How to get Followers | 10 BasicTips

Hey Rambunators! ~
I’ve collected 10 tips for you to get more followers in a fair way without asking for S4S (share for share) or spamming in other artists comment section!
Everything is based on my own expieriences, so I’m alsways open to more suggestions of you 🙂

For my German Viewers, hier eine etwas ältere Sammlung von meinen Tipps für Seitenanfänger:
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What I used
• Uni Kuru Toga 0.5 (Sketch)
• ZIG clean Color [flesh color | persian blue | pink]
• Ecoline Brush Pen Magenta
• Artline Stix Brush Marker
• Artline 200 Fine 0.4
• Staedtler tripus fineliner
• Waterbrush with container (No name product)
• MD Midori paper Sketchbook
• Hybrid Gel pen (Highlights)
• Uni Posca White (Highlights)
♦ Satie – Gymnopedie no.1
♦ Chris Zabriskie – I need to start writing things down
♦ Kevin MacLeod – Sapphire Isle
♦ Kevin MacLeod – Atlantean twilight
♦ Chris Zabriskie The temperature of the air on the bow of the kaleetan

Creative Commons Attribution license (


KermitTheFrogman says:

Ever since the new algorithm I get about half the traction on my page. And it sucks because instead of spending 60-80 hours on a piece of work like I used to, I’m now spending around 200-220 hours on something. I only have a few followers so it sucks that I can’t get my bang for my buck 🙁

Alice Avetisyan says:

This video is very uplifting, thanks for sharing it 🙂 I feel more at ease and motivated after watching it

Sam Scarlett says:

Your voice is wonderful 0-0 so calming and soothing U.U

But one question :
What the use if I post one thing every week but not that good. If I can post better and quality content once in two weeks or in a month?

Pumpkin Maryam says:

Oh mygod
Okay so like I’ve had people beg on my page on more than one occasion and it pisses me off so much like
First time it was a comment where someone (who admittedly was more skilled than me) just literally commented a video link and nothing else.
Twice I had people on ig post a standard pasted “Nice, now look at my page” speal.
The worst one however? I made a vent post about my eating disorder and someone advertised their ARG on it. That time made me so furious I admittedly harshly called them out on it and they removed it, thank goodness, but had the nerve to shade me for getting reasonably mad about it.

floxabia says:

I don’t think I have a problem with share for share as long as it’s two artists trying to help each other out and not you trying to help a spam account

Yeet says:

Hey Guys,I know she said not to do this ,but im started a art account,@eth.pinto

galaxygirlcameron says:

For my accounts I drew a galaxy girl and my username is galaxygirlcameron (as seen here) and it is close to me because it has always been my character/oc even for l.a.r.p and I don’t know if my username is too long because most people say to stick to something simple and this always has been my simplist username but in videogames people always shortened it to galaxy or Cameron or even glxy and I just want to know if I should change it?

Fidis says:

asian nigger

Iam Reesi says:

I definitely SUB to anyone who will SUB to me… Comment “DONE!” like 1 or 2 videos and push the NOTIFICATION bell… Thanks…

See Foon says:

I am so happy that I found your clip. It so inspired, as I am 8 years old girl from Chaing Mai, Thailand. I am just starting. I will keep learning from you. 🙂

derp media says:

I didn’t really care about spreading my art around the world, until a friend sad to me: pls go spread this art around, it deserves it. So that’s how I ended up here 😉

Osiriskarayan Gamer says:

Thank you for the tips… I’m starting new in this social business adventure, I will used your advice. Thank you

Lioness Designs says:

Absolutely Beautiful art! Great video. I hope this doesn’t sound too strange but you have a great voice. I feel like I am talking to a very kind wise friend! Thank you for sharing your tips and your art! @lioness.designs

o Lana o says:

But I’m just wondering is there by any chance I can use colored pencils and still make something beautiful..?

Larry Williams says:

Thank you so much for the advice 🙂 as a new channel I see how hard this whole endeavor is, and your words of encouragement are a huge help.

road work ahead uh yeah i sure hope it does says:

These tips are important to not only the Instagram art community but other social medias as well, as throughout my triumph to victory I always would see people following and then unfollowing. My opinion in this is that, that is extremely disrespectful to the artist. You were never interested in the art, but you were interested in the follow. Followers are not real fans, always remember that for those of you who do this.

Poke87 Mon says:

Yo! Nice drawing! If you have time, check out my stuff!

Just kidding, I don’t even have any public videos. But your art is gorgeous!

Alwysb Creative says:

Very helpful Tips and Gorgeous Work! Great Job!

xxmoonangelxx says:

Thanks for these tips, they were very useful! 🙂 Though I must say I’m a little embarrassed now when you mentioned that you shouldn’t put x’s in front or at the end of your name hehe ^^;;

Akashi says:

I call that follow buying

Taifuun says:

It’s okay if our art sucks right? I can do all of these things but I’m still a beginner xD

P.G.T Craft says:

Can this tips be used to tumblr?

And i’m still young

Legendary Gamer says:

Then what if i dont know what to draw i face that problem alot

rajendra kumari says:

it’s frustrating to go and comment on other channels..I agree

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