How to SELL your art – #AskEvan

How should you sell your art? I’m going to answer that question in today’s edition of #AskEvan.

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1) Stand for something
2) Tell your story
3) Get the message out

Rhonda Young:
Hi Evan! Love your vids!
I understand that one must find a product or service that brings value to people’s lives in order to make some money. But could you make a video that just gives some examples of this (or have your watchers offer examples)? For instance, I’m an artist and my passion is creating clay figurines. I live in a very rural area where such things as artistic figurines are non-essential items. How can I make them essential? I don’t want examples for the purpose of saying, “Yeah, I’ll go out and do THAT,” but just as springboard ideas to get me going. Thank you!!

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Wallspace Exchange says:

Sell Your Art in Restaurants & Hotels

Alfonso Restrepo says:

thank you very much. now after i wach you video im stand for my visions and belive in nature and beauty ,

Joseph Vogel says:

I think my message is succeed. Or something along the lines of “you can do it” About five years ago I lost my job & was having a horrible day when I passed the local art store. I had never walked inside before but they were having a sale so I decided to look around. I remembered a picture in my head of a man throwing paint in a GQ magazine from when I was 10 years old, I bought a bunch of paint & canvases & went crazy, since then i have done scores of paintings and even gave a class on throwing paint. I really like this video because it really put my whole project into perspective. Why do I throw? It saved me, it helped me convert frustration & bad energy into ambition & inspiration. My stance is that we must keep pushing forward and never give up. My story is that I’ve been independent since age 15 and I am still going strong. and I guess this is the beginning of me getting the message out.

Rosalinda Flores says:

Hi Evan,

I’m an artist at heart and I’m working on something that will take me up to 42 canvases to complete. My goal is to send a message about saving endangered wildlife. I post them on my Instagram account joanofarc001. I hope that you and many others see them and enjoy them, as much as I had fun making them. Animals have been my guide in my life along with anime. Your video helped motivate me and to continue to believe.

TheAntipedy says:

Thank You!!! really helpful

just Meee says:

LOL check my Video to see how to sell arts lol lol h3h33h3

K. S. says:

thanks man


hello guys,
you can get very fantastic oil paintings on this fb page…I have described the link below…

Zenah Renee says:

This is a great video I am sending this video to my 18 year old artist fashion designer daughter. I am so glad I found this channel. Thank you!!!

She Wolf says:

Evan, you’re the best!

Anthony Chambaud Artiste Peintre Abstrait says:

Nice ! I’m a french artist and i sell my art on Internet, it’s not easy every day but I “believe”!

The Glowdiators :Tron Dance India says:

Here is a Trailer video_ &
BollyWood song trailer:
I am still not able to sell it, though it is rare found and sensational act.
Nikhil Bhardwaj (Manager:Glowdiators Dance Crew)
Mob: (+91) 9871052032

Ashley Riley says:

thanks you

Lion Ness says:

can a person auction a piece of artwork directly from you tube to the highest bidder?

sal ingoglia says:

Awesome Evan. I’m strong on belief also.After some set backs years ago a got focused on belief. I love the journey. Recently in a short period of time of focused my way to drawing portraits. I couldn’t draw before that. it’s amazing. I enjoy drawing empowered people. After seeing your videos I realized I want to focus my drawings are empowered people. So thank you. here is my site I would love feedback.

poolehart says:

You think it’s possible to draw & sell portraits via YouTube, and have that be your advertising? Is that legal?

Ra C says:

Hi Evan I’m a long time fan of your work some very inspiring stuff and all of my online mentors are through your work. I’m an artist and got back on the bandwagon after seeing your other vid on art last year, funny to ask i know but did you ever find the artwork you was looking for if not I have some art and could think of no one better then a select few owning obviously including yourself let me know I’d love for you to own one. genuinely

HARU says:

Hello Evan, my name is Horus. I’m 15 and I trying to get my art work out there but having some problems with public speaking, pricing, and self confidence. I would really love it if you could help me out here.

tnyfilms says:

very helpful for what I’m working on, thank you!

Kevin Clarke - Focus says:

Thanks, Life is for living to the full

Abeel Naaz says:

how can i start my business

Gaijin The Artist says:

Hey Evan,
really great tips man! I agree on all of them. Especially “Stand for Something”

costeliny says:

with nr 3 nobody see me jaja

Tommy Chappell says:

I have created a slogan on deviant art, ”agonizing innovation” does this sound like a good catch phrase, it pretty much sums me up, have difficulties throughout my life, like a steep mountain, particularly having a disability (speech disability and aspergers). in the past I have been pretty upset with my life and with people around me, feeling like I am handicapped and I feel like I am in a prison, which is holding me back from living the life that I truly deserve. really my pain is about justice and equality.

kookyuke says:

My “stand for” word is MONEY!!! $$$ :))))

sal ingoglia says:

Thank you Evan I’m taking your advice I appreciate it thank you. I sold a piece of my work yesterday it feels good. I feel motivated

Spike's Art Room says:

Hello! This was really helpful. Do you have Snapchat or Facebook so I may follow you elsewhere?

Jill Schweiss Art says:

You are an amazing human being and your videos have been immensely helpful. Thank you for being you 🙂

Gamsrang marak says:

what I needed … thank you!


Hi my friend can i sell my art in nyc streets???

clish olibrice says:


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