How to Make MONEY as a YouTube ARTIST ft. @PeterHollens

✎ Peter Hollens is an American entrepreneur, pop singer and producer best known for his work on YouTube as an a cappella cover artist. With 1.5 million subscribers, his videos have reached a quarter of a billion views on FaceBook and YouTube since 2011. Hollens has collaborated and performed with several award-winning artists including Brian Wilson, Jason Mraz, Hunter Hayes, Gladys Knight, Lindsey Stirling, George Watsky, Jackie Evancho, and ThePianoGuys.

Hollens has released over 140 digital singles and six studio albums to date and continues to release new music every other week. He performs in a variety of different genres; Disney, folk, gaming songs, pop, and everything in between. Peter is extremely passionate about teaching others and is beginning to gear his company, One Voice Productions, toward the educational side of the music industry. The next phase of his career, will be teaching others how to make a living online, living their passion.

Hollens consults many of his peers and advises companies including Patreon, Loudr, Tubular and is on the YouTube creator advisory board. He’s frequently invited to speak for organizations such as these and met with the U.S. Congress last year to promote music education. In 2015, he was the key commencement speaker at the University of Oregon’s graduation ceremony.

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Thank you for watching – I really appreciate it 🙂


Xptechmike nosehairextractorguy says:

you look great, Peter. Inspiring even.

Candy Banda says:

Great video, awesome advice. Just to correct the song on the Lion King was done in Zulu and not Swahili. Thank you for inspiring me.

Raven The Crow says:

Superb interview, Evan, all questions were spot on and Peter answers were very interesting. Thank you for this interview.

P.S. Totally hated your “film how you poop to become more popular”. Especially cause you`re right.

Karen Jane says:

This is exactly what I needed starting a youtube channel. Thanks Evan!

MisterBassBoost says:

I enjoyed your video 🙂 Keep it up!

jetpack42 says:

Who wore it better, Peter Hollens or Josh Groban?

DJUCH says:

Great vid! Learned A LOT here, thanks for all the great tips!

AlonsoRE25 says:

Great interview.

David Marcum says:

Also interesting and funny, that he even addressed the importance of looking at the camera or the viewer, but yet he didn’t really do that! Nerves? Camera intimidation?

Peter Hollens says:

Thanks so much for the talk Evan! Absolutely my pleasure!!

LonelyBookaneer says:

Congratz on hitting the 700k subscribers mark!!!

David Marcum says:

Loved the content of this video with Peter Hollens, however just one word of advice for those whom you might interview in the future: I found watching this video a bit annoying because Peter’s focus was not on the camera, but instead was constantly looking away. I want to see the person being interviewed focused on me, as though he is talking to me. Loved the keywords “Weekly – Daily” advice.

Mel Mel says:

1.5 million wow!

Troy Hagen says:

THANKS for the video again Evan…. THANKS….

bless garba says:

that’s what every industry tells you ‘winning is about competition’ we are trained to treat competition as just the way to win and some how its a hard thing to break away from in life but I believe overcoming that mindset of competing but just doing what you love is the path to success. just do you. great advice ‘find someone who is doing what you love and just copy it’ awesome advice!

Starlyn Morel says:

this came in at the right time in my life.

Chris Gmusic says:

This week I am starting my channel. I am an artist and producer and this video perfectly pertains to my purpose. Thank you Evan and big shout out to Peter Hollens! Excellent content.

smokingyeyo cervantes says:

muchas gracias x todo el apoyo , ánimo que me animo dado ya paciencia de verdad lo aprecio mucho gracias

fLip xpandeR says:

good interview … cheers 😉

Anthony Keyes says:

Who is Gary V. or B. or D. or E.????

Mel Mel says:

this was a great interview

Jacqueline Van Bierk says:

Thanks for the video! Great content, I’m super motivated to grow my channel.

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