How to Sell Art Online 2017

How to Sell Art Online 2017

This is an updated version of the original how to sell art online video.
Max Juhasz Life After Art School Dot Net

Selling art online can be a very simple process if you know what to do and how to do it. Making money as an artist is a totally doable thing as well.

If you want more information on how you can do this, feel free to go to my website or email me at

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TheSvartdemon says:

im a whip it out

KOSnet7 says:


lkiezl says:

Good idea to get organized before you start. maybe a check list of what you want to say. Get to the point sooner. Too much waffling. Sorry

Ke Qin Yang says:

Can you make selling art work on line the mean point. I feel you are great and you know artists issue.

AlbaWind MacTavish-Blair says:

I haven’t ‘shared’ my stuff for 15 or so years until now because I didn’t know where to start without paying a huge overhead. I have it on Etsy for three months and sold nothing so far

michel perreault says:

Thanks, Great message to give out there. Just joined. I’m listening. . .
Just ordered Bus. cards and This afternoon I’ll follow your advice and go to Etsy
and others. Mike P Montreal

John C says:

cool man right on

Charles Gregson says:

please, write out a script. every other word is um, alright. i have a feeling you have some great points to make, but your not making them.

Sofia Gasviani SF says:

very interesting!

GoodwillStar says:

Very nice video..Superb Sir!!

Eric Christopher Jackson says:

I had one Business class near the end of my Degree. That’s when I figured out the school couldn’t help me after Graduation. I was on my own.

Ina Schröder says:

“If it doesn’t work yet, it doesn’t mean, that it’s not going to work. It just means, that you have to go to work.”
Thx. that stuck with me!

Eudis Perez says:

thank you for sharing your knowledge !!!

Syed Mahfuz says:

how cn I evaluate my art any idea broda?

Chris Rios says:

Hey Max thx for uploading these videos with all this info for us to use. Im still watching taking notes. I quit my job a little over a month ago to pursue my passion luckily i have friends and family supporting me financially little by little but obviously that wont last. I’m 27 years old and ive never had someone say they dont like my art, really. So i know this is for me and i want to get serious about it. I am one of those people who dont go out and connect or network but its not because i dont want to ive just never been that open with others but im trying to change that. i made a shopify and fixed it up and added printful but the problem with that is they dont offer the exact print sizes for my work so i have to go larger with my prints and the quality for not satisfying when i made test prints like they were from say Finerworks. I let the free trial expire because i was afraid i wouldnt make any money from it but its still an option once i start networking online more. anyways man thanks for the info and this is giving me courage and confidence to keep going with it. I am going to check out your website right after this message. If you have some time to check out my art that would be awesome. IG: 89thelifted

Naila Khan says:

Watching this while folding laundry :p

TheSvartdemon says:

Can I sell fanart? or could you do separate video on how to find your style


I would really like your feedback on my art work I’m new at making a business out of my artwork i m a natural artist meaning I never been to school IV already sold 4 of my pieces for over $300 a piece to people I don’t know personally so that kinda gave me a confirmation that my art was good enough any advice would be really helpful my IG:fourpenniesart

Andrew Hazzlee says:

Awesome stuff man, much love. I really appreciate what you’re saying in this and you sharing your wisdom.

Charles Gregson says:

please, write out a script. every other word is um, alright. i have a feeling you have some great points to make, but your not making them.

pamela keefer says:

You are fantastic …. straight up advice ! Most videos are “fluff and stuff” thanks for being real.

adam jefferson says:


Belinda West says:

Where is your work

Amy Love says:

I appreciate this information so much! thank you!

Anthony Coyle says:

Pretty common sense things. But I like the way you talk. Not in a gay way. Good video, bro.

Matt'zStudioz says:

Which is the website that I should sell my art on?

Kacper Gilka Art says:

Subscribed ! Thank you !

Stu Art says:

thanks. i think your mobile site is suffering?

Rayhana Grissa says:

thanks that was really helpfull ^^

natalie bini says:

great video man..just want to know which platform is recommended to sell art when just starting?

C. A. J says:

Max if you can, get at me and let me know if you care for my email. Maybe for a collaboration or some constructive criticism of my art. Appreciate it, thanks! ✌️

Harry Perry says:

This is all common sense. The question is how and where

Vip Roulette says:

Free Online Art Auction Gallery


Does anyone else find that no matter what you do though , nobody actually buys your stuff ? I’ve kind of lost all confidence as a result

speTZ Tv says:

Ok, I know this will be really annoying to many of you reading, but I’ve got a very important reason. Do I have a chance of succeeding ( or doing it legally at least ) being under 18 alone?

Nabeel Alanati says:

9:45 First Date Advice

Kasia Parzycka says:

Hello 🙂 Great video <3 I'm also painting and I'm wondering where to sell artworks. I think best idea is selling online on auctions because many people can bid your artwork. Recently I saw some new auction portal: I saw good opinions about it, so I thought I would share with You.

Digital Lugosi says:

I searched for Art 2017 and this vid popped up on youtube

AlbaWind MacTavish-Blair says:

Actually copyright logos can removed now. So it’s not as protected as you’d think

CUNY MBA says:

You are really good

HGcountrygal says:

Thank you for the video. It’s really informative and helped me more than all the other dozen videos I watched ahead of it.

Dustin Delucchi says:

i rarely like videos on you tube, but this is awesome, keep it up man, and you have inspired me to turn my art into a business.

Knight Smith says:

you’re awesome

Wentao Jia says:

You talk 20 min, I still have no clue how to sell art online. Next!

Susaan's Art says:

Lots of informative stuff…thanks for sharing… yeah just starting to think of how to sell my artwork…

Joseph Charles Colin - View Modern Art says:

I’m Crazy Enough to sell my Art $77 X the views on my Channel . Price always goes up.


Lets collab!

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