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Hey guys! This is how I go about setting up my commissions page and some of my insights into pricing and standards to have.
And I just wanna say that I am super duper grateful for all the commissions I’ve received in the past, and 99% of those experiences have been awesome! I touched a lot of the negative and cautious points of commission work just to make sure all you lovely people don’t undervalue yourselves or get cheated of your time.
I hope this was a little helpful to you!

Also, let me know if you would like prints of these and I’ll add it to my shop. 🙂

Painted in Krita and then Gimp using my Huion GT-220 V2 display tablet.

My shop:

From heroboard-
Liquid Memoirs & Khromi – Particles
Mōbe – Nightlife
Nomyn – Daydreamer


Jamie Mations says:

Ok but how will I send the drawing to the buyer is my biggest question and how can I prevent getting my money stole…like I gave them to drawing and they dont pay…should I have them pay up front

Lil Mae says:

Would someone check out my art Instagram? @happyblooe 🙂

Miranda Brown says:

I’ve been half watching half drawing while watching a bunch of videos, and I thought your piece was so cool and I realized your using the same program as me! So cool, I love your channel! New subscriber. 🙂

Elizabeth says:

this is so full of info!! Thank you!!

BlueAngel Sapphir says:

I’ve been trying to get started on commissions and practice drawing then I found this video. Thank you this is super helpful.

SkyDee _ says:

Youve posted it year ago but still. I remember being asked to do commission for my really good friend’s boyfriend and it was a picture of her redesigned as she is a hero from “the Witcher”. And we have spoken about how much he is gonna pay me (about 25€ to even 50€ since I didn’t want to draw on a3 paper but he really asked to do so) So I drew her and before I did, I had been talking with him about what to change and if he is 100% cool with it. I sent him few pictures of finished drawing he was all like “woah thats really pretty, just as I had imagined it”. But when I asked about so how much u re gonna pay me and I proposed 25€ He was like noo its too much and I can give you 10€. And when i argued that hey we have spoken about 25-50€ he said that I should be happy that I’d be paid for what I love to do and he’d like to be paid for what he likes to do too. Eventually I said he can give me 15€ and we re ok (ok means I wont ever draw anything for him again but the cost of my materials will be returned) but he was like super subborn and said 14€ is the most he can give (he literally was arguing about 1€) , so I kept the drawing for myself. I really trusted that someone who was kind a friend of mine and boyfriend of my really good friend wont try to scam so I didnt want to be paid before. Silly me.

Matt Bell says:

How do you tell them what the price will be before you start if you are charging hourly? Is a flat rate the best solution for that? Thanks!

Yowasup707 says:

very informative. Thank you.

Rick Aderson says:

i would like to know about how to get the payment delivered. Im thinking of using patreon, but i dont think its designed for individual payments

Aimiko says:

is there a trail/test or free alternative to skillshare? I have the money of course but I’m under 18 and I dont want to ask my parents to sign up for something that may not even help or that I wont be able to use

sydneyh64 says:

how did you adjust the size of the nose?

Purebliss says:

Thank you, Sara, for making this! Personally, I don’t draw but I love this kind of videos so I can get inside of what the artist is thinking so I dont annoy them

XxLunarEclipse says:

Hey, so paypal has stopped offering student accounts, what would you recommend on commissions for minors?

Kkme ËɯʞK says:

I do COMMISSIONS for FREEEEEEE and nobody commissions me. ;-;

Beyza Ceylan says:

I feel like I will never be able to do comissions because those who follows me are nearly all of them are mutuals and they won’t participate when I do some giveaways to make a self-advert. I wish I could do drawing as a part time job. Once I did draw something for the university magazine and it’s been nearly a year that they can’t manage to pay it. I am so angry to the communuty.
I’m glad that you’ve made it! And I love what you are doing, keep going!

Digital Apples says:

thank you so much! I haven’t started yet on my prices and I was gonna go for 5$ for a headshot and keep going up for the half body and full body by 5’s but now im gonna go for 10$ for headshot and still go up by 5’s. I just thought that I should start off cheap but now that I think about it thats reallyy cheap xD but I do have a small following but im still really happy at where I am because Its a lot more then I thought I would get ^-^

nyayoto says:

Thank you so much for this T__T

iiskyearts says:

Your art looks amazing! I can see why this took
4 hours to make! Anyways, thank you for the info! :3

KiwiØeX says:

Can someone help-
I wanna do commissions, but I’m only 11. My art isn’t that great so I might price my art really low price like 10 pounds/dollar/Euro whatever. But, if someone pays me, how? I won’t give some stranger my bank card info, what if they use my details for something! I need answers…

Mikachi Yamazaki says:

What does paypal require?

GumiSwirl says:

I underprice mine so much ahha,, $5 for a full body sketch and $10 for a full body/colored piece

eyezforeverlow says:

I love that piece you did in the video how did you get outline colors like that that to glow

MuhdNurAshraff24 says:

I always open speed paints that has the artist talk at the same time while doing my work. It’s like working while listening to good advice. You’re far younger than me yet so inspiring to me. Keep it Sara. ;D

a human says:

Can someone tell me how I send the person my artwork?

SuchAnAlmond says:

i’ve been planning on doing commisions this year,but never really got an idea how to start out. Luckily this video did help alot and for that im excited to start drawing for profit.
The one thing that i want to do is be able to sell my artwork for at about 6 or 10 dollers as seeing i am starting out,i want to be able to be better in what i do and once i get the hang of it,increase the price if i ever get more commisions.
Is it ok to set the price that you are confident enough for the client? seeing that i draw depending on the hours,i dont mind getting paid the full price and then giving the client the picture that iv’e worked on

Dominant Shark Squad says:

Your art is amazing !

Lemony says:

In which format do you send the commission to the client? JPG? PDF?

Chemical Laughter says:

Really good advice that I haven’t heard from other YouTubers. Great job!!

Rehena Begum says:

Your shop doesn’t work anymore 🙁

ItsJustRafa says:

I made an art account on Instagram that is still pretty small but I’m not sure yet if I’m qualified for commissions yet, maybe requests but not so sure about commissions.

My art account on Instagram is @artsyrafa if anyone’s interested

Sydney Harp says:

When you get to college??? How old are you?If you are a high schooler too I have to step my game up

Dhruv Tekker says:

Can you make a drawing a face vedio

Blackram Art says:

thank you for this ! i’ve been wondering what to be considered when doing it and you shared alot of unexpected tips. thanks !

Wavorn Snowber says:

So half up front and other half later. So of you get swindled atleast you got some money.

Claire Hansen says:

Just one question: If you’re making a price which equals the amount of hours it will take, how can you ensure a price for them beforehand? Can I raise the price if the piece takes much longer than what was originally thought if they are stretching it out and keep changing things?

Christopher Jr. Riley says:

This is some good advice. Two things I want to add (as someone who does graphic design):

1. Have a contract: an actual contract protects both you and the client and it allows both parties to have a clear understanding of the responsibilities of said parties. And when I mean “contract”, I mean something that has been digitally signed at least; the last thing you want to happen is for them to agree to your terms, only for them to back out and say they didn’t.
2. Put watermarks on the in-progress designs until they pay in full: I like the idea of having them become thumbnails, but there are some people who would be perfectly okay with just having a thumbnail and wouldn’t mind printing it out if it means they can get your artwork for free. Having a watermark that’s opaque enough to be undesirable to print out but clear enough for them to have enough of an understanding of the process will give you a better piece of mind.

I can say more, but I’m starting that wall of text again, so I’ll end it here. This was a really informative video and I appreciate the artwork that you’re doing.

DeniceDraws ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ says:

Hi!So whoever is reading this and is just starting out commisions and want an easy start:
Amino is a good place to start.People will pay you with Amino coins and it’s really easy to manage.
I recently started out that way and it has been pretty good.

movie end says:

half of the video is paid ad

Twistymoo says:

the only people who want to commissoin me , try to scam me.

Mick Bouschor says:

Hello! Thanks for this video – it’s super helpful. Question: Let’s say you get 10 commission requests at a Comic Con, to be completed at a later date. How do you arrange it so that they are all getting their finished artwork in a timely fashion? (ie. commissions #10 isn’t getting theirs months and months later) ?

Oliver Xu says:

I luv u

Roxanne Aurinko says:

I respectfully disagree with the underpricing art portion of this. I put my art up at what equaled out to be a little under minimum wage in the very beginning. Then every project i got, i did to the absolute best of my ability to build a portfolio. Once i got big enough, i held a handful of auctions on my work. I then set my commission price as the average selling price of the auctions. I make great money with my art now ^-^ Summed up, sometimes you have to work for very little in the beginning and there’s nothing wrong with that

Vannah Snuffles says:

I didn’t need information on commissions I literally just clicked on to tell you that your shading is A+++ with amazing blending.

Dana Cable says:

Your advice is really good but in the end it just goes down the drain when no one even commisons you :/

I’ve tried so hard to get recognition, to put myself out there, to really sponder and commercial myself and my art. I’ve lowered my prices drastically and it’s to the points where I’m desperate for a commision. But no one commisions me. I believe my art is worth it, or at least I did. I’m losing confidence in my art because no one seems to want to commision me. It’s really getting to me to the points I just want to quit art. But I’ve tried to stay positive. Hopefully someone will commision me one day, though at this rate I highly doubt it will ever happen. Everyone says I’m so good at art but if I really was then wouldn’t I receive more comms? I’m doing everything right but for some reason it still doesn’t work.

Hopefully it will be one day

Hellbent Law says:

I started making commissions in tumblr, hopefully I will get paid.

jarred purplex says:

what if during the progress you put your signature on the art and take it off when you send the final product. if you were painting digitally you could just add and take it away and if it were traditional you could have a piece of paper on top of a part of the art work

Raccoon Rosa says:

thanks, this was really helpful!

oh hey I didn’t see you there how bout you commission me on the adopts amino @ pengwings101 k bye.

BTS x army x bt21 says:

I’m still in elementary or as u guys in that county call it middle school almost high school I’m in grade 6 and I wnt to do graphic design too and I don’t wna do commissions yet I don’t think i can yet??…

Hannah Strom says:

I want to do commissions and have been thinking about it but I’m so scared honestly. There is so much that can go wrong!!

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