How to Make MONEY as an ARTIST or Creative – 10 years experience

In this video, 5 different ways of earning money as an artist or creative, from my 10 years experience.



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Star of the East says:

Couldn’t agree more, agree with all of your points!
I admire how you grew your social media audience, I jumped on the instagram wagon pretty late and have a hard time gaining followers. I also started a youtube channel but my material will be underwater so I haven’t been able to add anything else yet beside 1 video 😀 It is all hard work like you said!

Mariam Nanobashvili says:

Thank you for such detailed and amazing video ♡♡

Suzanne Kobela says:

This was the perfect background for my dinner! Thank you for some of the tips and tricks, I am currently in the middle of setting up my webshop and this video gave me a lot of strenght! (Currently editing the hundreds of photoes, not fun at all!) It is also so interesting, nowadays I see topics like these everywhere, and I find it very important to share informations about how much a person as an individual worker has to invest into a living like this. It is crazy! And there are a lot of people who are just bitter and tell us “oh but you are just drawing at home every day, it is like a hobby!” Nope! 😀 Huuuge nope!

Tina Lindholm says:

Thanks for sharing your experience!

Unruly Housewife says:

Thank you so much, this is an absolutely perfect summary of the situation and full of complete sense. The only thing you didn’t cover is teaching in person, which I am interested in trying. Have you done that? It seems well paid…
Social media is crucial to promoting my channel and also quite a lot of fun (although it uses up a lot of time). I have a Patreon account too and I am so grateful to my patrons, who are almost matching my AdSense income now.
I have been tempted to start including ads in the middle of my videos… Is it a good boost for your money?

Sziszi says:

You live in a huge house, you have a huge work room, you have a rich husband so what are you doing it is just for fun. If you earn some money it’s okay, if you don’t it is fine because you don’t need to earn money for everyday life because someone else is doing it


Thank you for sharing your vast amount of knowledge and experiences. Very useful and beneficial.

Marina Gélineau says:

Merci beaucoup pour cette nouvelle vidéo pleine de très bons conseils et très stimulante ! Cela me parle particulièrement car j’ai l’impression d’être à un tournant de ma carrière artistique. Je suis à mon compte en tant que vitrailliste depuis 10 ans, avec de très bonnes années et des mauvaises (en ce moment assez difficile d’ailleurs ! ^-^) et je me tourne également vers de la sculpture/ modelage de pièces qui me tiennent plus à cœur et qui me permettent vraiment de m’exprimer. Je retrouve aussi le plaisir de faire plus de dessins personnels. Comme si je me retrouvais après toutes ces années. En vitrail, je travaille en création pour des particuliers avec mon propre style la plupart du temps. Les matériaux en vitrail sont extrêmement coûteux et les clients sont rarement prêts à mettre le prix qu’il faudrait, surtout dans ma partie de la France… Je suis justement en train de mettre en place une boutique etsy, alors ta vidéo m’encourage de plus belle ! Mon questionnement est le suivant : je ne sais pas si je dois vraiment séparer les deux activités créatrices sur les médias sociaux ? J’ai une page Facebook et un compte Instagram. Je sais qu’en France, on aime bien tout séparer et mettre dans des cases. J’ai peu de followers pour le moment, et je sais que mes clients en vitrail ont un certain âge et n’utilisent pas ses plateformes. Pour l’instant je mélange les deux types d’art, en attendant d’avoir plus d’audience et ensuite faire deux comptes séparés. Qu’est-ce que tu en penses ? Désolée d’avoir été si bavarde, mais c’est quelque chose que j’ai du mal à démêler. Et comme je disais plus haut, j’ai vraiment cette sensation impérieuse de suivre cette nouvelle voie plus personnelle en plus du vitrail. Merci encore une fois pour cette belle vidéo, et je te souhaite tout le meilleur !

TrueOniCio says:

Well i don’t agree that polymer clay is cheap. For me (Poland) its very expensive

TrueOniCio says:

Thank you !!!

kaop2015 says:

Thanks for sharing your wisdom and experience. Those of us who are new can learn from your mistakes and it is greatly appreciated!

Holz und Leinen says:

Ich habe dir ganz fasziniert zugehört. Es war so interessant und wertvoll. Obwohl es eher um Kunst ging, kann ich trotzdem deine Erfahrungen und Ratschläge auf meine Produktgruppen anwenden. Vielen Dank!

Cheila Ferreira says:

Thanks for the great advice!!
I’m all pumped up to get started, but it’s so hard to find time…

Darth More says:

Thank you so much for sharing your 10+ years experience! There are many people who like your art and look up to you (actually almost 106,000 people on here). And obviously that’s because of your art, but I think it’s also because of your unique style, imagination and the way you present your art. I think every artist has to find his/her niche in the big world of art. And it seems you exactly managed to do that. Everyone adds a unique signature to his/her art. And as you say, good reputation is essential for your art to gain value. I still think art can be so precious that its value cannot be compensated with money, but that’s eventually what you need in order to make a living. Thank you so much for your honesty and your suggestions!

Natalis Iolalis says:

You are very beautiful woman

Nataly Diamond says:

Thank you very much! I’ll try to follow this brilliant advices. Have a beautiful journey.=D

QueAquatics says:

Thank you!

msnounours says:

I gave up ever doing anything I like for money but I am sure this will be useful advices for some. Talking of ads I had to watch the trailer of a horror film while watching this…I am glad it was not late at night 😀

Liz V says:

Fantastic video, thank you so much for your advice, it will be a huge help as I move forward.

Yilian Mangada says:

Thank you for sharing your experience and giving us some very helpful pieces of advice!

The Art of melody. says:

I can’t thank you enough for this video. I’m an artist in a “crossroad moment” trying to find ways to keep going and you just made clear for me that a lot of things I was thinking recently were right and not only this, but you made me consider about other few things that I’ve never thought about! It’s amazing how experience changes how we see the world through the years. Thank you truly!

Katie S says:

Watching this again for the great advice. I teach classes in winter when weddings aren’t common as a makeup artist. I’d like to buy your book!

Kimberly Crick Art says:

When I first started my website in 2002 I experimented with different things to sell on Ebay, and then later on Etsy, to see what was in demand. If I sold something I would keep trying to make similar things to that until I had a lot of things that sold frequently. I never needed social media until recently, as the times have changed for how the internet and mobile browsing works. It used to be that a long term quality website would rank high in image searches online, but now you are penalized if you are not modern and have a strong social presence. I’ve recently started my YouTube and Instagram to help remedy that. I will say that, just in case anyone else here has had a website for a very long time, to make sure that it is mobile friendly (with responsive images that scale for users on phones and tablets) and the most modern sercurity (SSL certificates for viewing your site with “https://” before the www.). The amount of penalty I’ve experienced from not keeping up with those trends was very harsh.

Fancylooks says:

Excellent, excellent, excellent, every detail you share is precious and realistic at the same time, thank you very much.

maggcolo says:

Thank you!!!

Katie S says:

Thanks for your video. I will buy one of your artworks one day.

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