How much MONEY do concept artists make? + Freelance artist tips. TCC#16 July 27 2018

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Overwatch (PC, PS4)
League of Legends (PC)
Diablo 3 (PC,PS4)
Hearthstone (Mobile, PC)
Burning Crusade (PC)
Wrath of the Lich King (PC)
Final Fight Streetwise (PS2)
He Man (GBA)
Terminator 3 (GBA)
CannonBallers (Mobile)
Twilight Monk
Nova Colony
Galaxy’s Edge
Millenium Actress
Goblins and Gnomes


Daniele Pagnin says:

When you talked about FZD, did you mean the Feng Zhu Design school??

Keep Rocking! says:

2:50 experience is overrated. Skill is what counts. Especially, for movies. You want to work on a Marvel Studios project? Draw like Ryan Meinerding and Andy Park. Strong foundation skills. Your experience is not relevant at that point. Your skill is. Videogames want experience due to the projects expecting you to give up your f*cking life. A newbie may not be so inclined to do so. :/

Llareian says:

Hi Trent, thank you for your awesome videos, and your awesome art! I’m an aspiring indie designer (who isn’t these days, amirite?) who’s still in the early stages, working on building my chops making some simple games, so my questions are from a slightly different angle. Thank you so much in advance for any advice you can provide.

Q1) Do you have any advice for developers on how to approach an artist with a job offer (especially for freelance work)? In the first contact, what information do you think is vital to include?

Q2) One of my long-term goals/dreams is to have a solid enough business to approach an art studio like Aquatic Moon to work on a project. Do you have any suggestions on how to get to that goal, from your perspective? Put another way, what do you look for in a project or dev. studio to work with?

Nino MK says:

This video was pure gold man. Thanks so much! I dont wanna be a super pro but im just learning and see if i can make a few bucks in the future because art is something i believe you need to love doing, but if you want a lot of money you can also try getting it from other businesses or jobs (other sources), and just keep yourself working on your art because its amazing to create what you love and find beautiful 🙂

Skystripe Burns44* says:

Sounds a little intimidating but it does sound interesting. I’m solo artist in self-training but the advice you’re giving me is giving me some ideas that I could use in the future

Matt Kowaleski says:

Art is such an intensely competitive job market to try to get into. Worrying constantly about my skill level, trying to find a way to get work etc just sucked all of my enjoyment out of art. Instead it’s worked better to be a programmer for a job and art as a hobby. Yeah I’m not as good as the pros, I’m not as fast or as capable. I’ve just come to accept that, because it’s better for me to accept that and actually enjoy art again. YMMV

Carlos Fuentes says:

So RAW!!! , this make me wake up, THANKS A LOT BRO!

Bradley Thornhill Illustration says:

My god, I love your direct approach to this… Thank you for that man…
A low hanging fruit right now in the digital art world is working with content creators… there are so many of them out there that want custom work that you can really line up some clientele if you can DRAW well and process it digitally efficiently…
(I cant wait to get your cheats set…. )

Malephilim says:

Thank you so much for talking about this! There is so much more to being a successful artist than your level of skill, I really appreciate your advice on this. I know so many skilled artists that don’t make it anywhere because they lack the fundamental skills they don’t know they should be developing.

If possible could you talk more about the non-art skills that make a successful artist in the business? What kind of mindset does it take to be successful in the industry?
P.S. You have my thumbs up.

Andrew Wiley says:

Amazing vids! I have a question. Is it good for a beginner to learn 2D and 3D design? I’m currently learning Photoshop for Pixel Art and Blender 3D for character models, rigging, and animation. I’ve also started learning how to draw. As a beginner am I spreading myself too thin?

Wurm says:

ya, Bro.

Veinera says:

I really love the name Aquatic Moon! Also really great video, quite eye-opening and inspiring me to work hard!

L says:

4:45 finally a benefit to living in australia with our terrible currency lmao

Nivardo Rojas says:

thank you very much for your time

MattGameShow says:

Hey there! It would be awesome if you create tutorial covering all fundamentals 🙂
Would buy it definitely !

Paige Critchlow says:

Hey man, thanks for sharing some of your knowledge and experiences on this topic! As a freelance artist who has been doing more and more serious over the past two years, I find this still very helpful!

Stick Figure Arena says:

Thanks you so much!!!

ShiranuiTV says:

Hey man, thanks for sharing! I’ve been working as a freelance concept artist since graduation 3 years ago. Yes, it has been a tough road and its still is. Glad to know more how things work in this industry from an experienced artist. Sometimes its really hard to have consistent projects to work on. They just come and go =/

MrTayseanpwns says:

How can someone apply to Aquatic Moon? I could not find it on the website.

Master Pej says:

I LOVE THIS CHANNEL!! Thank you Trent for sharing all your tips and knowledge. I appreciate how you put things into perspective and help aspiring artists like me have more realistic expectations before getting into this. More power to you! Will be looking forward to more videos 🙂

Long journey says:

who are these godly artist so i can see them

P. says:

Very informative video, your input is always appreciated. I myself got lucky (because I was absolutely terrible at illustration) and got my first job doing illustrations for mobile video games for kids during my 1st year of university, and got paid 20$/hr to do so. Every project was a rush, and I would spend 50 hours a week (+ my studies, I was at school at that time!) working, then the other week 0. Did this for 2 years during my studies. Very demanding and unforgiving. It all paid off in the end because I got hired in a big company the last month of my studies, and am still here, living the dream.

Samuel Smith says:

dude guy brother bro

Domingo says:

Hi Trent! What are your thoughts on becoming a concept artist living in a country that does not has the development in the matter like usa or other countries? ( I am from Argentina )

There is little to none gaming/movies industry here. So im talking about working for some studio out of the country. What about working freelance from home? What about moving to sayed country?

Lulu Bell says:

Also kindle?

Love N. Rumba says:

Love the Salsa flow music and all the knowledge of yours you just gain a new subscriber

curanmorArt says:

Thank you for your amazing video Mr. Trent 🙂

btw, i have a question. Recently i have a job from a client to do an illustration (not concept art).
In the middle of process, my client start to comparing my working time with other artist and demand me to make an illustration less than a week with high quality without further information or direction about how the art should work.

my question is, How should I respond to this?
thank you 🙂

Nesreen Jawhari says:

thanks for giving so much info about the industry!

John Woodall says:

Live like a rock star? I just want to keep my lights on…

John Carter says:


cr pk says:

I was listening to it and I’m in fzd . Ahahaha cheers from 1 term. We are dying here but for a good reason 😀

MoonshineSazerac says:

I love how some illiterate random on the internet wants to know how to ‘git gud and makes munniez’ and asks Trent fucking Kaniuga for magical tips.

Jakub Politzer says:

That’s is a nature of a business everywhere. Trent, i have a suggestion for you. Break down what mean to be professional from you point of view. it’s deeply connected with money and how successful you can be in the industry. I believe me and others appreciate that.

Matthew Laughlin says:

Trent, I am a hobbyist when it comes to art…I want to get into the animation/comic book field, yet I have 3 children, a wife, and a house. I work a full time job and try to squeeze in as much time as I can progressively learning and practicing ellipses and other techniques to steady my hands. In order to successfully make money one day would you encourage someone in my situation to continue on the road I’ve been on, or would college help bridge that gap (or put me deeper into a financial hole). Thank you for your time!

Dream Drawer says:

I really want to get into concept art but I also want to do a lot of other stuff like dance and music and skating etc…would I have time to do that?

NA NA says:

Bust yo ass boy!

Lulu Bell says:

I hope this isn.t insulting in any way, but when i look at you I keep thinking of sabertooth from x-men xD. Also live your stuff, just started watching your vids, keep it up! And thank you for all the information and advices you give us!

Ramón Martínez says:

Thanks 🙂

Umar Faruk says:

learned a lot thanks !….

Mauku says:

When I started doing commissions, I think my hourly rate would be like 3 dollars lol. It wouldn’t pay for squat.

It’s gone up to 10 dollars an hour, which i’m quite happy about.

Ciobanu Bogdan says:

BROTHER, this brother talks like Hulk Hogan, brother!

Jólét says:

Is my art good enough to make that kind of money? I’m kind of just starting out. I’m in a brand new genre and a new medium. It is hard when you don’t know what people want. It is only lately on Pinterest where I’m getting people liking my art. It was only after I told them what was going on when people was ignoring me when people started to like it. My profile pic just got 13 likes. Another less detailed got 43 likes. I don’t get it. It was only when I said I wanted to quit was when one told me no. To keep going which meant alot to me. I framed it and put on my Twitter.

Mezka says:

Im currently 16 and really hoping to get into the industry with concept art. However im really worried I’ve lost my shot at doing so i started doing 3D renders when I was 12 but stopped when I was around 14. However now im going HAM with creating characters and what not, drawing everyday for hours. How old did you start working hard to get where you are? Im worried those wasted years have put me at a disadvantage.

Kalvin Lyle says:

Great video man, really good to hear someone talk abort the business side and the non-art skills artists need

Colin E says:

Thank you for the info

Jólét says:

Good talk. Loved it. Thanks so much!

sybsk3tch book says:

Hello sir, I am a fan of your work and you did such an amazing job making your cartoon series.
I want to ask if someone ask to make an animation from you, how would you price your work? Is it per hour or the finished product?

Keep doing your amazing art and keep being awesome!

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