How artists can (finally) get paid in the digital age | Jack Conte

It’s been a weird 100 years for artists and creators, says musician and entrepreneur Jack Conte. The traditional ways we’ve turned art into money (like record sales) have been broken by the internet, leaving musicians, writers and artists wondering how to make a living. With Patreon, Conte has created a way for artists on the internet to get paid by their fans. Could payment platforms like this change what it means to be an artist in the digital age?

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Evgeny Bondarenko says:

I travel artist, and just made my Patreon page :))

Ruben WolfThorn says:

Good video. Very inspirational.

Mohammed Albadri says:

this is the best ted talk !!

Roy Matz says:

Can I get an AMEN!

Balika Kamble says:

Amazing talk.
Thank you for sharing this.

The Scholarship Shark says:

One of the best Ted Talks ever! This is ingenuity at its best. Thinking of a new way to solve an old problem.

Oskar George says:

Amazing. Inspiring. Thank you Jack!

Bella Snid says:

What about production costs?

Mike says:

He keeps saying art. He’s talking about audio (music and podcasts). These might be considered a subset of art, but please stop using the generic word ‘art’ here. It’s misleading. Apart from that, a great video… about monetising AUDIO (not really art).

Owl TeaGames says:

I love pomplamoose!!!

And I set up my Patreon, too! What a time to be alive!

Martijn Hover says:

A universal basic income for all would liberate art and artists….

Kip Andrew says:

“we’re gonna get so good  at paying creators within 10 years kids graduating high school and college are going to think of being a creator as a viable option”
how just because of patreon? I feel like all this video ended up being was him giving some rosy predictions and not even giving any evidence to it.

Dana Zainescu says:

Oh, so he’s one of the creators of Patreon. Not only artists, but a lot of online web novel translators I know are using it at the moment

gaby de wilde says:

He forgot to bring the band. No one wants to hear a Dabo girl talk for more than 3 minutes. (being creative here lmfao)

Ah there it is

I liked the “I hope you make it some day” part. Oh, you make music? Why not do something useful like become a military contractor, work in finance or food engineering (insert long list of stupid jobs here)

Rayden says:

Literally thought it was Vsauce judging by the thumbnail LOL


So strong and good to know…. thank you!

Stavros Danas says:

So true…

Isaac Hatch says:

This is a highly optimistic view

Lance Flair says:

I realy hope so

luis fernando says:

How much does Patreon make from each artist?

Endy Kenny says:

Wait ,HE created patreon?

Foxarocious says:

His passion soaks right through his talk.


Let’s do this

Eduard Vijulie says:

How long will this last? Will all humans spend their time in front of their screens in the future? Your enthusiasm is obvious and innocent but what you don’t quite know is that you’re uploading data into a system that will create a world in which algorithms take control and humans become irrelevant! Good luck!

Videoteca de OLi says:

Idealism happened.
Crisis is our best friend.

Joost Cornelissen says:

economy survival offering eompit but teach funding full exercise well.

BobDolemon Gaming says:


Veo T. says:

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

Bøø9 says:

Patreon needs competition, and needs to be better at the banking side of their business.

Zain Siddiqui says:

Sailing La VegaBonde…I seen them so many times man…they are on this platform too..amazing…I always wondered where they made their money from.

Joelleen Beangh says:

that is why i am unemplyed

code beat says:

Great stuff, thanks for sharing. This definitely a solution to a dead end for much people. As you can see, countless examples available everywhere, solutions doesn’t come from politics.

JoeHornacek says:

Wow. Pretty Cool.

CCMusic says:

Why do liberals insist on banning people that don’t agree w them??

It’s a joke.

Remember free speech??

Travis Grant says:

The monetization system has never worked for the majority of humanity, and no reformation of the monetization system will cause it to. A new system is required, not patchwork in the same underlying system.

eric pirot says:


Matilda Bailey says:

Snake bishop always guidance poetry watch loan rank.

77Night77Shade77 says:

This man is a despicable libtard fuckhead, who has no idea how people or the economy work. Doesn’t he understand that people will only become dependent on things like this? What a fool…

Ben Phelps says:

TED, you’re amazing. This video was truly inspirational. Jack is a perfect speaker to discuss this evolving model of making creative careers sustainable. Thank you!!

Thytos says:

Wait. I thought Hank Green created Patreon? How was I so misinformed?

Ross Culverwell says:

wow i needed this

Paula Comellas says:

OMG it’s you!! I love pomplamoose…

I Dislike the new Youtube says:

I’ve yet to hear an argument where “art” is something that should be “paid” for.

Yzyxdolorza says:

Oh well. I guess the ones who used to be called “artists” are not even included in that term anymore.

Zeno Nexus says:

yah yah yah more money for college educated entitled artists with ritch parents. I have no value as a creative person. what am I supposed to do? go to a media group and say I have no experience or education will you hire me? well yes that does sound like the most ridiculous idea ever. this does nothing for impoverished people. you only benefit from this if you have the opportunities of higher education.

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