How to Make MONEY as a Graphic Designer

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Making money as a designer can be a bit hit and miss sometimes! So here are some great ways to make some money being a graphic designer!

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EpicDino says:

Love this! Thank you so much! This really help 🙂

Joel Freeman says:

Ive watched a few of you vids. I would like to make a suggesting. I do video editing and notice when you do cuts in you vids it for lack of a better word is jumpy if you put a simple dip to black at the cuts is will make you vids much smoother……great info tho

Aly Sutton says:

Hey! I have a general question for you. I ave been somewhat struggling to get back into a steady practice of drawing and designing and I’m really interested in doing hand lettering… but anyway, do you think a tool like an iPad pro with Procreate could help make it easier to consistently practicing more? I love old school paper and pens and all that but I find it a bit discouraging given my space and time,, retracting and scanning and all that stuff.

Izak Bailon says:

What’s your IG account?

Brianna D. Morse says:

If you want to learn How to make money online.?.Just Search Google; “Justnox mega mind profit system”

Andres Guzman says:

I studied graphic design and I wanted to be a web designer from the start. For me it turned out ok

Arthur Watts says:

Waaayy too much effort for most YTers, WIll 😉

The growth industry atm seems to be ‘mining’ more popular YTers, either by rehashing their content or throwing out wild estimates re their income based purely on their subscribers/views. You dont need any content of your own, just a complete lack of ethics and a willingness to post soundbites TMZ-style to support your contention that they’re a Nazi or whatever. I know that’s wildly OT, but sadly that’s how I see social media in 2017 – good luck with your channel.

(FWIW, I view anything with ‘How to make money’ in the title as clickbait, but I enjoyed this vid)

Alex Bankov says:

Hey guys. I really want to be seen on Behance. Can you check my portfolio and follow me? I am sure you will like my designs:

Carla Orellana says:

Oh Will, you are awesome, greetings from El Salvador!

beanheadshop says:

Good Content! Appreciate it.

harshang kale says:

Great Video!! Looking forward for many more!! Keep Artistically Creating!!

Shumpert Carl says:

Learn how to make over $4500 per month easily with.”Mojo make Money System” (just search google).

Wilma Meyer says:

I have serious matters before until I found an answer and that`s the program that authorized me to make income over 119 USD daily. A few other websites didn`t work to help me get a lot of achievements besides the fact that getting their survey jobs can guarantee big income. Only this site has reached my satisfaction. Visit Google and “zimo unique plan” to read more. For certain you`ll enjoy it…

praveen vasist says:

Very nice speech. Love it!

Steph L says:

I love art and always wanted to be in the creative field. I got awards and got in to art schools and a teacher high highly recommended me . but realistically it is not the most stable of careers. Especially today where there are so many people who can do similar or better art. Art is great but where I live economically you need a very stable income and breaking into the art field is hard. Everyone I knew who went into art left it. Maybe do it in the future alongside your main career for extra cash

Hei Hallo says:

Thanks man!
Just ONE thing. whats the background music you´re using? 🙂

The Jibes says:

Amazing content, as always.

Chill Vibes says:

*clicks on video*
“includes paid promotion*
*clicks away*

Wade Films! says:

Hey Will, love the video! You are evidently very talented both on paper and in front of the camera!

Just wondering why you chose MarzBar (Alex Brooks) as an example for adverts?

Bjuny says:

I read the thumbnail as Massive Income

stylejam says:

when is your logo design video ready

Flowered Sentiments says:

As a graphic designer, can I do that as an illustrator, that is drawing on paper or only on computer? Where could I work at for example?

Miriam T. Whitley says:

I only just started and so far wow! – $176 profit in the day!…. “Justnox mega mind profit system” (Just Search Google)
“Justnox mega mind profit system”

panot gbs says:

is graphic design hard?

Cesare Zuccaro says:

great video! Thank you Will!

Zohaib says:

really awesome and nice video

Rishabh gupta says:

please tell me where i can sell my design …like tshirt design logo design or any design plz suggest me wbsite where i can make money by post my designs …

Ahmed Raza says:

how can teach to sketch and design ????

Robert Docherty says:

This is great Will! Would love to chat sometime!

Dr Green says:

not sure if you can call youtube passive income. it’s not like you can make a bunch of videos and forget about it, then 10 years later, they have billions of views, making you millions of dollars. in reality, your videos can only make you so much and if you don’t make videos regularly, you’ll lose your following and be forgotten among the millions of youtubers.

ExoEffects says:

Making money is my main concern about working in the industry. I just don’t feel like im going to je good enough to earn a good amount of money even though I could spend all day working on designs… which i cant since im going to university for engineering almost all day.

xoxocurlychris says:

Thank you for this awesome video. Very motivating.

fairus rushit says:

if anyone here dont know much about artwork just see my speed painting on my chanel

ahmed kahili says:

I am a painter and designer of everything 2D or 3D failed at these sites and I think she is a waste of time

Rose Raised says:

Hello! 🙂

Matt Jones says:

Dropping knowledge. Solid advice Will

laboomerang says:

Interesting video, I never thought about teaching. Thanks!

Mohd Khairuz-Zamil Jamaludin says:

just dropping by to say hello! thanks for the video Peter…

Captain Fish KIller 022 says:

Me watching this video just help me come up with a logo design.


peace frome indonesia,,,,will

Parvez Raton says:

your the best tutorial.. thanks

mike mun says:

YouTube pays you in penny’s

Crying Orca says:

How come the discount from the link is not working?

Mono Star says:

Noob question: When you sell digital art online, do you recommend creating an account based on your real name or a nickname/alias?

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