How to Turn your ART into a BUSINESS – (Feat. Gary Vee)

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Millulri draws says:

About the whole entitlement thing, I feel like you shouldn’t take request for free. Cause of you do it long enough then everyone would expect you to do it for free. Asking for payment upfront shows the costumer and you that you take yourself seriously. However investing time in trying to submit art for art shows or contest could be use for a bit of a free promo. Even if you didn’t win it might have still been worth it. Also there are some art shows that allow you to submit in art free of charge. Try your local communtiny college.

Guava Banasiak says:

Draw with jazza where do you live?

Danny Dixon says:

Great interview! So muuuuuuuuch value 😀

TheShrumShop says:

Thank you for posting this interview. Much appreciated.

Julia Game says:

I recently went to an entrepeneur camp at school, it was super fun. (Run by the people who normally do CodeCamp)


that was useless.

AhmedH 86 says:

Draw a blue line
Go to an auction house and start at a high price

Hussein el hage says:

Gary vee is eating his nails that sucks

Ashley Lucas says:

Great video – finally Gary talking specifically about artists!!! Thank you so much for sharing this… 😉

uptowngrafx says:

Great interview. One thing I can’t seem to find an answer to is how do we scale an art business. Meaning if I am drawing I eat, if I get sick or out of work money stops flowing. I am a custom painter on motorcycles mostly. Any thoughts?

Nathan Dixon says:

This was such a help! I’m an entrepreneurial artist myself and I NEVER!!! thought it’d be so hard. But this interview answered many of my own questions and proves that I’m not the only one trying to make a business of being an artist.

Thanks again Jazza!


Brandon Conner says:

Is your wife’s degree in business general or more art oriented?

Kitslams Art says:

That’s incredible, great video! What an honor to watch Gary Vee on your channel!

CopiaTheWolf says:

30 seconds into the conversation with Gary and I’m already loving this XDDDDD

Richard Leonardi says:


Toby Teo says:

He gave me a Tony Stark vibe 🙂 Rich people…

Sister Hipster says:

Bruh, Stephen Silver would have a word with giving your art for free.

Stacey Ballard says:

Thanks for the great advice!

Alfonso Vega says:

Where do i go to post my art for u to see

Thomas Franz says:

Jazza, did you go to college and if so which one

RLS0812 says:

Just remember that you are competing with tens of thousands of talented artists for projects. Good luck !

Kylevendish says:

Thanks for this video Jazza

CyberLitaBot says:

I get it now. I already knew, but it just sunk in.

KwikDraw 35 says:

im gonna try to turn my art into business

Macneil Tan says:

Pause at 0:04

Blue Dragon Shin-ah says:

Very educational for my future, thank you jazza.

Gamerwolf517 says:

I’m absolutely willing to live on a couch with 7 other people, the military has taught me well, haha. This video is gold, I’ll work my ass off until I get to meet Gary Vee and Jazza some day, I don’t know how many years it will take, but I’ll do it or die trying.

Paweł Batura says:

You have to create nice things. I paint ugly paintings, because I like and I did not make any money.

Aamir Afzal says:

awesome gary …great words of wisdom and pragmatic approach to be an artist

Matilda Rothon says:

how long did it take you jazza until you became successful and made a career out of you tube?

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