How to Get Paid To Draw!

In this video Trent explains a few ways that you can get started earning money for doing artwork. How to get paid to draw. Make a living as an artist.


NAdia says:

Great.advice, thanks! Will report back when I’ve completed the challenge!!

Natix says:

just amazing!

ahmad bawazeer says:

i was in a city in south east asia called ( Kuching ) i had free home stay cuz i made a mural in the hostel , and i was making 10 $ a day out of my work in arabic calligraphy . precious memories . most of the things u said happen , i was living out of my art for few days .

CyberLitaBot says:

This was inspirational. thank you. I Always wanted to use etsy to sell my drawings in book form that I have made. X)

Exulansis says:

I’m glad I subscribed, talks like these give me hope that I may have a future in what I’m doing now. Thanks a bunch!! As well as for your uploads! Maybe this time I hope to take risks and challenge myself as an artist to grow and become who I am going to be. (That was a declaration for myself so I don’t lose sight of the path I want to take :D)

Jikiface says:

I always love watching your videos. So inspiring!
But yeah, growing up I was always known as that black dude that draws really well. Throughout high school, I would get paid to draw stuff for people. I was even commissioned after high school by a guy I knew to do a few projects for him and his uncle. It was cool, but I wanted to do other stuff like create stories. I have TONS of stories that I would like to do. Just never knew how to go about doing that from scratch. I like comics, but I never actively read them like most people. But I would like to start making my stories into comics. Can you give me any advice on that?
Oh, and thanks for the vid! Great info. I’ve been wanting to freelance pro-style for a while now.

2013danrazor says:

im not sure if i should proceed my art school or go to law. >.<

Ruud the Diamond says:


ABC Destroy says:

Awesome video,.. great inspiration!.. Truly appreciated.

Artisankat Studios says:

I really love this mentality. That even someone as known as Trent can be like ‘Hey, just go out there and make some scratch and get started. 50 bucks? Hells yeah! Go for it’. In comparison, I’ve heard so many concept artists whining in various videos about how shafted they feel from getting 5000 dollars from a freelance piece (One or two pieces) and about how they feel so sad that they don’t get paid for reproductions of the piece….

Billy Maniatis says:

But according to what factors do you set your first price? Experience, time spent, personal opinion, demand? Drawing is my passion and I am happy to give my creations to those who like them but I am starting to get more and more requests and I dont know how or if I should start asking for money.

Carrera says:

Wow! you really like pets

Algirdas Šalomskas says:

man, I hope you don’t die. make stuff foreverrr !

5UP says:

Thanks for the video.
I’ve been wondering how I could make a start on maybe selling of my drawings or even some of my photographs to make some extra money.

PhilllChabbb says:

I’ve been on hiatus making freelance art for a while now… I must say your video really inspire and gave me a nice kick to get back in that creativity loop! 😀 YAY ♥

TK KID says:

Hey Trent, this worked.

Everton Suzart says:

you are so inspiring… Thanks for your videos.

Sucoshi says:

Hi, Like very much your videos and art. I’d like to know what site did you said!? craiglist!?

Jacob's Drawing Channel says:

Well that motivated me a lot, tomato characters for other people, i will clearly buy your tutorials!;) I hope they will be very helpful for me, what do you think, Imo only 16 years old, should I start with that or am I to young? I got only my JPS_ART page on instagram…should I do even a Website ??…TAHNKS A LOT for this video!!! (sorry for my bad english…)

DanganHentai says:

purple guy confirmed

Obhin says:

This is very inspiring! : D Trent, you got such a kick-ass attitude. I’ve finally managed to score my first job as a concept artist and art director at a company I started with some friends. Thank you so much for making these videos! ^_ ^

Jordan Williams says:

Like I know all this, but it just helps to sit there and listen to that advice sometimes, and I missed drawing so soo much


I’ve made 237 euros with my art thanks to you! Yay!

Derrick Thomas says:

trying qriket use my refer 4AC7E9 get ferr money

Arief Rachiim says:

thank you so much… its really help me

DizieNess says:

Ever since I subscribed to your channel I’ve been taking in nothing but inspiration and knowledge on every aspect of art. I highly appreciate all the time and effort you put into these vids, whether they’re 3 minutes or a little over an hour, each vid is filled with decades worth of wisdom. My goal is become the best I can be as a newly found digital artist, and for that, I thank you!

coffee jimin says:

Haha my friend payed me $20 for drawing her twenty one pilots (her favorite band) and my other friend wants me to draw her bf and her getting married for $35 (lmao she’s determined)

bruladeen says:

Hi. Thank you for posting this video, it was really helpful. I already make money of my art, but i want to do more and this is great advice in which I will take take full advantage of. I mostly do paintings on canvas, painting with acrylics. I can do almost anything, landscapes, portraits, murals and so on. You can check out my work at

Jimmy Yin says:

Who else searched bootylicious. com? LOL

Aisha says:

wow this video really helped me!! I draw alot and get payed in donations witch isn’t alot! but this has really helped to guide me with my prices and where to find customers 😀 some of my commissions are on my channel. Thank you so much for, well, your whole channel!!! 🙂

Nate Ungrodt says:

Northwest Indiana represent! La Porte here. Love the vids friend, thanks very much for all the tips and technique examples.

Tamara Havik says:

I’m already a little step beyond “the first job that gets paid”, but I still remember the feeling someone bought a drawing of mine ^^ It was a portrait, just a sketch really. I only got like 1 euro for it, but it felt great! (I was only 12) I was drawing portraits (of real and imagined people/animals) after that nearly every day for years ^^ Didn’t get paid often and certainly not a lot, but I just really liked doing it.

Some years later came the real boost though. I visited a studio of an artist during an “open day” where all the art studios in that village open up and you can walk around and take a look. And one artist had these really interesting graphite sticks, he was praising them, said they came from France or something and my fingers itched man! I wanted to try them! But I was too shy to ask. A friend of mine saw it and luckily was not as shy. So she told the guy I was an artist too (I didn’t really feel like it) and if I could try it. I just sketched a face, I think I tried his face, or just a face. Because of all the practice I could now sketch a face with a few strokes and he was so impressed he bought that sketch for 10 euros. That was it for me. I got recognised as an artist by another artist, he even said his own students could learn from this drawing. I used the money to buy my friends hot chocolate ^^

At the moment I’m not doing art full time, but I do illustrations for a small board game publisher (one game per year, getting paid) and I’m drawing comics on the side (getting practice ^^). My day job is teaching biology in high school (four days a week), which is my other passion. It pays the bills and this all keeps me busy eight days a week, but I love the balance!

Huzza Tygbread! says:

Hi Trent its Huzza i like the idea of selling rights to companies but how do i obtain rights to my pics first is it easy as just gmailing it to my gmail?

La Porta D says:

The topic is great but, I like the drawing more lol. I’m digging the idea and look of this rich guy. Were you actually trying to make his coat look like velvet? Because it looks like that.

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