How to Make Money as an Artist

Here is my experience making money as an artist, and some tips that can hopefully help you out.

(Thanks For Watching!)~(^・ω・^✿)

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Zahra Bray says:

I had to pause the video at exactly 3:56 to type this, because my mom say’s the exact same thing.


yes we need to wear hats.

R'john Bernales says:

thanks for this Ursula…these are good tips 🙂

JollyGrump says:

I currently sell fullbody at 9€:D but it doesnt matter cuz no one hires me. (probably unless I give it out for free)

Ana Vargas says:

Amazing video, Ursula!! Sometimes it can be really hard to talk about this stuff, but it’s so important to have that touch of practicality in order to succeed. Thank you for rooting for us! We all root for you and Bones too!!

Lena Luna says:

some good advice. been doing coms for about two years now and im quiting cause i want more time for passion work. also are you and bones in a romantic relationship? does it make it easier to work together?

GRIMM says:

Thank you for this


what would be the next content making video?

LunaoftheSky says:

“You’re a skilled worker” Thats an important thing for people to know. Art is skilled labor and should be treated as such!!

Anaëlle L. says:

Hey ! I just wanted to say that you guys’ advice on CTA really helped me ! I started to ask for likes and retweets on twitter for my drawings and it WORKS ! I gained like 15 followers in 3 days, I’m at 141 now, my account is really new though. I also try to participate in art trades and making friends on artists discord channels hehe I might work on my comic(s) next. Thank you guys~

you don't know me says:

i used to do chibi commissions for 50 CENTS honestly hated doing them

Aaliyah Alejandro says:

i thought your username was McGay & Kray

Downhills Downer says:

This was such a nice video to watch and it helped put things in perspective for me. Recently I was thinking hard about what I wanted to do in life, I had always planned on making money off art but because of several things that happened I just wanted to give up. I started to aim towards being something else but it was making me depressed that what I’m doing right now (drawing) wasn’t going to be me in the future. The part where you talked about “don’t undersell your work” really hit me hard, a commission I just finished for a client was a digital piece of two full-bodied characters, full color and everything. The price was 8$. I know if I want to make a living off of being an artist I’m going to have to charge more but there’s no way I can see myself making my art more expensive, I feel like if I charge any more than that then no one will buy my art because it isn’t good enough. Sorry for the small rant, but the video was amazing and I always enjoy hearing you and Bones talk about art, you’re both such cool and inspiring people!

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