How Do Graphic Designers Make Money?

How Much Money Do Graphic Designers Make?
Are you wondering if graphic design is a good career?
You might be concerned about how much graphic designers are paid and you’ve been reading salary reports and seeing sites like Fiverr pop up all over the place hurting designers.

Your family and friends may think graphic design is a hobby.
But this not the case. There is money in design if you STOP thinking of it as ART. Understand design leverages art, for the execution of SALES AND MARKETING. As long as you keep trying to sell art instead of trying to sell the ability to help a product or service sell to more customers…. you will struggle.

The price you charge has to align to the “Stakes” the value that the person stands to gain by leveraging your abilities and skills. Someone playing for high enough stakes can’t afford to hire cheap labor, it’s too important to them.

Find better clients, position yourself to work with people with high enough stakes. Market yourself more effectively as a designer.







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Ramon Garcia says:

Great advise ! Thanks for the insight!

Christopher Stokes says:

What books word you recommend to learn more about marketing and business.

imAkshay Official says:

can graphic designer can make good money by uploading our work on shutterstock, 123rf,etc…


I don’t know what happened to my other comment, it was from another account and might not have posted properly. But I’m now subscribed as promised. Anyway, just to recap, THANK YOU again for uploading this! It was Very inspirational.

Gabe Fajobi says:

what do you think is a good starting price to charge clients per hour is

Voolcan says:

going through an issue where i spent nearly 6 months working for a guy *motion graphics* who at the end tells me what ? i didnt know you wanted me to pay you…guess i was a fool for being soo humble at start, thought that reaching for his pocket after saying hello was not the best impression, i asked at the end where all was polished and showing value.

ahmed kahili says:

I am a painter and designer of everything 2D or 3D failed at these sites and I think she is a waste of time

DeadlyTV says:

As far as graphic design for YouTube. Could you make money off of graphic design as a hobby if you do graphic designs for YouTube Channels where they pay you money or advertise your channel so you can eventually make money off of YouTube?

Business Unleashed says:

This is excellent Roberto. All designers need to watch this.

Andrew Ahn says:

Hey Roberto, I have a wife and two kids and I’m a Full TIme Graphic Designer. at a small Fashion Company. My Father is a business man who make good money; however, he never took me seriously because of my professions and obviously because he think this profession will cannot feed family of four and buy a house and a car. Right now I’m still persevering. And I’m trying my best to one day prove him wrong with my professions in the future. I might not make millions (unless I own a successful company or agency) but I want to let everyone know I can become a huge success. What are you take on that?

Derrick Rhodes says:

your the coolest smartest lol

Joe Scoppino says:

Great video man

Brian Mahoney says:

Hey man. VERY inspirational video. Thank you. I’m considering a career in design and I feel like your advice may have just saved me from a few years of aggravation, countless wasted hours and a Lot of lost money. Thank you for taking thew time to make this video. I’m actually going to sub from my main channel. Thanks again.

Sammy i says:

I have been there :'( i left my dream because of too much discouragement of my parents and relatives , after 5 years of struggle in IT i finally find myself in this situation to come back to Graphics Designing , and good thing is that i have a good PC which i didnt had back then , and alot of content from you and various people , im so glad that fate has brought me back which i was destined to , and my journey has started , if you can give me some detail tips like how to climb up step by step , i got photoshop and practicing on it and would like to know where to go from here , i do need to create portfolio, can you tell me what should a portfolio should have when it comes to newbie like me?
and my biggest question is WHATS NEXT?! , too many things out there i wanna start and im overwhelmed

Momekh says:

Positioning is so important… Thanks for the reminder. Just started following you on YouTube… Awesome.

bosHans says:

Loving these vids man!

GxldyeVEVO says:

im 17
it is very hard for me to find a job and i don’t want to be like anyone else.. i want to design but i am scared that i am not going to be able to make it in the world as a artist. please help me. i need to know the was to sell me art.

Sumanth Neerumalla says:

I’d suggest every graphic designer to watch this video at some point, Roberto is 100% correct about not going for the client that will cheap out on you.

Making money as a graphic designer is no different from making money as any other professional. A key point to being able to earn a living is developing a strong personal network that can refer you regular business. Its going to be hard, and its going to take a lot longer than you would like, but this is the case for ANY business that performs a service for others. Starting a consulting business, or accounting firm, or legal firm, or anything where the majority of your money comes from other people needing your services means learning to price yourself so that you can continue to keep your business alive. That is going to mean you have to try harder at finding the right clients that are willing to pay you the money you deserve. There are plenty of businesses with less than excellent products/services that still succeed because they market themselves better. If that makes you mad then DO THE SAME. Learn how to sell your stuff better! No one will go out of their way to do that for you.

Thanks for the video Roberto, you’re sharing an important message to all the young professionals out there.

0verpoweredMadness says:

what would you think of doing a draw my life? 😮

Bokang Mokalakane says:

Awesome video it opened my thinking.

Jeremy Mura says:

Great video Rob!
You have to perceive yourself as being design consultant as well as niche down and focus on one field that you want to get into.
This allows you to get bigger clients and charge a higher rate.

Chris Nunn says:

Excellent information as always, Roberto. Thanks so much. I’d love to learn more about your process for getting contracts with larger advertising/marketing firms and studios.

zazen69 says:

How does one decide the right price to charge for design work?

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