How to make money as a freelance artist!

I have a couple of artist friends who told me this dark truth about their lives.

Apparently this is how you pay the bills, and it makes sense.

I hope this scares you straight, aspiring cartoonists.

I’d recommend grabbing a Computer Science degree to avoid this NIGHTMARE REALITY on your quest for success.

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Big project coming up.


XXBloodyElle says:

Man I can’t wait for you to get really big with a million subs or so. Uploading once every 3 months, tweeting about your depression, your content being the complete opposite of what we subbed for and 1/10 of the quality

Alex Miller says:

I have friends who tell me that r/furry_irl is unironically the best meme subreddit
But i’m not gonna go there. Too scary

IchBinEin says:

Hey, can you make a painting for me? I can’t pay you, but i can give you *_E x p o s u r e_*

Dolan Dark says:

It’s all about the duck porn these days

TehEpicDuckeh Gaming says:

Wait a minute that pencil’s backwards!

Bryan Emanuel says:


Lightshockie says:

Oh god, but the money they do make? wowowow

Tease my Nipple says:

I looked through patreon the other day and saw fucking furry artists making 10k+ a month

Elie4Elite says:

wait what’s the point of the guitar

Duke Potato says:

A necessary evil. You wanna be an artist kid? Well then ya better show your feet on a late night segment of a children’s network. You wanna put out albums on a subradar YouTube channel? Better crank out a 3x as many memes.

Art for others is one of the the last remaining true methods of redistributing wealth.

TheKeilanm says:

I want to find out how much revenue is made by artists, this could be a multi-million dollar industy

playing without voice says:

Dude, woah, don’t disrupt the natural cycle (how ever gross it is)

maxchutch says:

Made me laugh out loud man

Bryan Brandonisio says:

This channel is consistently the best thing online what the heck

Parker Miller says:

Art is the blood of life. Some blood is just a bit dirtier than others

EpicDonutDude says:

You are on fire with your latest uploads!

Ralph Smit says:

People can believe what they want, except for furries and people who think that there are more than 2 genders

Satisfiction says:

Oh you know what’s up

Aaron guy says:

My dude with these uploads I don’t know if my pants can take anymore.

Luke Helgerson says:

I am an aspiring freelance artist. I refuse to draw degenerate subject matter.

It’s great because I only have to report my income from Subway on my taxes… :/

MrToko76 says:

Criminally underrated channel

BunearyTraver says:

You can’t just say the truth like that on the internet!

Ayydolf Hitlmao says:

Fuckin furries

punished snake says:

Me at the end

Duncan Turner says:

I love it

Haydn Koeller says:

This video right here Mike Love!

Dan Bliss says:

47th losers! bahahaha

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