How to Make BIG MONEY as an ARTIST – 3 Ways to Make Money

I talk through 3 great ways to make money as an artist so that you can make being an artist your full time career.

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Adil Draws says:

I like your dress look so cool. I guess you can work on your background because I know you can make something cool. One more things. I guess you getting hard time to talk in front of the camera because of extreme light. You are talented. Keep going.

Geri Booker says:

Amazing Talent.

Sasubii Online says:

You obviously don’t HAVE to, but if you don’t mind, could you do a vid on basic things. Such as how to not damage brushes when cleaning, how to control colours when mixing on the paper, how to layer different types of paints etc.

Isabel Groeneveld says:


Keti Van says:

Those tips are really useful only then, when we turn them into practice and reality.

Kaleb Benjamin says:

Wow! This will help me a LOT with my art process. Thank you for all of the inspirational videos you put out, it really helps.

Tiffany Grey says:

I love your art. Thank you for this video!

Timinator62 says:

#1 Item needed to “succeed” as an artist is….TALENT.


Hi Kristy, have you already made a video on how to build a following? I’d really to see your advices on this topic

GodzHarleyGirl Studio says:

Thanks so much, Kirsti, this is good information and it’s helped a lot. Love your artwork! Hugz, Tree

Amber Sen says:

you are very beautiful

Panashe says:

Really miss the graphite tutorials

Lovely Wolf says:

You should teach at my school.The teacher there sucks.

Brandon Bliss says:

I love ur channel and tutorials. I would love if maybe u could do digital tutorials maybe on photoshop or Krita or something like that would be awesome

ArtCadets says:

I love your watercolour paintings! One question-Did you get a following on YouTube before beginning Patreon or did you get a following on YouTube because you already had Patreon? I imagine creating good content For Patreon is a lot of hard work – (you must work so many hours to fit it all in!)- but wouldn’t you need a large following first to make it worthwhile? xx

Unicorn, Starbucks!! says:

I love all your videos because it helped me develop as an artist and helped me at school. I also drew hair wrong until you came into my life. Thx a lot. Keep up the good work.

Scarpie Parpie says:

I have been thinking about this as well, great tips for those that havent. Building up online presence with freebies and business is an ongoing thing for me. Great painting by the way

Visual Mind says:

I loved those tips – thank you! Also that painting is gorgeous!

DatosDan says:

i love it! thanks for the useful advice too!

UV Art says:


Dragon artist says:

And they said art isn’t a real job

Lenora Brown says:


sophia taylor says:

Thanks Kirsty, Please would you like to tell how much time you took to be so much well in drawing?

Precious Gem says:

Love your videos!!

equesdeventusoccasus says:

Do you consider what to put in the eye reflections or do you just default to eye lashes? I once added reflections of a clock in an office worker’s eyes where the left eye had 8:00a.m. and the right one had 5:00p.m. I have noticed that some people get quite elaborate with what they put into the reflections. (Especially with digital art)

Kirsty Partridge Art says:

These are some of my top ways to earn a living from your art. Did you find them useful and do you have any other methods you want to share?

stick man says:

Awesome art!! !

Renuka Brown says:

I have to say its hard listening to this amazing advice that your giving because im in another world watching you paint..:)

Left Brain Liz says:

Thanks for the tips, Kirsty! I was just thinking about this very topic the other day

Artists mind says:

I think you are great Artists teacher

Olympia Ba says:

I’m part of your Patreon community 🙂

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