trade and that I couldn’t just “make art”.

Deez Mutts says:

I am a huge fan overnight.The use of vibrant color and the beautiful faces and hair caught my eye.

Jasmine O'Der says:

what color paint do you use for your moths? I love the brightness of it.

meisaku yatoshi says:

I want to copy ur art

Zeke's Lunchbox says:

I completely agree that you don’t need to have a large audience on social media to sell work. I’ve got a modest audience and have been able to get a lot of commissions through it. Love your videos!

Deugeniet Art says:

It is indeed a difficult road. I am an introvert myself. Although I am getting better at the social media aspect of being an artist I have to force myself in a way to do it. Don’t get me wrong: I love the interaction with people and receiving any feedback. But on the other hand I also wish I could just hide among my art and indulge in it without having to bother being social sometimes.
I do my best with learning how and when to use hashtags while trying not to drown in the pile of accounts, logins and a fulltime job on top of it but I secretly hope a fairy will do that for me one day because it is a scary maze! I do quite enjoy going live on Facebook on the other hand. Not that I have many viewers but you have to start somewhere right?
Now proceeding to watch the rest of these amazing video’s until I am back on track. Being in hospital set me back 3 months! I seriously need to catch up!

Sol Vitulino BrazilianGirl says:

masterpiece so beautiful

oogalaboo says:

I think you really knocked it outta the park with this painting. What a beautiful face

Amber says:

Hi Happy D! I love your art and was wondering, how do you paint black hair? I tried with gray or white highlights, but it looks witchy instead of beautiful, like in this painting. Thank you for all the informative videos! =D

Azariah says:

I just found your channel and I am so glad I did , your artwork is so beautiful and inspiring <3

Nazifa Noor says:

i might as well just marry the girls you paint. they are so beautiful. gosh

Madiha Khan says:

This was a great video. I love how you speak. But i feel like you could have included a wider range of artist careers?

Brianna Johnson says:

Your art is incredibly beautiful! You’re working so hard and it really shows! I hope you follow you closely and see you grow more ^^

princess ireena says:

do a self-portrit

LuVeilious Naithral says:

Well shet . Looks like it’s back to my dead end job I guess .

Mariam Alsubaihawi says:

I give up ,I’ll never get as good of a artist as anyone I can never thin, of original art to make i always mess up and I suck at all media’s watercolor,
Pastel, acrylic, I’ll paint

Bryce Gier says:

I was stressing out so hard over my life decisions of being an artist (I’ve been in community college for four years now), and how colleges and universities force artists to pigeonhole themselves to a single focus (3-d art, design, fine art yayaya…). but after watching this it’s such a nice breeze of fresh air and revitalized my diminished hope. THANKS!!

Ernesto Espinosa says:

Hello, Is that a canvas? or board or something?

HeatherOriginals says:

Love the painting and the message!

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