Here’s How Much Money A Hit Song Makes An Artist

How much money is your favorite rapper or singer making? We take an in-depth look at the music industry revenues.

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Here’s How Much Money A Hit Song Makes An Artist


Oh yeah yeah says:

I thought they made more lol

South Of Heaven says:

Happy Birthday is sang everyday. Can you make a video on how much money the writer of that song has earned to date? Who wrote that song, by the way? Mama said it’s Christopher Columbus but my grandpa said it’s Andres Bonifacio from the Philippines.

Timmy Jones says:

I just love this video , I had been told all an artist needs is one hit song and they are set for life $$$$ this video put the creme and straw berries on top of what I had been told its very educational to learn more .

Stephen Hickey says:

My favorite one hit wonder is vanilla ice

vladimir putin says:

She hasn’t made 60 million off that song since it came out. You’re not a diva and never will be, suck it up

ZionHillCalling says:

Just tell us how much money an artist makes for 1 million views/streams per medium. That’s all I want to know. I cannot believe such morons get so many subs.

Ngwu Festus says:

1% vs 99% all again

snooze says:

what an absolute banger it is lmao

baba yaga says:

the artist that wrote it is far different from the artist that sang it. be the artist that wrote it

Omaris Noel says:

To summarize: Write your own music and go touring!

mjaminian says:

This video is totally misleading. Young artists : Look for more credible sources of information, unfortunately the current situation especially for song writers is not as rosy.

Adam Gregg says:

This video made my balls itch.

maria thiede says:

Ok this is pissing me off. They need a cap like NOW

Franky says:

yay Mariah Carey! Queen of Money!

mysterymediacorp says:


The Soulmate Experience says:

Yeah, but most of the money goes to the labels not the artist. They’d probably get less than ten percent.

AlexS8 says:

If you really think about it, they (stars and their labels) are all searching for that one golden song that keeps on playing year after year just for the royalties. Every year Around christmas time there is at least one artist trying to make that next “im coming home for christmas” or “all i want for christmas”

Daniella Rose says:

Mariah careyyyyyyy

Lil balloon says:

“What a absolute banger it is”

Anderson Watch says:

You forgot the C in Subscribe

Marcus Schnellinger says:

This is just a stupid video…. do you really think that for example mariah Carey didnt have any writers lyricists producers engineers which she Had to pay? Noone just gets around 70% of their spotify income unless they live in utopia

dodge driver says:

lets see ,, contract signed , soul handed over ,,, now 10 percent to artist slave , 90 percent to the devil . Then when sales slump Devil knocks you off and bingo post funeral sales bump … now estate gets 20 percent .

Loulex says:

I hope I’m not the only one who had absolutely no idea of every single songs he was naming near the end of the video…

jnrdagreat says:

i only made 1.76 with my music… but hopefully soon ill get better and make better.

Saldarian Official says:

Check out my Instagram page @Saldarian7

Vladimir Byazrov says:

From touring alone Madonna earned more than 1 “B”illion dollars. Some artists are luckier than others.

Cammdc 1 says:

Yeah but if your young and dumb enough to sign away any rights you have to your music, you make nothing and the label collects it all.. It happens way more than people think..

Dave&CamShow says:

10 minutes for one question?

OscaPaul 3 says:

All thanks to the fans or people who listen to the songs and who love the artist. I hate celebs who are disrespectful to fans because without them they wouldn’t be worth anything. Actors not so much as music artist though, actors do not rely on fans as much as the music industry and anybody in it.

Golgotha_Mythos69 says:

I can’t take this discount Gordon Leach voice seriously. Yes, if you’re super famous, and/or a one hit wonder you can make money, but most musicians…especially the super talented and *innovative* kind, don’t make much at all. Touring is it, and maybe merch.
Lot’s of filesharing/BitTorrent stuff that rips off musicians too. Sounds like there’s a wealth gap issue in the music industry (lot of that going around). Maybe these top40 powerhouses should help widen the world stage for musicians with less exposer…
Give back to their Art, as it were. Assuming it’s still Art to them, of course.

Alfred Polk says:

How does an independent writer get his or her song to the artist? Someone PLEASE HELP ME.

Mpt Fraga says:

i miss interpreted the title…
I read: How much money and a hit song make an artist

sauly76 says:

Turned it off.talked about his car…

blackericdenice says:

I feel like a one hit wonder. A made a video 7 years ago talking about change your transmission fluid and filter. It has 626k views.

PianoAmante says:

Prince approves of this. RIP

Slicharoni Loot says:

Don’t let anyone infringe your music, you won’t get anything. Copyright infringement is reel..

Wyze Mystik says:

Artist don’t get shit ,the label has a thing called a 360 deal they get a percentage of everything you do ,movies,music,downloads,concerts,then the artist has to pay everyone else ,management,lawyers,samples,weed roller,stylist,taxes,assistant,

Spice says:

Lol I’m so poor

Adnan Ahmed says:

Who is marya cary

Lyndon Burrell says:

Yooooooo Russ is Getting to it that’s crazy

Stephen Shields says:

All songs are free on youtube

Darnell Hendeason says:

… sounds like there’s lots of room to screw song writers, and the singers totally get screwed over!

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