The information in this video is from my own personal experience – the data came from this website:

I do not endorse this page or am affiliated in anyway – the numbers they presented made sense to me which is why I shared it.

Every artist has different experience working in comics, so the information in this video is subjective, from opinion and does not necessarily represent the current state of the comic business.


SolutionsMax R&D says:

hey can we go to companies like marvel and DC for interview directly without all convention things ? or is it better to go to convention?
and another thing to make our own comic book “series” do we have to go to a well popular companies like marvel and DC or can we start with a small company?

Poor Angus says:

What about comic writers?

dquintana47 says:

This video loaded, but a good briefing on rates income. Wold be great to talk more about secondary market original comic pages. Maybe show examples of art and their sales, for person like myself who wants to get into art buying. Want to know and see examples of art, and perhaps chase it with dialogue on value-buying, so as to make an investment rather than just a purchase… etc. Etc… like couponing… lol… “How to Be a Good Original Art ‘Invester'”

David Samples says:

Does an independent artist at a convention have to have a license to sell commissions of existing characters? I’ve always wondered about the intellectual property concern on that type of thing.

Island Breeze Media LLC says:

you have to do what your passionate about! do what you love and figure it out. get great advice like this video!

Erich Scheidle says:

In other words this is more a hobby or a little side job next to your real job.

James Gilbert says:

People will say its not money in something to discourage competition

PlanetKhaos says:

So glad I found your channel and you are able to talk candidly. It drives me crazy how tight-lipped this industry is about page rates. Thanks for the info. I think every new artist should make a goal of drawing a quality pages in 8 hours or less before they try to enter the field. $200/page sounds low at first but if you are getting a page done in 8 hours, it’s very comparable to other professional jobs like graphic design. Then as you grow and build your reputation, if you are good, the money will come. Like you said, there are other channels to sell your art too.

Jaako L. Puudist says:

Conventions? If there were any in Estonia…

Zaun Gästin says:

Page Rates beginning at 5:10

Zzziiziidjdk Wuwuwuwuw says:

But if you draw anime like Naruto and making a serie how much do you get if your the drawer? Like you draw characters and stuff. How much do you do?

reece grooms says:

is it different for painters like Alex Ross paolo Rivera etc

Daniyal Najafi says:

Very Interesting

Exile Fad3 says:

I am making a homemade comic right now

Tomas Corvidea says:

The old way. Get duped into going to an Art institute, at $100 per page at the high end, how long will it take to pay off the $100K in debt? Or the new way buy some 3D figure software and appropriate Photoshop actions. Youtube tutorials are free and one artists can make an entire comic book-graphic novel by him/herself. No deadline pressures, and no editors molesting your art or your script. Then self publish, bypassing the industry altogether, with less than a $300 initial investment.

Darren Ross says:

I been doing comic books and I have never made any money at all.
I never work DC but I always to want to.

Big Bad Booker says:

why in god’s name did this take 18 minutes lol

Star Brand says:

I’m NOT a comic artist, but I wish I were. All these people complaining about low salaries? I would rather draw, and be paid low, because I love comics, instead of being a cashier, hating it, and STILL getting paid low.

zogadog says:

nice video mate, tis good to hear from an experienced artist talken real

Garry Wharton says:

i’m confused. do you get the same pay if you ink your own work ? so it would be easyier for the artist to send pencils?

Conexão N says:

I love that video. hugs from Brasil

Draw Anything says:

Love your art! Please do penny ides, or batman vs joker! Also, what comics did you illustrate? I want them!

The Trio Production says:

If I draw the cover for my comic book myself, will I get the sum?


I Draw because I Love it.

A dolf says:

This freak is an ennerving idiot.

PlanetKhaos says:

Excellent video. I’ve been surprised for decades how tight lipped artist have been over page rates. It’s great to hear some real data. Thank you.

Greaseball 72 says:

How much does a comic artist make= absolutely fuck all most of the time. There, saved you watching this….

Joshua Knight says:

Just found this video. This is really helpful information. Also, I gotta ask what that piece is on the wall directly behind you. Are those Youtubers as superheroes? I just know the guy over your left shoulder is Angry Joe…and I see Comic Book Girl 19 as well.

Violet Silver says:

As much as I’d love to get the top cash and get $600 a page for my work, I’d happily make pages for $20 a piece. I love making art and I’ll do it regardless of the pay, if I wanted a secure high paid job I’d go for something else. I’m here for community and passion, seeing the prices helps me get an idea of how much I could get paid for my work but it’s my love that brought me here, not the paycheck.

KnightIllus says:

Thanks for helping me decide on a career path.

Knghtgraphix Studios says:

Thank you for your information and honesty…This is very helpful…

Jay Tamayo says:

I wodering to work as a comif artist or an animator (traditional) or in movie. This video makes me kinda think “hhhhhmmmmmm”. Decision making is very crucial here. The one good hing your mentioned is the convention. If one wants to work into covers then he or she has to make it very good, stricking especially when he or she is a new guy.

Dyan Bermeo says:

Get into the videogame industy, motion graphics and movie arts. Comics is a dying industry . Their not selling as many units as before. My advice get a stable job and do art on the side. Dont get into debt and dont stay at min wage job and welfare food stamps for ever.

Christopher Awayan says:

hello, how long does it take normally to finish 1 comic page?

YouTube's phantom studios says:

How much marvel give for 1 page?

Tejkam art studio says:

Thank you very much big bro this information is really helpful to all rising artist in this flied and I just loved your line in staring of the topic it is really matter bro .we work just because of our passion not for money .bravo !!!

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