How to Make Money as an Artist By a successful artist Neil Fontaine

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How to make money as an artist


GoreQuill NachoVidal says:

I paint portraits for dudes but make their schlongs YUUUUUGE!!! They buy that fantasy right the F up!

MsMilkytheclown1 says:

Abso-friggin-lutely Fantastic! Wow!

Debi Mitchell says:

I thought tattoo artists had to be good at drawing. I believe the best tattoo artists are very good at drawing.

Shades Of Kin says:

A lot of the tattoo places here require a full sketchbook before considering you for an apprenticeship, so I’m not quite on board with the “most tattoo artists aren’t good at drawing”
The guys at the shop down at the end of my street sketch constantly.

Surrealist portraiture is actually my current goal now, I’d love to do realistic portraiture as well, but definitely want to explore using the pop surrealism and traditional surrealism elements while drawing portraits of people.

This is a great video though, thanks!

Joy Sawyer says:


Evie kuczmanska says:

Great talk…thank you:):)

Debi Mitchell says:

Wanted to say something about what you have been drawing lately, as people continue to do these plastic surgeries, what about the surprise that happens when their children look like the person before they had plastic surgery. Why isn’t this ever addressed?

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